#9: Why You Must Stop Coaching For Free

April 18, 2021

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Many life coaches are attached to offering free or low price coaching sessions, especially when they’re just getting started and in this episode, I want to share with you why this is blocking your success and momentum.

Some experts may tell you this is a great way to get new clients, and for some people that may be the case.

I believe that offering results in advance is one of the most powerful ways to market yourself and your coaching.

But where new coaches can go wrong is that they don’t share tips and strategies, they give out full-blown coaching sessions.

And this can serve to dampen demand for hiring you rather than set them up to be a paying client.

Here’s why it can backfire…

Clients you offer your services to for free or for too little are the LEAST likely to get BIG results (even if you’re the best life coach on the planet) — because it creates a MOTIVATION GAP.

Your motivation is at 100% and theirs may only be at 20%, leaving you having to take on that deficit to try and get them results.

So even if: 

You’re the best coach on the planet

They really need your help

They seem motivated to start

It’s a bad idea.

The timeline for you to start earning money keeps getting pushed out because you can’t seem to get the case studies or glowing testimonials you were hoping for…

You keep working for free or cheap and you get stuck in this trap.

You burn yourself out as your calendar fills with hour-long calls that don’t move the needle on your income.

And, after a while, you trick yourself into thinking that this is a reflection of your coaching skills (it’s not, but it’s easy to think so).

But there is an easier way, and I want to share it with you.

It’s called ONE TO MANY marketing and why it works so well is that you get the chance to showcase your coaching skills in a way that is not dependent on time or one on one conversation, but doesn’t sacrifice the important connection that inspires them to choose you.

There’s a couple of ways you can start rolling out your one to many marketing, even if you a reluctant marketer…

The first one I recommend is starting your own free Facebook Group.

This allows you to start adding more of your ideal clients and sharing consistent value.

The best way to do this is to create your own Facebook Live broadcast each and every week.

All you need is yourself, your phone and an internet connection.

This is the perfect way to get more experience and actually get way bigger value for your time and efforts than offering free sessions that only one person gets to experience your brilliance.

The next step (and in my opinion the best) is to create your own webinar presentation.

A webinar gives you a reliable way to attract the RIGHT clients, who are thrilled to work with you, and who see you as the ”go-to” coach of your industry… who know that there’s no one who does what you do, quite like you do… 

And your webinar presentation is the best way to attract clients on your terms, without devaluing your coaching by giving it away for free.

A webinar is designed to get your audience to become more aware of their core problem and the possible solution, all while building rapport with you while also establishing your credibility and authority, making you the perfect coach to choose.

So many life coaches fall into the trap of overdelivering in order to build their business, when in fact the opposite is what is needed.

The over-delivery often stems from the thoughts “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t know enough yet”, but even if these thoughts were true, free coaching sessions don’t overcome these concepts anyway, because they are about the confidence that comes from taking massive action.

And to me the real massive action comes from stepping up to one to many marketing rather than hiding behind one on one conversations.

Go for it!


Start a Facebook Group >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/create/

Check out my program on how to create your own webinar here >> www.victoriagibson.com/roadmap

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