What To Do When Your Facebook Ads Account Is Hacked Or Disabled

October 26, 2022

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In this video, I walk you through the best approaches to take to get disabled or hacked Facebook Business Manager back.


I will also show you how to chat with Facebook too. They have recently upgraded their support levels, and make it much easier to communicate if you can access the chat feature. The important thing to know is – do not submit the automatic reviews before you chat with Meta Pros first as it can take the issue out of their hands and you’re less likely to get it back.


Here are some relevant links to try:





Here is the Meta Support chat link:



Account Quality



If you have had your account permanently disabled, you can try:

Setting up a new Facebook profile in your own name (so you can always verify your identity).


Do this on a different IP address and internet connection (don’t use a VPN).


Wait a couple of days and add as an admin on your FB Page and Insta.


Then wait a couple more days and set up an ads account in Business Suite first with a credit card that hasn’t been used on Facebook before.


Then try running one basic ad and see if it keeps running.


Once you build up some history then move to set up a new Business Manager.


But as long as the automated reviews haven’t gone to final disablement, you should be able to get your existing account back.


Oh and don’t be afraid to keep going back on chat to get different agents.


Don’t give up. It’s common, but not insurmountable!

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