The Missing Link To More Clarity & Clients As A Life Coach

July 4, 2024

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The Missing Link To More Clarity & Clients As A Life Coach

I had the chance to talk with one of my Coach Co Circle clients this morning about her new live event and she was sharing with me how she has started to think so much bigger about the role she was going to play in the lives of her future clients.

How her message was less transactional and more transformational.

And I saw her believing in her potential rather than playing with it.

Stepping into our potential is harder than you’d think.

It’s hard enough to defy your expectations and even harder to defy those imagined or actual expectations others have for you.

You risk their judgment you risk not being accepted by those you love and you risk missing the mark on your big dreams.

And that’s why our mind defaults to playing it safe.

Sometimes it’s fear and sometimes it’s ambivalence, but it almost always comes wrapped in confusion and indecision.

This resistance to embrace our potential.

And it’s almost even more ridiculous that as coaches, healers, and therapists, who are here to lead others to transform we find ourselves resisting the magic of our being.

And confusion is all too common fuel for this resistance.

And it’s what’s keeping far too many coaches from the successful business they desire and deserve.

I want you to know it is possible to grow a successful coaching business without sacrificing yourself or compromising your values.

Reaching your potential is an invitation, a role description, and an identity waiting for you to embody.

A role where you stay true to your authentic self and personal mission while embracing your deepest desires to succeed by creating value, helping others, and living with purpose.

Abraham Maslow said:

“We fear AND crave truly becoming ourselves”

I believe this drives so much of the confusion coaches create in their minds about growing a purposeful and profitable business.

You may think marketing will drive growth, and for sure this is essential for success, but an even bigger reason why you’re not getting the clients you want or making the money you need is more to do with a resistance to owning and reaching your potential.

I posted on Instagram this week that I was going to try something that I’d tried before…

But had given up on for a while.

And that was that I wasn’t going to give up on myself anymore.

Maybe it’s because I’m 50, or maybe it’s because I’m sick of pleasing other people.

But I’m feeling ready to stop being confused about my brilliance.

And even though I have lived into my brilliance before, I’m not giving up on my potential by creating confusion about who I can be.

My unplanned impulse back in 2010 to leave a corporate career to start consulting and coaching online for myself – with no experience or much of a clue of how to make it all happen led to me becoming booked out with clients and running a popular coaching mastermind with the most amazing women – some of whom tell me it was still the best mastermind they were ever in.

Women who went on to create 7-figure businesses from the momentum they got when they started to get the clarity that gets more clients and the desire to reach their potential.

I want this for you as much as I want it for me again.

If you’re tired of feeling ungrounded in your business, this is your invitation to reconnect to your potential and create your next business breakthrough.

The best way I know how to do that is by breaking down the biggest barrier keeping you from the success you deserve.


Particularly marketing confusion.

One of the most common places coaches like to be confused is how to predictably and purposefully get more clients while also being richly rewarded.

How to share their message in a way that gets them seen, heard, and paid.

Predictably and repeatedly.

If you’ve been feeling like your expectations for growth are unrealistic, you’re likely trapped in confusion, conflicting advice, comparisonitis and a crisis of confidence.

This state keeps you stuck and stressed out.

It’s time to move from doubt to decision.

The decision to determine your magic and define your message so that you can be the coach who attracts, inspires and transforms from a place of strength, belief and understanding.

I like to think of it as Transformational Influence.

It is birthed from clarity.

Of making the most of who you are, the magic inside you, and sharing it with the world to reach your potential.

It’s time to defy your expectations.

Design your dream business your way.

Honour your desires and those you choose to help transform, by being a coach of influence.

Start by deciding to get clear on your brand of magic and message it from your crystal-clear clarity instead of doom-filled doubt.

This is where breakthroughs are born.

And your next breakthrough won’t come from a new tool, a tactic, or a template.

It comes when you decide to become the full expression of your brilliance.

That is what pulls people towards you, without force.

It’s what naturally piques their attention.

Inspires them to take action and ascend.

With you as their coach.

And being paid handsomely too.

If you’re ready to grow, you must take charge of your marketing instead of being confused by it.

You can become a successful coach without sacrificing yourself or compromising on your values, and it starts with dropping the marketing confusion.

The confusion is what keeps you settling for less instead of striving for more, shrinking to fit rather than fully showing, and clinging to safety rather than taking the leap.

Marketing itself doesn’t deliver your potential, but it brings us closer to living it.

It’s a bridge to sharing your brilliance with the world and helping more people.

Yes, it is a path to profit, and money is great, but I know you also want to play a bigger, more meaningful game.

And that’s where the riches reside.

Consider this your invitation to reach them.

Until next time.

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