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Episode #16: Where To Find Coaching Clients

June 28, 2021

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There’s really no reason ever for you to say “I don’t know where to find coaching clients”.

It’s one of the biggest marketing blocks life coaches have, and I’m here to call BS on it.

It’s not because you don’t have a good niche.

It’s not because you’re charging too much.

And it’s definitely not because your website is janky.

BUT It could be because you are spending more time researching the latest and greatest marketing tactics or staying stuck in indecision rather than moving forward testing your message, making offers and creating connections with your ideal audience.

Instead of letting that thought block me when it comes to growing my own coaching business, what I do is let it open up my creativity to more opportunities by asking it as a brainstorming prompt instead of a statement eg “WHERE could I find new clients?”. And then give myself some time to get some ideas down.

I looked back over the last decade to find my Top 4 places to find clients and I am going to share them with you today in the hope it may give you some ideas.

My No.1 place is probably no surprise to most of you, and that’s Facebook Ads. I have been running Facebook Ads for over a decade now and I know that they are a great way to fast track finding new clients.

But there is a major downside.

And that is the fact that it used to be WAY easier to get clients this way, and way cheaper too.

And for a long time I believed that I had to rely on Facebook ads to get new clients, and then it became the truth. I put all my time into coaching my clients because Facebook ads basically found and delivered me new clients.

Until my advertising access was revoked and until several accounts kept getting shut down despite being free of account shutdowns for nearly a decade.

And when Facebook has stopped working or your account gets disapproved or the ads that used to work don’t any more, then you feel like you’re back at ground zero.

And that’s why I no longer recommend that you rely SOLELY on Facebook ads to get new clients.

So let’s look at the second top source of clients for me, and it’s from joining coaching groups and masterminds. In fact, this has also been where I have found some amazing relationships in my life too – on both a business and personal level.

It is where I have met some of my best business friends, but also where I have connected with some of my highest value clients.

It’s a great environment to share what you do and get hired, and I have also found that for many of my own clients in my mastermind programs too.

In fact, I have had some big names in the online coaching world as my clients and these people have hired me as a direct result of us being in a coaching group together.

So, next time you second-guess investing in a higher level group coaching program, think about the opportunity of who else is in the program too.

This could be the case with coaching as well that arm if you are a relationship coach and you join you know a business program there are bound to be plenty of entrepreneurs in there looking for relationship help and you could easily be hired I know I’ve had clients my mastermind where other members of the mastermind have hired that relationship coaches from them talking about their business.

And paid programs and masterminds can also be an amazing opportunity to create profitable partnerships that yield you many clients by tapping into someone else’s audience.

I another great opportunity in thinking about partnership marketing is to create your own webinar and offer it to others who already have assembled large numbers of clients in a what’s called a joint-venture deal so you might be able to create a webinar and for every client you pay a share of that revenue to the host to your joint-venture partner and this has worked well for me in the past.

I have been able to offer a joint-venture webinar or appear as a guest on a summit and tap into their audience and this has been my third top client-getting source.

Your partners are always happy because they get a share of the sales (without having to fulfil on any offer) and you get access to their audience.


A great way to reach out to potential partners is to offer them some value for their audience and reach out and offer this to them via a website submission, introduction or message.

And my fourth top client-getting strategy that I love is being a podcast guest.

My friend Denise Duffield-Thomas shared with me that this was one of the biggest needle movers in her business – and not just on top podcasts but finding hundreds of little podcasts she could show up on over time that drove awareness and program sales.

I was lucky enough to be featured on Amy Porterfield’s podcast, and that one episode brought me in $150,000 in new clients – just from one interview connecting with an old friend and showing up and sharing what I love to do.

Of course she’s a high-profile podcast and it’s not quite as easy to get on that one, but don’t dismiss smaller podcasts and doing more of them as an option (or starting your own).

So there you have it, 4 opportunities to save you from the dreaded thought that you don’t know where to find clients.

1. Facebook Ads
2. Joining Group Programs & Masterminds
3. Joint Venture Webinars & Summits
4. Podcast Guesting

Now, I want you to start compiling a list of programs, partners and podcasts you can start connecting with to get things moving.

You DO NOT have to be a big name or experienced to get started with this strategy.

All it takes is understanding how you can deliver value, some clarity on your niche and offer and a desire to help change lives with coaching.

Go for it!


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