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August 3, 2023

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For the amount of time we spend chasing email list growth and new subscribers, we often avoid taking the next steps and avoid actually following up with them.

Yep, as in actually sending the list you grow regular emails instead of just having a list you neglect.

The drama that goes unchecked in our minds when we go to send our weekly email can put an episode of a reality TV show to shame… (or is that just me?).

Soon, days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and when you finally boss yourself around and get an email out to your list, you see a small percentage of opens and a list of unsubscribes.

It can all feel a little pointless.

And that’s because you haven’t activated and engaged your list, and you haven’t committed to making the most of this valuable channel.

Whether you think nobody wants to listen, or you don’t know what to send to justify your real estate in their inbox, you can’t keep ignoring the power of email marketing.

Aside from the algorithms of open rates and deliverability (which I’m not even going to try to teach – because, well, I need a calculator for even basic addition)… the most important metric beyond email list size is engagement.

So, before you start honouring the value of your email list (no matter how tiny), and actually start sending them stuff every week, it’s a good idea to see if those on your list are still interested.

And the gift I have for you today, will help with that…

My List Activation Sequence Swipe File gives you four key emails you can use to engage your existing list and get them clicking again.

This helps with engagement and will increase your open rates (even if it means a few unsubscribes first).

The swipe file comes from an actual client sequence, and you can use it to quickly tweak to make yours and see how the format can work for you.

Click the image below to download, and quit the drama about sending stuff to your list


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