Discover how to overcome your marketing blocks, attract the best clients AND cash in on your life coach training with
ONE stunning offer.

Calling All life coaches Who Want To make six figures in 2022, This Is Your Invitation TO

Confidently Call In All The Clients You Need As A
Highly-Paid Life Coach

As Seen In

If you’re reading this, you’re a life coach who has worked really hard to learn a skill that can transform people’s lives.

You’ve shown heart. Dedication. Grit. 

You should be proud of yourself. 

Not everyone has a calling like you...

A Huge Congratulations!

Let me start with...

It’s a lonely, quiet kind of panic. 

The kind that puts a lump in your throat every time you think about actually putting yourself out there and being SEEN…

Where you dread the thought of endless social media, networking and asking for referrals so you can get the clients you need.

But now it’s time to get more PAYING clients, and that’s usually when the panic sets in...

If this sounds familiar, know that it’s completely normal. 

Meanwhile, someone from your coaching program just posted that she landed her first 3 clients...

And while you’re happy for her, you can’t help but wonder what she knows that you don’t?

And you're not alone.

A lot of high-potential life coaches feel this way just before they have their big marketing breakthrough…

Hang tight, My love. Your breakthrough is coming ;)

Attract unlimited dream clients who show up, ready to invest and get to work.

Convert those clients to invest with you at a premium price ($3K to start), so you can skip one on one coaching, beta programs or freebie sessions and you can stop relying on referrals and networking for leads.

This Is Your Proven Plan To Become a Highly-Paid Life Coach

Deliver amazing results to EVERY client you coach while working LESS than most booked-out one on one life coaches.

Use one simple online client pipeline (that can even work for you across the globe in almost any market - even while you sleep). No more questioning, hiding or trying to figure out social media, online lead-generation or your damn niche!

Rack up early wins and glowing case studies WHILE getting paid so that you have unshakeable confidence in your skills and no problem at all selling them for what they’re worth.

Generate an extra $5K and scale to $10K months and far beyond when you’re ready (because once you have your niche, offer and pricing dialled in - you're golden).

Get the templates, instructions, and personalized feedback on your marketing plan from a marketing coach who has helped coaches scale to 6 AND 7 figures on the regular for the past decade. 

Get twice-weekly live laser group coaching alongside those who are on the same path as you - this ain't no "pack them in" online course where you don't get coaching with Victoria. I'm here, right by your side cheering you on in this boutique coaching immersion (and giving you a loving push when you need it).

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The key to getting high-paying clients online as a life coach by creating an amazing group coaching offer that gives you what you need to transform your clients’ lives, make great money, and wake up in-demand and on purpose every SINGLE day.



The                            Method

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I’ve seen that the difference between the life coaches who earn great money and those that fade into the background isn’t talent, work ethic, or even skill. 

It’s the ability to MOVE THROUGH your marketing blocks and get ultimate clarity around your niche, message and pricing so that you can connect, engage and convert the best clients - even if they've never heard of you before.

After 10+ years in the online coaching space,

I can help you with that.

"Victoria's business coaching leaves nothing to chance."

Her proven strategies and compassionate guidance lead to the kind of up-levelling you could never do alone.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

"If you want to cut through the fluff and get down to business right away, Victoria is your girl."

With her wicked smart marketing strategies, a keen eye on what's truly working right now and her ability to tap into your unique marketing advantage, Victoria's mentoring and coaching style is hands down the best of the best.

Amy Porterfield

"If you want to supercharge your traffic, talk to Victoria."

Marie Forleo

"I'd recommend Victoria's Facebook marketing skills to everyone."

Lewis Howes

“Victoria’s great to work with.”

Danielle LaPorte

If you’ve been hoping that you can just brand yourself a life coach and put yourself out there to solve any problem that lands in your lap, then you'll quickly get stuck.

Niching down on the other hand, has you standing out with a powerful message to market (which will you'll get to map out with Victoria) which then rolls into your profitable offer that makes success second nature. 

All so you can stop hustling for clients and start COACHING clients. 

The Coach Co. Method Builds Momentum From Your Message & Offer Rather Than Relying On Word Of Mouth, Networking Or Referrals

Save Time With Master Moves

I'm sharing the hard-won approach that I’ve learned and applied out in the wilds of the internet -- distilled down specifically for life coaches.

I’m opening my vault to give you the proven templates, outlines, scripts, and swipe files that will get you your first round of happy paying clients and your next (and the next after that). 

PLUS, You'll get specific, customized feedback on your niche, your pricing, your packages, your marketing materials -- everything. 

It took me over a decade to piece this together. It’s what has allowed me to have steady $25k months every month for the last 10 years of my business without constantly posting on social media or launching -- and I want to share this with you. 

And while this intimate group coaching program is not about cookie-cutter strategies, it IS about making smart decisions quickly so that you can get out of overwhelm and into the career of your dreams.

Here’s what makes this opportunity so DIFFERENT
(and so effective):

Phase One:
Your One Amazing Offer, Commanding Premium Prices and Your Profitable Niche

This is the Secret to Earning More Money And Getting Your Clients Transformational Results - Even if You’re Brand New

Value: $3,000

It’s critical to stack up early wins at this stage of your career (otherwise, you risk losing momentum and never bouncing back).

So we’re going to craft a life coaching offer that helps you earn more WHILE you get your first handful of clients. 

You'll also land the niche that suits you best based on your unique talents, passions, and story (and we'll help you stop spinning on it for months and just DECIDE).

Gain unshakeable confidence as you build your intimate group program -- one paying client at a time. No more losing momentum by working for free or undercharging. 

Create your own mastermind coaching offers that will give you the ability to create a high-value, transformational group experience that gets better results than 1:1 coaching.

Get specific advice on exactly what to charge and how to position your life coaching so that clients see the value and are eager to sign up to work with you. 

Use this same offer to get your first handful of clients and then scale when you're ready so you can hit bigger and bigger revenue goals (my clients regularly use this to bring in anything upwards of $5K a month+ very quickly).

Achieve your time freedom and work-from-anywhere goals while giving your clients an immersive experience that is almost impossible to create any other way.

Phase One Outcome:

Discover Your Niche RIGHT AWAY. Have unshakeable confidence in your message, your market, your offer, and your pricing. Start stepping out with the clarity you've been longing for.


The Conversations that Convert Like Crazy Framework

Let’s get you your first few clients right away. I’m going to show you how close you are to a breakthrough. You’ll get my proven framework that will allow you to make your first handful of sales via posts, chat, and stress-free discovery calls. No website or bells and whistles. Just proof that you are ALWAYS in control of your ability to get clients.

The Conversations that Convert Like Crazy Framework


Well it was an early bird price, so it’s $4.5k.

This is one day before my webinar, where I’ve got
156 ppl registered! #spinningout

Victoria Gibson - thank you for all your support getting here.

To say I couldn’t have done it without you is the understatement of the decade!

— Talya

"I just sold my FIRST $5K program!"

So I just tallied up my revenue from last week... really haven't been tracking it as I've been so focused on content creations, discovery calls, serving clients and just life... 

I made $11,385 in 7 days!

December just might be my best month ever?!

So incredibly grateful, Victoria and everyone in the mastermind and sooooo excited!

Working on my live launch and webinar now. 

— Hayley 

"$11,385 in 7 Days!"

Phase Two:
Go From Chasing Clients To Attracting Them with Authority Marketing

There are MORE than enough clients out there for you to hit your revenue goals this year, and for years to come -- I’ll show you how to attract them.

Value: $3,000

Say goodbye to marketing tactics that make you want to die of embarrassment. Discover how to generate prospects who are already pre-sold on you.

Leverage personality-based marketing that helps attract ideal clients who like you for YOU. No need to record awkward Tik Tok videos or feel like you’re trying to be something you’re not. Perfection doesn’t sell. Authenticity does. I’ll show you how.

Build your online pipeline that will help you fill your calendar with high-quality prospects who are already PRE-SOLD on who you are and what you do. (No more cold or lukewarm calls with people who are wasting your time, your energy, and your hope.)

Develop your online business cards that build your audience and email list and turn them into ready-to-activate high-paying clients once they’ve entered your world.

Use this same marketing system to attract an unlimited stream of clients for years and years to come.

Phase Two Outcome:

Generate an unlimited number of prospects who are pre-sold on you with your own compelling and leveraged group coaching offer. Feel comfortable in your own skin because you know how to use personality-driven marketing that leans on your own unique strengths.

Learn how to structure your presentation or webinar to create the “know, like, and trust” factor so that people show up to your discovery calls asking “when can we start?”

You will be showed how to create this live or pop it on automation to bring in clients without you having to show up live (say goodbye to all that wasted time networking).

My High-Converting Swipe & Deploy Presentation Framework


High-Converting Swipe & Deploy Presentation Framework


"I have surpassed $12K (my goal) in sales, officially, and my calendar is PACKED with Discovery sessions.

I feel like selling is EASY (and before I dreaded and loathed it)

(I’m on track to make) $100k simply by selling 5 Packages each month. That is working 40-60 hours... a MONTH.

So easy... I should aim for $200K!!I have worked two years to get here, and I feel like it is happening!!!!”

— Julie

"$100K a year working
10-12hrs a week!"

“I have written, sold and created not one but three hugely successful courses as well as created my own mastermind since starting with Victoria.”

— Clare 

"3 hugely successful

— Chantelle 

"“Without doubt, there is no way that I could have achieved the success I have had without Victoria.”"

— Kate 

“Victoria really does have a gift for helping you figure out the most important things you need to be working on in your business right now, to get results.”

I have replaced my previous 6-figure salary with my business revenue (WHAT?!) and I couldn’t have done it without Victoria.

— Jodie 

"I couldn’t have done it without Victoria"

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Get Started Attracting All The Life Coaching Clients You Need With An Online Client Pipeline

Phase Three:
Accelerate Your Growth With The Traffic Secrets Of Top Coaches

Want to break records or turn up the heat on your success? Then you need to master these ONLINe traffic secrets. 

Value: $4,000

Accelerate your growth using the same traffic strategies that other popular coaches use to fill their calendars with ideal clients. It's one thing to have an offer but you need to fast track eyeballs and engagement so you can grow your revenue (and do more coaching).

Develop your success strategy right out of the gate as we dive into the numerous traffic sources you can tap into, yes even ones that do not include ads.

You'll also get my Life Coach-specific strategy for using Facebook ads (even if they haven’t worked for you in the past, or you've been too scared to try them before). 

This phase will give you the plan for how you're going to get your first or next 10 students with a realistic strategy for how to maximize and scale the client pipeline you create.

Phase Three Outcome:

Master the traffic secrets top coaches use to bring in an unlimited number of dream clients like magic. Whether this is using Facebook Ads or other free strategies I will be sharing, this is the key to sustainability, and I’ll show you how to do this profitably and effectively.

We did the certification you suggested… and it was a 6-figure launch…and I’m thrilled about the program and the transformation it will create for our clients!

— Brigit 

"A 6-figure launch!"

And the exciting news is… I enrolled my first full-paying client from the webinar yesterday and I have 7 discovery calls booked. Thanks for your support so far!

— Charlyn 

"7 discovery
calls booked!"

Here's A Taste Of What's Inside

"I didn't know where I wanted to take my business. Victoria's strategies helped me bring in an extra $2,250 per month, eradicated all the doubt I had surrounding my fees, and helped me redefine my business model.

I have even more confidence in my ability to consistently generate a 5-figure monthly income.”

— Rachel 

"An extra $2,250 per month"

— Tammy

“I would recommend anyone driven to get results to work with Victoria.”

— Jessica

“I tripled my revenue working with Victoria!”

I’m Victoria,
Your Guide To More Clients

My superpower is helping women get heard by sharing their true message - so they can create the life they actually want.... one with choice, freedom, and love.

Of course, my journey hasn’t been perfect. 

When I first broke away from corporate management and started my own online business, all I knew was that I wanted the feel-good freedom of a laptop lifestyle.


I thought my marketing background would make this a piece of cake, but the online world is a whole different ball game that had me crying over my webinar slides.

Fast forward to today, and I have over a decade of experience in the online marketing space under my belt.

I’ve run traffic for influencers like Marie Forleo, Danielle Laporte, and Lewis Howes.

I've been a guest trainer for Amy Porterfield & Mari Smith and I’ve also helped over 100 women to create and market offers to hit huge revenue goals from $5k a month to $25k a month, to a million and more… 

But it wasn’t until recently, when I myself got certified as a life coach with The Life Coach School, that I experienced first-hand the transformation it can provide. I couldn’t help but look around me and see how much better the world would be if we all could manage our minds and improve our lives. So I made it my mission to teach 10,000 life coaches to become 6-figure business owners through smart marketing. 

I know what’s possible for you, even if you’re not sure. All you have to do is decide that you want to borrow my belief while you build yours.

— Amanda 

“Victoria has supported me through the shaky ground of moving to the next level with my business”

— Jane 

“Victoria has helped me define the direction of my business and in a small amount of time, I have momentum in my business that I've never had before.”

You’ve come too far to give up on your dream career.

The best time to attract unlimited clients was yesterday.

The next best time is today.

I'M ready

Making the leap to work with Victoria Gibson was the best investment I ever made in my business.

She helped me quadruple my monthly income, showed me how to escape the deadly launch cycle, and thrive with my business!

— Alanna 

"Best investment I ever made in my business"

— Paula 

“Her mentorship and guidance still helps me today in my business.”

— Louise 

“Victoria helped me triple my business in a year. She helped me change my business in incredible ways.”

— Laura 

“No more hiding for me.”

As you refine your niche, your offer and your client pipeline, I’m right there looking over your shoulder to give you custom feedback 

As you move through the live training, every week you’ll have access to laser coaching on a video call where you can ask questions live or listen to your peers getting coached (and take notes).

Don’t expect vague answers here, I’ll give you direct, tangible feedback on everything from the right niche for you, to your offer, to your pricing. 

Individual hourly coaching with me is usually $1000 an hour (and totally worth it), so this is a great way to get my decade of online marketing expertise on your business.

If all we needed to succeed was information, we’d all be millionaires. But often, success is an inside game. 

So I’m sharing amazing marketing mindset coaching (with certified life coaches who are totally AH-mazing) so that you can feel supported with weekly group calls PLUS additional training calls you can access at any time.

Here's The Finer Details

Real-Time Group Mentoring With Me

Marketing Mindset Mentoring

$5,000 Value

$2,000 Value

You get a 3-Phase 12-Part comprehensive coaching program and digital asset bundle where you come in as a Life Coach and walk away with your offer created, your profitable niche selected, a pipeline to attract as many as you need, the confidence to charge what you're worth and ultimate clarity.

You get life of program access to ALL the video and audio training (with transcripts and guides) in a handy online password-protected hub.

Your Online Training & Resource Hub

$2,000 Value

Bond with your new biz besties and get support any time while you're in the program.

Not only do you get weekly group coaching calls with me, unlimited access to all the training content, weekly marketing mindset meetings, templates, and swipe also have the Facebook Group. An opportunity for you to ask questions in between calls, post your work to get even more feedback, and network with your fellow life coaches.

Super Private Facebook Group

$1,000 VALUE


PLUS, you’ll get six full months of access to Victoria in the weekly live group coaching call plus her mindset coaches for the extra weekly call too as well as the Facebook Group.

 That means you’ll get a full SIX months of support to give you the space to succeed and scale beyond your wildest dreams as a highly-paid life-coach.

6 Months of Live Coaching Support

$5,000 VALUE

— Kari 

“Victoria Gibson helped me rocket to success!”

— Fiona 

“I’m so much more confident than I was when I started working with Victoria. I’m now a real CEO of a multi-million dollar business!”

You could spend thousands on various consultants or courses.

Sales Strategy & Mindset $2,000
Messaging Consulting $5,000
Copy Creation  $5,000
General Business Building $2,000
List Building & Course Creation $1,000
Traffic Strategy $5,000

 the cost of trying to do this on your own...

Let 's compare


Trying to piece it together on your own:

Phase One: Your One Amazing Offer, Commanding Premium Prices and Your Profitable Niche
Value At $3,000

Phase Two: Go From Chasing Clients To Attracting Clients Who Are Pre-sold
Value: $3,000

Phase Three: Accelerate Your Growth With The Traffic Secrets Of Top Coaches  Value: $4,000

Bonus 1 : The Conversations that Convert Like Crazy Framework that gives you a conversation framework to connect with your ideal clients on a call so they actually convert  $1,000

Bonus 2: My High-Converting Swipe & Deploy Presentation Framework With Feedback & Guidance $2,500

Bonus 3: High-Converting Ads
Template Pack  $500

Bonus 4: Weekly Live Marketing Mindset Calls  $2,000

Bonus 5: Super Private Facebook Group  $1,000

Bonus 6: Unlimited Access To the
Online Portal For Life Of The Program $1,000

Getting my expert guidance so that you know you’re doing it right every step of the way:

Total Value

Your Investment Is A Fraction Of That At Just $5,000

apply now 


“My webinar was SO MUCH BETTER than before - more logical and easier to understand making it more engaging and effective which meant more sales!”

— Louise 

“My webinar went beautifully! I had 250 registered and 101 turned up to listen with so many telling me how glad they were to show up.”

— Julia Jones

”Almost exclusively thanks to you I’ve earned 4x as much as the whole of last year in only 5 months!”

— Sarah 

“In just 4 months, I managed to have my first 5 figure month from scratch”

— Erica 

“Thanks for all your support, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

— Janet 

I’m so close to hitting my monthly income goal since quitting my job less than a year ago!

"Signed another client today at $3K
paid in full!"

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?

When can I start?

When can I start?

As soon as you apply and you are accepted, you will receive access to the Coach Co Hub and our Facebook group.

The program is carefully designed to take you through step by step with plans, swipes, strategies and templates that you get to learn, apply and activate each and every week AND it is all there ready and waiting for you.

PLUS you get practical bonuses that you can put your hands on IMMEDIATELY!

I still have questions. Can we chat?

I still have questions. Can we chat?

Yes! Send me an email at, and I will respond. I’m here for you.

WiIl this work if I’ve been a coach for a while or have had a few clients but struggle with getting them consistently?

WiIl this work if I’ve been a coach for a while or have had a few clients but struggle with getting them consistently?

Yes! It’s never too late to master your coaching business. You can join and get immense value even if you’ve been around the block a few times and you have your marketing systems in place, but need some tweaking.

How long do I have to complete the course?

How long do I have to complete the course?

The good news is that you get access to the online course content for the life of the program (even after your live coaching access is finished) and live access to the coaching calls, coaches, and Facebook group for 6 months with access to live coaching and ALL the amazing guidance and strategies in the learning hub.

You can get through the 3 phases in 3 months, but you have an ADDITIONAL 3 months to apply the learning and get support in making it all work for you and you get immediate access to all the online curriculum on joining.

Tell me more about this whole phases thing?

Tell me more about this whole phases thing?

This marketing accelerator happens in three phases, but you can take it at your own pace within the 6 month container. The currriculum and training is all there ready and waiting, but it is recommended you go through one phase a month and then use the remainder of the time to optimize and improve.

I hate tech. Will you help with that?

I hate tech. Will you help with that?

Me too. Which is funny because I rely on tech to run my business. I promise to show you the simplest, easiest tools and how-to’s so you can get the MOST results with the most minor tech hassles.

You’ll come away thinking, “that wasn’t so bad.”

How much extra will I need to spend?

How much extra will I need to spend?

If you want to get clear on your message, offer and pricing and create clients from conversations that convert, you won't have to spend one cent extra than your program investment.

If you would like to multiply your results quickly, then you will want to set aside around $500 to get started with Facebook Ads (but I don't let you loose without all my expert guidance, and optional investment in a tech tool (or tools) that make life so much easier and pretty much pay for themselves (suggested budget can be around $150 a month - with plenty of free trials).

How much support do we really get?

How much support do we really get?

I know you've come to expect a great level of support from the programs you invest in, and I take your choice to invest very seriously, and I want to ensure you get great results.

I always build in loads of support so that no question goes unanswered .

That's why my team and I will be there to guide, nurture and support you on this journey with all aspects of marketing and mindset.

Beyond that, many online marketing trainings for life coaches skip over niching, offer creation, and Facebook ads- usually, because they don't have the expertise in this area.

But these areas are my jam, and I can't wait to help make them yours, too, by giving you the support you need across these momentum-making areas PLUS everything else too.

This means you have the chance for live one on one coaching weekly, as well as the opportunity to ask any question in the Facebook Group PLUS my eyes on your work to give you the essentials shifts you need to shortcut your way to more clients.

Do you have a guarantee? What about refunds?

Do you have a guarantee? What about refunds?

Yes, there is a 14-Day Risk-Free Guarantee where you get to try the experience, the coaching, and the community and ensure it is for you.

You can try the calls and see all the curriculum.

If for any reason you find it isn't, just advise us via email, and we will organise a refund.

Of course you are! Just apply and we'll let you know if you're in OR join the free VIP training to discover more...


I’m Ready To Have A Plan To Succeed Every Damn Day!