4 Ways To Pay Less For Your Facebook Ads

July 27, 2018

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I have a surprise for you.

Facebook don’t always get it right.

Yes, I know you can barely believe it.

But it’s true.

It’s not that they don’t try, but your agenda is in conflict with theirs.

They want to make money and you want to make money.

But in order for you to make money, by paying less for your Facebook Ads it means they don’t make as MUCH money.

So, that means that you don’t always want to rely on Facebook when it comes to guiding you to create your Facebook Ads.

Make sense?

Hope so.

So here are 4 tips I’ve got for you to use when setting up a new ad in Facebook to a landing page you want traffic to that you are yet to test.

So, be aware this is my opinion only, others may advise you differently. But I don’t care 🙂

OK, let’s go to it.

1. When choosing your campaign, don’t go straight to Conversions.

Facebook needs time and info to know how that’s going to work for your traffic and that can waste time and money initially and won’t help you answer the question as to whether your ad will actually land.

I want you to find out ASAP if your creative and targeting is going to fly before you drop a bomb on a dud ad.

So, at the first step of your ad creation process, I want you to choose Traffic as your marketing objective (not Conversions).

2. Edit Your Placements

Facebook are a bit cheeky here and automatically select your ad placements for you, and if you are new to the platform or rush through, you can miss that there are even options available here.

Facebook default for you to select all the placements so they can run more ads in the rubbish-y placements because News Feed is prime real estate (which is what you want to be in, no Tinder for you!).

So instead, click Edit Your Placements and then you select Feeds and Right Column placements only to start. If you want to do Instagram set up an Insta only ad as these should have different style creative to maximise results.

3. Select Link Clicks as Delivery Optimization

Here’s another sneaky Facebook default setting that means you end up paying for every view of your ad rather than those who click through.

Facebook’s rationale that you should optimize for people to wait for your page to load is fine, but they end up charging every time your ad is seen – whether it’s clicked or not with this default setting.

So flick it over to Link Clicks to test in your initial campaign.

4. Get Charged For Link Clicks

This follows the previous advice.

Start paying for every time someone clicks on your ad initially to test how effective the ad is at getting interaction and traffic to your page.

Facebook will have this default to Impression which means you pay each time your ad is displayed, regardless whether the user then clicks on your ad.

Yes, if your ad is effective, it may work out cheaper to pay for impressions, but until you know that, I’d rather assess the ad based on clicks at a low budget before I start paying for it to be seen by everyone.

So there you have it, Facebook battle-friendly ad strategies designed to save you some moolah at the outset of your traffic campaign.

Obvs these tips don’t really apply for pages you already have good ad conversion data on and engagement campaigns.

Try them out and post below if you have better results – or notice anything different!

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