#37 3 Key Pricing Shifts Highly-Paid Life Coaches Can Make To Confidently Charge More

March 27, 2023

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If you’ve been going back and forth on what to charge for your coaching, that’s completely normal and please know that it’s not your fault…


If you’ve been concerned in the past that you can’t succeed with charging what you see established coaches charging, you can put those fears to rest…


Your expectations of the revenue you should be making based on what you see other coaches sharing on social media, or what you’re being told as the “right way” to grow a life coaching business online, may be making you believe you can’t charge more until you become well known, but that’s not true.


If you can’t understand what the right approach is based on all the confusing strategies and “so-called truths” being shared about how to price your coaching, I’m here to show you how to 10x the value of your coaching using 3 pricing shifts I’ve uncovered that build unshakeable belief in the coaching you do and the results you help your clients create.


I want to help you answer the pricing and value question in your own mind first so you can remove it as a barrier to creating and sharing a high-value coaching offer you love AND are also easily understood and sold to the perfect clients.

All without feeling overly burdened by what you have to deliver or pricing your coaching so high that the people who need you most can’t afford to work with you.


By adopting the 3 key pricing shifts successful life coaches know, you’ll have 100% confidence to show up and be seen online and when you make your offers, your potential clients will have 100% confidence in your value.


This remarkably diminishes your “visibility resistance” and their “sales resistance”.



The 3 Shifts Are:

Shift #1: Find & Create Value In Your Passionate Purpose Rather Than Trying To Respond To What You Think Your Clients Want

Some life coaches might think “If I charge less, marketing will be easier and I’ll get more clients”…


Or if I do more for them or give them more one on one sessions, clients will see the value and be delighted.


And if money and time are not important to you, this won’t be a problem.


But marketing to the masses and charging low prices is not for coaches looking to grow their profitability and have a lasting and impactful coaching business, especially if you still have a small audience.


It’s tempting to think you can out-market your lack of belief in yourself and succeed, but it’s impossible.


If price becomes the key determinant of why people invest in your offers, you are immediately diminishing your value and making yourself a commodity.


Instead find and create value in who you are, your experience, skills, and talents.


Your coaching doesn’t need to get seen by the masses to make millions, it’s more important that you show up to those who share an affinity with your values, and these communities will likely be much smaller – but you can create momentum, desire, and demand irrespective of price.


“I don’t understand how what I know is enough to believe I’m worth it…


The shift to make is not about knowledge and information… that’s all there on Google.

It’s about embracing your unique strengths and differences to create affinity, connection, and encouragement with a smaller audience and showing up to share value before they buy a thing.


That’s what positions you as a valuable solution, not what you charge.


Creating a premium coaching offer you love is determined more by YOUR passion, experience, and values than what you THINK your clients want, what they’ll pay, or what other coaches are selling.


Shift #2: Sharing A Pathway To Possibility Is Just As Important As Any Accolades, Experience & Notoriety


Many life coaches think “I’m not I can’t make more money without an established track record, endorsements and testimonials to share.”

I started my mastermind and sold over $80K with no experience – I just showed up in connection with a small group and shared value and made an offer.


But I knew my audience, I showed up in a group where I knew they were like me and I offered them something I knew they had a desire for, and more or less built myself into that desire – they weren’t waiting for me, they were wanting the experience and I could make myself the architect of that – because I was passionate about that too.


When you create a repeatable pathway to success to take every client through and support them in the best possible ways to get results, you create belief by demonstrating what’s possible – sharing passion and values can replace the need for a laundry list of hard-core results and experiences – one of the greatest needs people have is for connection, and some people love to be part of something…


Some life coaches say “Nobody knows who I am…” I can’t get much response on social media, my list is pretty small and most of them don’t buy anything I offer… I must have the wrong market – they can’t afford me, I must have the wrong marketing tactics or I must be charging too much…

The truth is you can get high-paying clients without being well-known or having a ton of experience or results to show off.


Want to find and unlock your own unique message so you can take things to the next level and clearly stand out as a valuable solution without competing on price?

Book a complimentary 30-min messaging session with me or message me on Instagram @iamvictoriagibson

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