#38 5 Keys That Make Your Coaching Offer An Easy Yes

April 26, 2023

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In order for a coaching offer to be easy to sell, you need to create desire in the minds of your future clients.

Desire is a primal force that is irrational, highly emotional and, once activated, hard to explain.

It’s highly valuable when we’re making offers for 3 reasons:

1. Desire drives action with a speed and certainty that’s often missing in rational buying decisions. 

We’re looking to create offers that sell without complex marketing systems, high-touch experiences, or deep nurturing we need a momentum that replaces those elements.

2. When you can cultivate desire for you as a transformational coach and your offer as an undeniable solution, you have a third dimension to your online presence that fast-tracks familiarity and trust beyond the size of your following, proven results, and the amount you charge.

3. There is a monetary value to the level of desire you create with your offer because it makes your marketing free or much more cost-effective.

Your offer must represent value that speaks to the heart of a true desire – not a wish or a maybe, but a connection to readiness and willingness to take action based on a high-level problem or challenge your future client is motivated to overcome.

This is what brings meaning to your coaching and your online presence and can’t be overlooked if you’re looking to build a lasting, enjoyable, and lucrative coaching business.

And because desire is at the heart of an offer that is easy for your audience to say yes to, it is the foundation of the 5 “Easy Yes” Offer Keys for a coaching offer so great it practically sells itself

Here are the 5 Keys To Make Your Offer An Easy Yes:

1. Relatable – Make Your Offer In Clear Alignment With An Issue Your Audience Is Experiencing
2. Refreshing – Your Offer Must Be Distinctive & Fresh, Even If It Is A Commonly Discussed Area or Issue
3. Relevant – When An Offer Is Current & Speaks Directly To The Problem Faced By Your Future Client It Gets More Attention
4. Rapid – Convey That You Can Fast Track A Solution Beyond What They Could Ordinarily Do Alone
5. Responsive – Call The Invisible Ideal Audience To Raise Their Hand With An Action & Make Themselves Visible & Enable Connection

If you’d like my help to create your own remarkable offer that sets you and your ideas apart online with simplicity and it easy to sell and deliver without burnout or compromise then you need to check out my Making Your Message Matter Bootcamp  


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