The Complete 6-Step System To Quickly Grow A Coaching Business
You're Proud Of That Sets Both You & Your Clients Up For Brilliant Results.

exclusive offer for life coaches who want to fast-track their success 

The Absolute Best Way To Predictably Get More
High-Paying Clients Every Life Coach Needs To Become Wildly In-Demand


As Seen In

And because they haven't yet got the reach and the influence they thought they'd have by now, the inspiration to launch and sell a successful coaching offer fades into overwhelm and inaction...

TRUTH IS: Most Life Coaches Have Marketing Messaging & Funnels That Miss The Mark Every Single Day...

... And This Costs Them Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars A Year - AND Means The People Who Need Them Most Don't Get The Help They So Desperately Need.

You're not alone.

Get Specific &Become Prolific

Many high-potential life coaches get stuck in this vortex just before they have their breakthrough…

Hang tight My love, Your breakthrough is cominG.

Growing A Life Coaching Business Online Too Often Looks Like THIS

Looking for a marketing express lane to eradicate all the doubt with a predictable system that works everyday to bring in
high-paying clients without the endless launching and effort?

You need a scientific approach steeped in ROI and delivered by an experienced mentor to give you predictable results instead of a costly pipedream.




If it feels like your coaching business is nowhere near where it should be by now, even though you've given it so much.

And if you're longing to drop the marketing overwhelm and confusion and instead get a solid system so you can step out with confidence and certainty (and start seeing real returns)..

It's time to take your coaching from best-kept secret to money-making movement by sharing your meaningful message, selling an offer you're proud of and having a solid lead generation plan.

If you're longing for a proven marketing system that you can set up once and works to get you high-paying clients every day after, this coaching experience is for you.

If you value connection, smart conversations and a community of high-potential women willing to do what it takes to reach and help more people, and make great money along the way, this invitation is for you.

Make The Shift From Being Just Another Life Coach To Become Your Own Wildly In-Demand Brand 

It's time to stop playing in the shadows and Start attracting as many of the best clients you can handle with a scalable offer That Sells like crazy & gets amazing results for your clients in less time

A 3-month live accelerator for life coaches that shows you how to create and share a highly profitable life coaching offer online in just 6 steps with a proven online marketing framework and the kind of support and guidance you never seem to find (all without paying expensive contractors or trying to DIY).

You'll discover how to refine your target market, create a compelling marketing message with meaning and call in all the high-paying clients you need by creating and running your own webinar and ads so you cam share your value with the right audience and convert them too.

Get personalised guidance, proven templates and workbooks and a step-by-step roadmap to more clients and more money.



An interactive and supportive coaching program to ensure you attract your dream clients who show up, ready to invest and get to work.

Gives you niche and messaging clarity, pricing confidence and steps you through offer creation or optimization, so you can finally step into more impact as a life coach - this means more people than your clients know how great you are.

Hands-Down It's The Fastest Path To Become A Wildly In-Demand Life Coach

Ensures you deliver amazing results to EVERY client you coach with a clear framework and methodology, so you can work way LESS than you are now, without sacrificing the results you can help your clients create.

Get one-to-one feedback and coaching in a connected small group environment with other life coaches on the same journey (and with the same dream).

Victoria - thank you for all your support getting here.

To say I couldn’t have done it without you is the understatement of the decade!

— Talya

"I just sold my FIRST $5K program!"

Land Your Aligned Marketing Message That Inspires & Creates AMAZING Outcomes
For BOTH You & Your Clients

Ditch the niche confusion about who your clients are, where they are hiding and how to connect with them with enormous value and presence.

select A motivated target AUDIENCE YOU lOVE that has the capacity to invest

You'll create your leveraged coaching offer that showcases your best-match expertise to your market and packages it for scale using the mastermind delivery model.

create one clear, compelling MONEY-MAKING MESSAGE that sells your offer before you speak to a soul

Use the power of "WEBINARS YOUR WAY" to front load your value and then automate it so you can create evergreen client enrolment systems. 

share & SCALE your UNIque value in an aligned sales catalyst that converts

"Victoria's business coaching leaves nothing to chance."

Her proven strategies and compassionate guidance lead to the kind of up-levelling you could never do alone.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

"If you want to cut through the fluff and get down to business right away, Victoria is your girl."

With her wicked smart marketing strategies, a keen eye on what's truly working right now and her ability to tap into your unique marketing advantage, Victoria's mentoring and coaching style is hands down the best of the best.

Amy Porterfield

"If you want to supercharge your traffic, talk to Victoria."

Marie Forleo

"I'd recommend Victoria's Facebook marketing skills to everyone."

Lewis Howes

“Victoria’s great to work with.”

Danielle LaPorte

The Coach Co. Method gives you access to the NEW way of showing up and creating value online and supercharges it with your own brilliant message that gets noticed fast.

No more waiting to build an audience that buys from you using outdated social media strategies while you get more experience and runs on the board.

Instead take the steps that are working now to earn the attention of the people you can help most and who are motivated and inspired to buy from you IMMEDIATELY.

Coach Co. helps you dial in your message so it quickly gets more traction, allowing you to step back from all the heavy lifting of endless social media posting, networking and wasting money on campaigns and launches that fall short - and instead step into transforming lives on a bigger scale

It elevates you above the noise in your chosen market and helps you attract, pre-qualify and convert your best clients with more confidence and certainty.

You get marketing mindset coaching on tap so you can back yourself to step into your new identity as a prolific (and wildly profitable) life coach...

All this means that you walk away with an amazing coaching offer and an online value pipeline to fill it with your chosen clients.



Modern Marketing Is At The Heart Of The Coach Co. Method & Is The Key To Stunning Results

Land Your Money-Making Message

Amplify your success with 6 KEY STEPS that help you leave behind all the other strategies out there (that take ages to get any momentum with) and embrace the strategies all the top coaches use to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

I’m here to take you by the hand with my personalised coaching as well as opening my vault to give you the proven templates, outlines, scripts, and swipe files that will get you creating your HIGHLY PROFITABLE MESSAGE & OFFER in no time so you can start attracting the very best clients (again and again).

PLUS, You'll get specific, customized feedback & direction on your niche, your pricing, your packages, your marketing materials -- everything. 

Here’s what makes THIS PROGRAM SO unique
(and so amazing):

Step 1:
ONE Money-Making Message

This is the Secret to Earning More And Getting Your Clients Transformational Results

Despite being told that you can help anyone transform any problem by holding space and coaching, you will dramatically fast-track your success when you have a clear message to market...

That is, you have a finely-tuned message that resonates and compels a small but important target market to raise their hand to choose you as their coach and lead them in transformation.

You'll l
and (or refine) the market positioning and niche that suits you best based on your unique talents, passions, and story (and we'll help you stop spinning on it for months so you can just DECIDE).

Access a proven approach to nail your one clear target market and create a money-making message that calls in your dream clients.

Step 1 Outcome:

Refine & Land Your Big-Money Message RIGHT AWAY. Have unshakeable confidence in your voice online so you know what to say and who to say it to for big results as this is the foundation to sell and scale your offer and business.

Step 2:
ONE Compelling Offer

This is the engine of your life coaching business and sets you up for market leadership, scale & leverage 

So we’re going to craft a life coaching offer that helps you earn more WHILE you get more clients.

Gain unshakeable confidence in your price and deliverables as you share an offer you can be proud of -- one high-paying client at a time. No more losing momentum by undercharging and overdelivering.

Get specific advice on exactly what to charge and how to position your life coaching so that clients see the value and are eager to sign up to work with you. 

Use this same offer to get noticed and get more clients so you can scale when you're ready and hit bigger and bigger revenue goals.

Step 2 Outcome:

Get specific advice on exactly what to charge and how to position your life coaching so that clients easily see your value and are eager to sign up to work with you. 

Step 3:
ONE Communication Channel

demystify social media and own your online platform of choice so you can show up and share your message with confidence and certainty

Social media is like a demanding labyrinth that requires constant attention, but in this step we are narrowing your focus and setting out the bare minimum required to accelerate your online presence.

All without baring your soul or posting endlessly across every platform.

Instead you'll discover simple evergreen online pipelines that once dialled in, you can set and forget to call in all the clients you need (without any big launches or fancy branding).

You'll get the fast-train to connect with your audience using social media, email and simple lead ads so you can stop wasting hours posting to the sound of crickets, or distracting yourself with the latest and greatest hacks.

Step 3 Outcome:

Kiss social media overwhelm goodbye by choosing one single platform to  embrace -- so you can consistently share your crystal-clear message to create tons of targeted leads without having to show up EVERYWHERE online.

Step 4:
ONE Client-Getting Webinar Or Workshop

There are MORE than enough clients out there for you to hit your revenue goals this year, and for years to come -- I’ll show you how to attract them with a workshop, webinar or with a boutique in-person event

Discover how to generate prospects who are already pre-sold on you.

Leverage personality-based marketing that helps attract ideal clients who like you for YOU.

No need to record awkward Tik Tok videos or feel like you’re trying to be something you’re not.  Authenticity and value do. I’ll show you how.

Build and fill your client pipeline with high-quality prospects who are already PRE-SOLD on who you are and what you do.

(No more cold or lukewarm calls with people who are wasting your time, your energy, and your hope.)

Develop your "online business cards" that build your audience and email list and turn them into ready-to-activate high-paying clients once they’ve entered your world.

Use this same marketing system to attract an unlimited stream of clients for years and years to come.

Step 4 Outcome:

You'll be able to finally move beyond a website, sales page or sliding into the DM's of your prospects with a single presentation (that you can even automate) to pre-qualify and motivate you very best clients.

Learn how to structure your presentation or webinar to create the “know, like, and trust” factor so that people show up to your discovery calls asking “when can we start?”

You will be showed how to create this live or pop it on automation to bring in clients without you having to show up live (say goodbye to all that wasted time networking).

My High-Converting Swipe & Deploy Presentation Framework


High-Converting Swipe & Deploy Presentation Framework


step 5

Conversations that Convert Like Crazy 

Let’s get you your first few clients right away. I’m going to show you how close you are to a breakthrough. You’ll get my proven framework that will allow you to make your first handful of sales via posts, chat, and stress-free discovery calls. No website or bells and whistles. Just proof that you are ALWAYS in control of your ability to get clients.

This isn't about scripted and pushy sales scripts, it's about creating connected conversations that allow you to decide on your next amazing clients.

Step 5:
ONE Conversation That Converts

So I just tallied up my revenue from last week... really haven't been tracking it as I've been so focused on content creations, discovery calls, serving clients and just life... 

I made $11,385 in 7 days!

December just might be my best month ever?!

So incredibly grateful, Victoria and everyone in the mastermind and sooooo excited!

Working on my live launch and webinar now. 

— Hayley 

"$11,385 in 7 Days!"

Step 6:
ONE Connected Community

energize your coaching with a small group or mastermind delivery framework that's more powerful & profitable without sacrificing client results

I discovered the best way to coach clients you love is to serve them deeply in a really cool boutique group or mastermind with custom advice, support and guidance.

I started my own first profitable mastermind way back in 2013 and I want to show you how this connected approach can help you 10x your prices (and claw back your time from free sessions and one on one coaching).

The best part is you get to curate your connected online client community to deliver your coaching in a leveraged way (while scaling your business beyond the number of hours you have available in a week).

This step alone will turn everything around for you and is the fastest way to increase your client results and will be the reason they stick with you beyond the usual few sessions.

I'm sharing the best way to create, fill and deliver your group offer (even if you don't have years of experience and aren't well-known yet).

Step 6 Outcome:

The final step in the Coach Co. method brings together the power of your niche and bestselling offer to curate a likeminded group of amazing clients who quickly become connected in their transformation, making your offer even stronger (and significantly more profitable). Think group coaching and masterminds combined with retreats and connected community.

"I have surpassed $12K (my goal) in sales, officially, and my calendar is PACKED with Discovery sessions.

I feel like selling is EASY (and before I dreaded and loathed it)

(I’m on track to make) $100k simply by selling 5 Packages each month. That is working 40-60 hours... a MONTH.

So easy... I should aim for $200K!!I have worked two years to get here, and I feel like it is happening!!!!”

— Julie

"$100K a year working
10-12hrs a week!"

“I have written, sold and created not one but three hugely successful courses as well as created my own mastermind since starting with Victoria.”

— Clare 

"3 hugely successful

— Chantelle 

"“Without doubt, there is no way that I could have achieved the success I have had without Victoria.”"

— Kate 

“Victoria really does have a gift for helping you figure out the most important things you need to be working on in your business right now, to get results.”

Join Now

Elevate Your Coaching & How You Get More Clients With Coach Co.

I have replaced my previous 6-figure salary with my business revenue (WHAT?!) and I couldn’t have done it without Victoria.

— Jodie 

"I couldn’t have done it without Victoria"

Fast-Track Your Growth With Targeted Traffic Secrets Of Top Coaches

Want to break records or turn up the heat on your success? Then you'll love these strategies to get noticed by the right people - the ones who'll become clients that is!

When you join Coach Co. you have the option to accelerate your growth using the same traffic strategies that other popular coaches use to fill their calendars with ideal clients.

You'll get my Life Coach-specific strategy for using Facebook & Instagram ads (even if they haven’t worked for you in the past, or you've been too scared to try them). 

This bonus will give you the step by step instructions and detailed guides to help you maximize the opportunity to accelerate your impact and share your expertise on a bigger scale.

The focus being return on investment and rapid audience building so that you can create a self-filling client pipeline online.

And the exciting news is… I enrolled my first full-paying client from the webinar yesterday and I have 7 discovery calls booked. Thanks for your support so far!

— Charlyn 

"7 discovery
calls booked!"

We did the certification you suggested… and it was a 6-figure launch…and I’m thrilled about the program and the transformation it will create for our clients!

— Brigit 

"A 6-figure launch!"

"I finally crossed the $10K mark this month".

be bold!


"A BIG learning curve that I was able to achieve with your help. I just feel like I'm headed in the right direction and have what I need to succeed. 

deborah got her offer created:

"I would recommend anyone driven to get results to work with Victoria."

tammy stepped away from her practice:


"I didn't know where I wanted to take my business. Victoria's strategies helped me bring in an extra $2,250 per month, eradicated all the doubt I had surrounding my fees, and helped me redefine my business model.

I have even more confidence in my ability to consistently generate a 5-figure monthly income.”

— Rachel 

"An extra $2,250 per month"

— Jessica

“I tripled my revenue working with Victoria!”

I’m Victoria,
Your Co-Pilot To Magnetizing Clients With Your Message

My superpower is helping women create a life of impact, freedom and abundance by monetizing their magic and sharing it online with coaching offers that matter.

After holding down various marketing and management roles in Australia's leading property companies in the 90s, then jumping out for a brief stint as a stay-at-home Mum, I was disillusioned after my return to work as a single mother.

Longing for an alternative path, I found the power of social media marketing over a decade and went all in to create my own online coaching business.

I made six-figures in my first year out of corporate and I've never looked back, now having coached hundreds of women to create 6 & 7 figure revenue generating businesses on their own terms.


Spotting Opportunities With An Eye For A Killer Offer & A Love For Marketing

I've been a chosen expert by Amy Porterfield & Mari Smith and coached  women to create and market their scalable offers with success.

Part-intuitive and part-strategist I've taken my corporate management experience, coupled it with my love for marketing and brought it together with my Aussie expressions to help you get clear on your value and how to share it online.

I'm also a Certified Life Coach (thanks Brooke Castillo for changing my world) and I'm ready to help more people across the globe get access to the life-changing power of life coaching.

I've made it my mission to guide as many women as I can to harness their potential and step into a new level of possibility and profit as well-paid thought leaders who shift minds and hearts with their message.

I don't believe you need to wait for more experience, or understand the ins and outs of complex marketing funnels, or be a social media superstar...

It's all there ready and waiting for you -- and I want you to learn and embrace my Coach Co. method to become your own one-woman economy who moves beyond a traditional career and past qualifications to create success on your own terms.

— Amanda 

“Victoria has supported me through the shaky ground of moving to the next level with my business”

— Jane 

“Victoria has helped me define the direction of my business and in a small amount of time, I have momentum in my business that I've never had before.”

You’ve come too far to give up on your dream career.

The best time to land & share your Profitable MESSAGE as a life-coach was yesterday.

The next best time is today.

I'm ready to get more targeted leads & sales

I’m Dedicated To Your Success, So I’m Giving You A Full 30 Days To Experience  Coach Co. And Why It’s The Missing Key To Grow Your Coaching Business.

I’m the kind of coach that will wade through the water with you. It’s one of the reasons clients recommend me to others.

So I have complete faith in this offer.

But I also know that it helps to feel like you can test-drive something to see if it’s a good fit.

Join me for the first 30 days of the program and watch yourself grow. 

If you’re not convinced that this is a good fit, just let me know. I’ll refund you right away, and at the very least, you’ll not have any regrets about staying where you are,

money back 


Making the leap to work with Victoria Gibson was the best investment I ever made in my business.

She helped me quadruple my monthly income, showed me how to escape the deadly launch cycle, and thrive with my business!

— Alanna 

"Best investment I ever made in my business"

— Paula 

“Her mentorship and guidance still helps me today in my business.”

— Louise 

“Victoria helped me triple my business in a year. She helped me change my business in incredible ways.”

— Laura 

“No more hiding for me.”

As you refine your message, your offer and your client pipeline, I’m right there for 3-months live looking over your shoulder to give you custom feedback 

As you move through the training, every second week you’ll have access to laser coaching on a video call where you get coached one on one in a group environment by me.

Don’t expect vague answers here, I’ll give you direct, tangible feedback on everything from the right message for you, to your offer, to your pricing. 

Individual hourly coaching with me is usually $750 an hour (and totally worth it), so this is a great way to get my decade of online marketing expertise on your business.

In addition to the comprehensive 3-Phase Curriculum, you'll also get new training LIVE each month.

In Coach Co. you get amazing up-to-the-minute marketing strategies so that you can feel you have the best possible way to move forward NOW.

There is also accountability planning and support to quickly move you through your visibility blocks and stop you from stalling.

Here Are The Finer Details

Real-Time  Coaching With Victoria

Live Marketing Training Sessions

$5,000 Value

$2,000 Value

You get instant access to a 3-Phase  comprehensive online training portal including video training, stacks of step by step templates, swipe files checklists and downloadable workbooks.

You get ALL the video and audio training in a handy online members hub, that you can retain access to for 12 MONTHS and you can dive in whenever you choose.

You also keep access to the Coach Co. online curriculum and resources for 12 months after you join so you don't have to worry about getting through all the resources in the 3-months live coaching experience.

Your Online Training & Resource Hub

$2,000 Value

Bond with your new biz besties and get support any time while you're in the program.

Not only do you get bi-weekly group coaching calls with me, unlimited access to all the training content, templates, and swipe also have the Online Discussion Group.

An opportunity for you to ask questions in between calls, post your work to get even more feedback, and network with your fellow life coaches.

Super Private Online Group

$1,000 VALUE


PLUS, additional access to post your questions anonymously and get written feedback that will benefit you and the rest of your cohort.

These get posted for everyone and  give you the extra space to succeed and scale beyond your wildest dreams. 

Ask A Coach Coaching Support

$1,000 VALUE

— Kari 

“Victoria Gibson helped me rocket to success!”

— Fiona 

“I’m so much more confident than I was when I started working with Victoria. I’m now a real CEO of a multi-million dollar business!”

You could spend thousands on various consultants or courses.

Sales Strategy & Mindset $2,000
Messaging & Offer Consulting $3,000
Copy Ideas & Tweaks  $1,000
List Building & Course Creation $1,000
Traffic & Ads Strategy & Optimization $3,000

 the cost of trying to do this on your own...

Let 's compare

Expect To Invest At Least
$20,000+ For The Same Level Of Support & Scope

Trying to piece it together on your own:

Step One:
Create, Refine & Optimize Your Marketing Message With Personalized Feedback & Review from Victoria

Value: $1,000

Step Two: Create One Compelling Life Coaching Offer That You Can Sell Again & Again With Pricing & Profitability Guidance & Reviews

Value: $2,000

Step Three: Discover The Simplest Path To Maximize Social Media With Content Creation, Email Marketing  & Lead Generation Strategies, Advice & Feedback

Value: $1,000

Step Four: Create Your Client-Getting Workshop Or Webinar Using Proven Step By Step Templates PLUS Personalized Feedback & Guidance 

Value $3,000

Step Five: Discover how to hold powerful invitation calls that enrol high-paying clients without the need to "sell"

Value: $1,000

Step Six: Create Your Connected Community and deliver your own group coaching offer with confidence

Value: $1,000

PLUS: Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls With Victoria 
Valued at $2,000

AND: Super Private Online Discussion Group  $1,000

AND: Unlimited Access To the
Online Portal For 1 Year $1,000

Getting my expert guidance to Land & share your Money-Making message & Scale

Total Value



“My webinar was SO MUCH BETTER than before - more logical and easier to understand making it more engaging and effective which meant more sales!”

— Louise 

“My webinar went beautifully! I had 250 registered and 101 turned up to listen with so many telling me how glad they were to show up.”

— Julia Jones

”Almost exclusively thanks to you I’ve earned 4x as much as the whole of last year in only 5 months!”

— Sarah 

“In just 4 months, I managed to have my first 5 figure month from scratch”

— Erica 

“Thanks for all your support, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

— Janet 

I’m so close to hitting my monthly income goal since quitting my job less than a year ago!

"Signed another client today at $3K
paid in full!"

especially for life coaches looking to create clarity, growth, alignment, profit & sucCESS

Plan your online marketinG with personalised guidance & support

GROW YOUR impact and serve clients across the globe from wherever you are based 

Follow a proven STEP-BY-STEp roadmap to fast-track you to a 
profitable offer

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?

When can I start?

When can I start?

As soon as you are accepted and your payment is received, you will receive access to the Coach Co learning portal and our online group.

The program is carefully designed to take you through step by step with plans, swipes, strategies and templates that you get to learn, apply and activate each and every week AND it is all there ready and waiting for you.

THIS 3-month experience is a more intensive fast-track than ever before and gives you weekly live calls where you get the opportunity to be coached one on one by Victoria.

All calls are hosted by Victoria and you get the guidance and support you need to get the results you deserve.

You get immediate access and can get started as soon as you join.

All calls are recorded and you get all your questions and coaching needs met with full access to Victoria for 6-weeks AND 12-months access to the online course curriculum, workbooks, videos and templates.

PLUS you get practical bonuses that you can put your hands on IMMEDIATELY!

WiIl this work if I’ve been a coach for a while or have had a few clients but struggle with getting them consistently?

WiIl this work if I’ve been a coach for a while or have had a few clients but struggle with getting them consistently?

Yes! It’s never too late to grow your life coaching business. You can join and get immense value even if you’ve been around the block a few times and you have your marketing systems in place, but need some tweaking.
And equally, if you are a brand new life coach this gives you all the fundamentals to go from zero to paid life coach and build your profitable offer.

How long do I have to complete the program

How long do I have to complete the course?

The good news is that you get access to the online course content for a full 12 months (even after your live 3 month coaching experience. Your live access to the coaching calls with Victoria, and the online discussion group is for 3 months from the date you join. That means 3 full months access to ALL the amazing guidance, personalized coaching and strategies in the learning hub and then ongoing access to the online training hub for an additional 12 months.

Will I get one on one advice and guidance?

Tell me more about this whole phases thing?


This is a BOUTIQUE group program, which means you won't get lost in a sea of faces and names and miss out on individual guidance.

There are twice weekly live coaching calls with Victoria in the6-week sprint, where everyone who wants it can be coached one on one in the group environment plus you can ask Victoria all and any questions in the online discussion group.

And you can also ask for more assistance at any time in the sprint if you need.

I hate tech. Will you help with that?

I hate tech. Will you help with that?

Me too. Which is funny because I rely on tech to run my business. I promise to show you the simplest, easiest tools and how-to’s so you can get the MOST results with the most minor tech hassles.

You’ll come away thinking, “that wasn’t so bad.”

How much extra will I need to spend?

How much extra will I need to spend?

If you want to get clear on your message, offer and pricing and create clients from conversations that convert, you won't have to spend one cent extra than your program investment.

If you would like to multiply your results quickly, then you will want to set aside around $500 to get started with Facebook Ads, and optional investment in a tech tool (or tools) that make life so much easier and pretty much pay for themselves (suggested budget can be around $150 a month ongoing).

How much support do we really get?

How much support do we really get?

I know you've come to expect a great level of support from the programs you invest in, and I take your choice to invest very seriously, and I want to ensure you get great results.

I always build in loads of support so that no question goes unanswered .

That's why I will be there to guide, nurture and support you on this journey with all aspects of marketing and mindset AND you also get access to selected experts sprinkled in.

Beyond that, many online marketing trainings for life coaches skip over niching, offer creation, and Facebook ads- usually, because they don't have the expertise in this area.

But these areas are my jam, and I can't wait to help make them yours, too, by giving you the support you need across these momentum-making areas PLUS everything else too.

This means you have the chance for live one on one coaching weekly, as well as the opportunity to ask any question in the Facebook Group PLUS my eyes on your work to give you the essentials shifts you need to shortcut your way to more clients.

Do you have a guarantee? What about refunds?

Do you have a guarantee? What about refunds?

Yes, there is a 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee where you get to try the experience, the coaching, and the community and ensure it is for you.

You can try the calls and get access to the online framework.

If for any reason you find it isn't, just advise us via email, and we will organise a refund. But I think you would be mad! This program is THAT GOOD - I promise.

Let's do this!

So What Are You Waiting For?