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Ditch your Corporate Ways to Succeed Online

May 25, 2017

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I'm Victoria!

I'm a passionate online marketing obsessive who also happens to be a certified life coach too.
I help life coaches earn more using the power of marketing.


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This video is for all the “Corporate Refugees” out there, the ones who’ve escaped corporate and have made the transition to a new life as online coaches, consultants and experts.

There’s an essential element to marketing online that you may find hard to adjust to when you make the leap from corporate… and that is the art of direct response marketing.

You’re probably more used to “corporate speak” than “direct response speak”.

Direct response marketing is designed to get an immediate response from your audience. You want them to take action immediately or they may be gone forever.

Whereas in the corporate world your communications to internal and external audiences may not be as urgent and you may have been used to adding in more “big words” and fancier marketing (because you had the time and the budgets).

The truth is, you can’t afford that luxury now and the art of attracting leads online means that you must master direct response marketing.

Click PLAY below and see what I mean…


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