#15: Unlocking Your Magic As A Life Coach

June 23, 2021

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Even if you have a business that’s doing well, or you’re still in the throes of building it, you likely struggle when people ask you what your magic is.

And you struggle even more to pinpoint the times in your business where you are actually expressing it. Let alone getting paid for it, or building your business based around it.

Too often, we are failing to cultivate our magic and this alone could be one of the reasons you feel so conflicted in your marketing.

But your MAGIC is the key to creating a highly lucrative life-coaching business you love, and is also what most life coaches struggle to unlock.

As your innate talent and genius, your magic will feel really EASY to do, but incredibly hard to define and even harder to offer and charge for. It is the thing that totally lights you up when you do it, as well as something that people are happy to pay you for.

It’s where you feel most in flow…

It makes time disappear, it brings a warm-feeling throughout your body, it evokes congratulations from others and gives you an indefinable knowing.

The important thing to recognize is that your zone of genius is not just what you’re “passionate” about and it’s not just what you think you’re good at.

In fact, it can often be something you may struggle with initially, but it’s something you recognize that you’re naturally great at and enjoy doing too.

When you can identify those magic moments, especially in your business, then you can capitalize on them by working on them consistently and weaving them into your coaching. This is a powerful combination that will help you strike gold.

Ultimately, it’s about identifying what comes most naturally to you, and then capitalizing on that, rather than identifying what has come naturally to other people, and trying to teach yourself those skills in order to mimic and recreate their genius.

You can be successful doing this, but ultimately it won’t give you the success and fulfillment that playing in the magic zone brings.

Even if you already have coaching clients, you may still be feeling dissatisfied or overwhelmed  if you aren’t offering or operating from your magic.

If you are stuck in SERVICE mode rather than MAGIC mode you’ll feel at your clients beck and call and you probably won’t be hitting the revenue targets you initially aimed for.

One of my previous mentors differentiated this as MULE work vs MAGICIAN Work.

And that’s because so many coaches think they have to over-deliver to justify getting paid for their coaching.

And that’s because you’re positioning yourself in line with what you think people will pay for, rather than what you’re absolutely brilliant at delivering, and what you would happily help people with day in and day out – FOR FREE.

It’s like weight loss coaches who spend their time endlessly drawing up and critiquing meal plans for their clients, or general life coaches writing up and sending session notes to their clients thinking in some way that validates their fee.

You customize and constantly reinvent the wheel according to what your clients say they want or what other coaches do, rather than trusting what you already know and packaging it into a framework, approach or system that becomes an asset in your business and allows you to step into your power.

Because your magic is the real gold, it’s the place where you can create big transformation for you and your clients and make a real and lasting impact – it is VALUABLE and you deserve to be rewarded for it.

And unlike the millennials expecting to land their dream job straight out of college, we know we have to work on building knowledge and experience.

But even so, we continue to deny our magic, falsely believing that we need to await some far-off milestone, revenue amount, or achievement before we give ourselves permission to embrace it in our business.

This has happened to me persistently in my business, where I went from Facebook Ads Specialist to start my own Mastermind.

I refused to believe it would be possible to use my magic as a connector to inspire a like-minded group of women coaches AND get paid for it – yet it was far easier than I could have imagined.

But that still didn’t stop me from slipping into over-delivery over the years, often feeling unworthy of the investment and then adding back in things that were other people’s magic or things that I could do but resented because I thought I had to.

Without you having a clear idea of what your magic is, you’ll always be looking for the next step in your business because the stuff you’re GOOD at, but not GREAT at, is ultimately dissatisfying.

In our desire as coaches to help or please others, we often put way too much in our offers and this usually means giving away too much of ourselves and offering to do nearly everything for our clients, even when that is not where our true value is.

You may think, you can’t just charge for what feels easy for you, even when it creates massive transformation.

This may come from a belief that to earn good money you have to work REALLY hard, or you may just be distracted by what your competitors are offering and think you need to include what they’re offering and more!

This is a common trap and leads us into a cycle of over-delivery, worse still, this may not be getting your clients the best results.

Offering too much can actually create overwhelm for our clients and stop them from getting great results.

This applies to in-person work, coaching services and particularly online programs.

When thinking about your offer, if you are feeling obligated to deliver what you have promised, are not enjoying the delivery or are getting resentful about any part of it, you are not tapped into your magic.

Instead you’re probably delivering your skills and competencies.

This is easy for over-achievers to do because we are so damn good at everything!

In fact, you would question why anyone would want to pay for it all as it feels SO easy.

But this is what you would happily provide day in, day out for FREE.

Maybe it’s your skill to bring others together, for connection and transformation. Perhaps it’s your crazy good talent of getting to the heart of an issue for women feeling stuck in their careers.

Or it could be your ability to get people unstuck and back in flow again in their relationships.

Even if you are stuck on what to offer and what your message should be, ask yourself exactly what part of what you provide in your sessions could you leverage and focus on that feels like you are cultivating your magic.

Say if you are an energy healer, is there a specific life-stage or problem you love to tackle to create real change?

Maybe it’s helping your clients find the love they want.

Think about Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of Calling In The One. She is a psychotherapist and most likely for years she was busy seeing her clients on an hourly basis and wading through all their issues.

Until she uncovered her amazing talent for helping single women bring in the love of their life. That is one area of psychotherapy, but the one that created the biggest shifts for her clients and herself, and the one she most enjoyed delivering.

So she wrote a book called “Calling In The One” and now conducts leveraged programs online that deliver her magic to single women yearning for a great relationship, reaching thousands and creating an ongoing income stream.

It’s very often about focus, and getting really dialled into a specific transformation that not only feels good to provide, but also creates a big impact in the lives of your clients.

That is the win/win that can come from the value you create when you are in magician work.

Your magic should transfer value to your clients. It should give them either more time, money, fun, status, success, freedom, health or wellness.

It should create a lasting change that moves them forward to create a real transformation.

This is what naturally magnetizes your clients to you, and keeps you saying “yes” to that success because you don’t secretly hope clients won’t pay you!

Trust me. It happens!

And that’s why cultivating your Magic is really at the heart of getting over your marketing overwhelm and falling in love with growing your business, all while working less and making more.

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