#17 The Simple System For Bringing In At Least One Paying Coaching Client A Week

July 7, 2021

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I'm Victoria!

I show life coaches how to master their marketing and take control of their own success by creating a meaningful message that attracts more clients and makes more money.


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My passion in life is helping women like you turn your knowledge and expertise into a life coaching business that enables you to make a huge impact, a great income and a lifestyle you love……while you get STUNNING results for your clients.

That’s why I’m going to help do 3 things:

1. Help you attract a steady stream of the PERFECT clients who are ready to work with you, EVERY SINGLE WEEK (or even day if you prefer).

2. Convert those clients to invest with you beyond free or hourly rates, so you can…

3. Deliver outstanding results to EVERY client you work with.

Sounds like a big promise, but this is what I help my clients do and have done for the past decade.

I get the majority of my clients from Facebook, taking them from cold to client using the power of webinars and online workshop series and I work from home, with a couple of virtual assistants.

It’s pretty cool!

On average, I have been able to earn $25K a month each and every month since I left my corporate job in 2011.

I only got my Life Coaching Certification last year, but have been creating and sharing solid online client attraction strategies since I started this online journey.

The best part is, I take what works for me and many of my clients to create a framework for success that you can use to bring in sales every day, without all the hoopla and energy drain of big launches or fancy marketing campaigns – really, I help coaches find the attractive message to power up their offers with simple campaigns that get seen.

I want to show you a way to get paid this week, rather than waiting until you have a beautiful brand, a perfect message and the newfound confidence you think will come with all of that.

Because I know for sure that you can get on the path to attracting paying clients regularly, and at a high level BEFORE you think you have what it takes, and before you have a huge following on social media, and before you are certified as a life coach.

Why? Because that’s exactly what I’ve done and shown my clients how to do the same.

One of my clients Clare was a merchant banker who attracted $15K in clients in just one-day coaching photographers when she had never been formally trained in coaching OR photography.

My client Sarah was a Massage Therapist when she came to me, with a desire to be a life coach and ended up with 4 new relationship coaching clients in just 8 weeks and made $8K in that time too – without anything but a desire to help women heal from their breakups – and this was all while she was creating her website.

Another client Amanda felt lost after certifying as a health coach and fell into dreaded comparisonitis when one of her friends got web-famous really quickly.

This left her stuck with a handful of one on one health coaching clients, but not knowing how to get certainty in her message – and this was despite her being a big ad agency strategist back in the day.

Once she embraced combining the magic of her experience, certification and talents, she was able to first hit regular $5K months and now makes multiple 7 figures a year.

And of course, the list goes on.

And there was a time I told my energy healer if my business could just make $5K a month I would be happy… little did I know that my second month I would make $23K!

Once I saw what was possible, I knew I couldn’t settle for just $5K a month, and I never have again.I want you to be able to generate as many clients as you want – every day – by creating value that helps the right people choose you.

But if you see other life coaches making the kind of revenue that you want…but have no idea how they’re doing it,

Or you have some months where cash just flows into your business…but you can’t seem to maintain it over time…

And you start out every month wondering where the clients and sales are going to come from…

Then you may need to stop waiting for major milestones like certifications, following numbers or perfect branding and instead start creating clients from where you are right now.

As I compared my wonderful clients, I started to identify the critical success factors they needed to grow their coaching business and regularly attract clients, and took note of what worked for all of them so that I could share it with you here on this episode.

So let’s break down what you need to bring in clients every week, right now.

1. Get Specific

The first thing you must decide and act upon is to select and stick to solving a specific problem.

Better yet, select one target market and solve that specific problem for them.

Now, I don’t care if you can do 55 different things and do them all brilliantly, you must choose one main problem.

That’s because marketing rewards clear focus, it works faster when you have constraint in your communication, and clients are attracted to clarity (especially when it relates to a problem they are experiencing each and every day).

You need to cast aside your shiny objects and drill down into the stuff that gets the most traction for your clients.

Master the problem, create frameworks in how you solve it and you’ll get consistent results for your clients and book out fast.

2. Step Into High Value

Position yourself as the high-value solution to the specific problem you solve and price for results.

It’s so important for you to remember that you’re not selling your time.

You’re not selling coaching.

You’re not even selling your knowledge.

What you’re selling is the value of the result that you deliver.

When you stay at the upper end of the market, it makes it easier to demonstrate your quality and give great service.

Plus you get a calibre of clients who are invested in taking action because they haven’t just paid a throwaway amount for something they think will bring instant results.

They want to make sure they get the value out of your offering as much as you do. They will also have more confidence in you when you charge higher prices, and this is the best bit..

You need fewer clients to hit your income goals.

How would it feel to only need a handful of clients every month?

To have space and time for the other passions in your life?

Well, this is how I’ve been running my coaching business for the past 10 years and it gives me a ton of space and depth to still get better at delivering the value I offer.

You don’t need to wait to have a massive list or create some fancy launch to make great revenue and have a simple coaching business that excites you.

You just need to position yourself as a high-value solution to your market’s big problem and charge accordingly.

And it’s easier to position yourself this way when you develop a personality-based brand, and by that I mean just communicating YOU – not some fancied online version of you. 

Not some big-brand, stock photo, fancy logo version of who you think you should be.

How are you going to get that, you may ask? That leads me to the next point…

3. Fast-Track With Facebook (Or Insta)

When you master the art of paid traffic, and you consistently bring in leads from your market who have the specific problem that you solve, then you can take control of your marketing for big results.

Every client who uses Facebook correctly sees an immediate income boost almost overnight.

Facebook advertising is the most powerful way to…

• Generate top of mind awareness amongst your perfect prospects

• Demonstrate your authority to solve your clients’ biggest problems

• Build a targeted audience of targeted buyers

AND it does all of these things as one of the most cost-effective lead generation solutions available.

Use Facebook to drive attendance at your webinars, workshops and events….

Distribute your free content and build your list faster than you can organically AND deploy the massive power of video and live streaming to connect with your prospects in real-time.

It really is an irreplaceable element of your marketing strategy and has the potential to add tens of thousands of dollars to your business, even if you don’t yet have any buyers.

4. Get Personal

Set yourself apart from the competition, increase your authority and grow your business fast by combining the leverage of an online business with the power of YOU.

The more opportunities you create to allow buyers to connect with you personally – particularly using the power of webinars, live workshops, emails and videos – the more clients you will attract.

And the truth is, fancy websites, logos and the like can create a barrier between you and your prospects, the more REAL, the better.

So using Facebook Groups and live broadcasts can work brilliantly for this.

I’ve never met 95% of my clients in person, and that helps the success of my business, particularly as I am based in Australia. 

But I go out of my way to connect in a personal way via webinars, emails, chat and online meetings.

Most of my clients actually don’t blog that much, because they don’t need to. They control their traffic with Facebook and the value they create, and most importantly make consistent high-value offers.

One of my clients Chantelle was able to add $500K to her business in just 18 months by adding more webinars, workshops and live coaching programs and now makes multi 7-figures and one of the biggest reasons she grew so fast is that she created connections with her market through webinars and workshops and amazing live events.

So, by now I hope you realise the power of getting out of your own way to get paying clients now.

And you see that:

• Creating a compelling solution for a single target market, and

• Telling them about it on Facebook consistently.

• Invite them to hear more and connect with you personally via webinars, workshops and video.

And rather than waiting to have your ducks in a row, you will create life coaching clients EVERY SINGLE WEEK.No more worrying about how you’re going to plug the gap next month.

When you consistently fill your pipeline with quality coaching clients who work with you month after month, you not only get them great results, but you secure regular sales without all the uncertainty and burnout.

So, here’s what you need to put it all together and bring in sales every week.

1. Solve A Specific Problem

2. Be The High-Value Solution

3. Become Facebook Famous, and

4. Offer Personal Connection

If you do this, you will experience huge growth in your business, and be able to pick and choose the type and number of clients you work with.

If you want to leave behind the struggle and experience true success in your business…

Make those shifts as quickly as you can.

And if you want to break through fear, doubt, and frustration and open the door to massive success as a life coach.

Then I’d love to offer you an invitation to my latest free marketing course for life coaches. 
In it, I’m sharing how to attract unlimited clients and get them transformational results.

Just head to https://www.victoriagibson.com/course and I’ll see you over there.

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