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The 5 Key Elements of a Highly Profitable Life Coaching Business

September 23, 2022

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I show life coaches how to master their marketing and take control of their own success by creating a meaningful message that attracts more clients and makes more money.


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If you’re a life coach, have been certified as a life coach, or have already been working with clients to create transformation in the personal development sphere, you’ve likely been working really hard to grow your business and get more clients.

Whether you’ve been working at it for a while, or you’ve just got started, you’re hopefully going to get some insights here on how to go faster and farther and clear the way for more lasting growth.

So you can lead the way with your coaching and magic, rather than stay stuck spinning your wheels.

These 5 key elements will help you predictably grow your business and get more out of your marketing in less time and without all the effort.

I know you’re not afraid of doing what it takes, but so far you’ve probably been doing so much more of that than you need to.

So, I want to get you focused on the right things.

Not ALL the things so you have your bases covered, I want you to do less of the things, but focus on what matters.

The problem is the things that matter aren’t always the easiest and are quite often the most avoided.

Especially when there are many more exciting things to distract yourself with, like coaching your clients, tweaking your website or creating a new reel on Insta.

But when you focus on building these 5 essential elements they are multipliers for your success as a life coach.

I want you to embrace them together with guidance and support to keep you on track so you can believe in yourself again and stop staying stuck.

So let’s dive in.


So I want to kind of flip that thinking on its head of and instead think about and ask yourself is your message to market powerful enough?

Have you got a message and an offer that stands out?

This isn’t a tagline like “Unleash The Power Within” instead it’s more a statement of the specific outcomes and results you promise.

Not choosing one of these and constraining yourself to it is a huge block to getting known, building an audience, charging more and growing your business.

So many life coaches jump into having a message about the HOW of coaching and the process of what happens when you become a client.

They’re so excited about the art of coaching, they focus on the tools of coaching and transformation so they want to make it work for any person, life stage or situation.

And instead of finding an audience of your best potential clients and talking to them about what they could be.


And that’s not enough to be compelling and stand out in a sea of competition.

And it is not the basis of being able to charge more and easily sign more coaching clients.

I know there’s comfort in coaching, the modality that you’ve learned, and the experience that you’ve gained. And it’s a natural place for you to focus on when you don’t have the faith in what you bring to that process.

But the problem is the time it takes to get momentum with a generic message like “I am a Life Coach” is going to be so much longer than it needs to be.

And most life coaches I see are confused about this, they’re not confident enough to put their flag on their hill, or scared it’s an audience that’s too small (or sometimes they go so niche and obscure).

And that’s making it hard for you to be the beacon to your best clients.

So rather than being just another life coach…

It’s time to refine your message for clarity and value.

Because generic messaging means you are a commodity and can only compete on price.

It’s a fast path to failure, especially if you can’t rely on reputation or past results from an established audience, because there’s no distinction or value.

It means that you end up feeling like a failure because you’re not getting clients, you’re not getting seen and you have to use low prices or free sessions or barters to get people to say yes to you.

And even then they’re often not getting the results that they deserve because you and your clients have unclear expectations about the results that can be co-created and it inevitably leads to either you becoming burnt out or resentful of all the effort you share for so little, or they can’t recognise the value of the experience.

So you can go narrow and deep, or if you want to stay serving a wide range of people, I want you to think about your specific coaching framework that you take people through and be very clear on the transformation everyone would need.

Either way, you need to be specific to be prolific.

I explain to my clients that you need to be thinking about the coaching that you do as in a powerful book, a concept, a blueprint, or a methodology.

And a great place to see this in action is by going to Amazon, looking at the bestsellers in personal development and non-fiction, you’ll see that what people have got is their magic method.

And that magic becomes a marketing mechanism.

The mechanism is like a little latch on a door that opens everything for you. Because when you have that little mechanism, that point of difference, that lever, that is an easy button for your market.

It fast-tracks their access to you and also elevates your value in their mind.

Doing the work to build their trust, desire and demand does the selling for you.

You’re very clear on the problem that you solve and the promise you’re making with your message.

And your message becomes the mechanism to open the door to getting noticed and getting clients.

And that in turn helps you create an amazing coaching business.

Getting seen in your posts, your podcasts, and your Facebook ads become way easier, and we avoid becoming a “wandering generality” and instead step into the value of being a “meaningful specific” (a cool concept originally shared by sales giant Zig Ziglar).

A meaningful specific earns attention and a wandering generality of sharing life coaching with anyone gets overlooked and undervalued.

Your best clients want you to connect with them where they are and long for you to understand what is bothering them, blocking them, challenging them breaking them.

That recognition from you helps them see you as the only choice.

They want to connect and it’s easier for them to connect when you make it clear.

And this is where so many life coaches have trouble.

When your message is all about your delivery and what you DO, your audience sees you as a commodity and it distracts them from the powerful possibilities you can help them create.

So you need to bring that message alive and many life coaches that I talked to come to me, struggling to get more clients or not feeling like they’ve hit their stride yet and they need that messaging work, or they just have no idea where even to get started.

And that’s what my Coach Co. method takes you through – working out how to get aligned with that. Not only have a really strong, clear and powerful message but then move also to have a hungry market.

Or a market that needs what you, what you’ve got rather than you blazing a trail, trying to share this concept that nobody gets or values. I want you to go where the people are as well, where there’s already an established need.

And, we know that to be true across health, wealth relationships, and personal power. So your message should fit within those bigger containers.

And then we’re going to go down a few layers. So that then allows you to be targeting fewer people generally, but you’re going to have a way bigger impact with those people and what you do in casting the net wide.

There are so many things to think about and where you need to be and what you need to be sharing, but by playing it safe and keeping it general, you’re creating a block to more momentum in your business.


And the next important element to growing a highly-profitable life coaching business is creating and sharing one amazing offer.

Not three or four or five. You don’t need any of that to become successful initially.

You just need one amazing leveraged offer that you build from that promise of your one compelling message.

The promise of your compelling offer and how you show up to share should already do much work in selling your offer in advance.

And that makes it easier to create your can’t-say-no-to offer.

That’s where you start, but then you do want to think of the structure that will support you and your clients best in creating the outcomes your message promises.

And a great offer to create or scale your coaching is a group coaching offer or a mastermind.

Can you have just a one-on-one offer? Yes, you can but you need to charge accordingly to make that scalable so you can still grow and protect your time.

But my advice is you take what you’re doing with your one-on-one coaching and bring it together to take a group through that same process.

And if you’re thinking you couldn’t do that, that is a big sign that your message needs refining and that you will easily hit your growth block soon (if you haven’t already).

You don’t have to have an online course to start offering group coaching, because you can make the group offer a hybrid of group sessions and private coaching to get your clients what they need.

And I’m not talking about a big group to start with, but think more access and intimacy for a higher level of investment.

Your group coaching offer will allow you to give one-on-one coaching within that leveraged coaching container. You can do laser coaching calls in a group and still build in private coaching time too.

So you need that one offer whether it is your group program, a mastermind, a certification or your elevated private coaching program.

A lot of life coaches want to skip past creating a clear and compelling message and offer and go straight to what to charge, how to create Facebook ads and all that good stuff.

But without the message and offer all of that stuff becomes so much harder than it needs to be and will cost you more time and money than it needs to.

Then you get tripped up because you think there’s something wrong with you and your coaching. After all, it’s not working and you’re not predictably and consistently getting clients (and likely not getting the kind of clients you enjoy either).

You think there’s not enough room in the market for you. Or you think your people aren’t there. Or they’re not prepared to pay higher prices. And I call rubbish on that. That’s not the case.

It’s hard work to make your message compelling and create an amazing offer, and many coaches aren’t equipped to lead you there so they talk about you working on your mindset and belief instead which is true to an extent, but when you combine mindset with strategy and a mentor to show you the way, you can get this work done faster and more effectively than trying to do it alone.

Then, you want to address the persistent feeling that you’re really scared to share yourself and your story and get visible. 

Often your message is that thing that feels like it, you couldn’t possibly share it. It has so much meaning when created right and it’s likely aligned to a key experience in your life or a transformation you have created yourself.

You may avoid deciding on your message because of that fear and instead, you’ll opt to play it safe and try and appeal to more people thinking you’ll get more clients.

But playing it safe and keeping it general or having too many options for too many people is why you’re not getting clients.

And then you’ll think again that you’re not good enough and that no one likes you and that you tried that and it didn’t work, but the fact is you need to try, try, try again because it takes time for people firstly trust us and then buy from us.

And you know, I’ve had clients when they’ve done launches or marketing or webinars, and as soon as they’ve done like a presentation or a webinar or no one invested, they tell me they don’t think this business thing is ever going to work for them.

But here’s the beautiful thing. When you put a proven methodology into what you can do, it will work. We just have to deploy a few times to test and tweak and refine and that’s OK. Expect this.

We’ve also got to step back and ask ourselves these strategic questions:

Have I got the right message?

Have I got the right offer?

And if so these strategies will work.

If you want to ask someone else, reach out and ask me – message me for a chat, or apply for a free offer planning call at https://www.victoriagibson.com

And sometimes it’s also how many people you can connect with. I’m not saying you have to have thousands and thousands of followers. In fact, I advocate for having intimate group coaching programs, where you can hit your stride. Even if you’re a less experienced coach, you can get more experience in a safe, great environment.

You can start small, but you do need to be building a wider audience of people to that you can deliver value upfront to. It’s not your traditional freebie funnel, but creating clients by sharing a lot of free value.

How can you demonstrate that we can get people amazing results by actually giving them those results in advance?

That’s also what is sometimes missing in that we’re trying to demonstrate results in advance to people once they become clients.

And we’re not putting the energy, time, and strategy into ensuring that we have that before they become clients.

It’s those people who are there, who haven’t yet decided to invest with you.

How much work are you doing to build engagement with those people? The kind of engagement you can build from demonstrating value in advance where you’re not attached to them buying anything or becoming a client yet.

They can come into your world, they can come into your Facebook group or join your Instagram, live, sign up for your email list and they can enjoy what you have without being asked to pay you a cent.

How much time are you paying to that? It is a great testing ground for your message and marketing too and in time it will save you a lot of money.

It’s different from how you engage with them when they’re a client and when they finished being clients because each stage is still important to the momentum of your business.

And that’s a really powerful part of the marketing process.

The during phase where your client has chosen you as their coach and they’ve paid you is arguably the most important, but you’re not going to get the during phase happening as often and be able to charge as much for it, unless you focus on the before and after phase. 

So with the during phase, we want to ensure that we’re helping our clients create exceptional outcomes and results with our support and guidance.

That doesn’t mean you burn yourself out in over-delivery, but it does mean that you need to make sure that you are clear on the outcome. And you’re giving that when you’re wishy-washy about who you serve and when you want to serve too many people.

Because when you resist getting clear on your offer and the promise of what your coaching can deliver, you’re going to be all over the place, reinventing the wheel time and time again, and getting frustrated.

And the other negative side effect of not getting clear on this is that we start to get the worst clients. It’s like our lack of clarity pushes down our confidence and in turn our self-worth and we start to take anything we can get, customise everything and hate the work we do.

And so we again set ourselves up to fail. And then we’d beat ourselves up thinking maybe I’m not cut out for this.

How come all these other people just get out and share that they do something and have all these followers and engagement and no one wants to work with me?

You’re still hiding and playing in the shadows because it’s easier to serve the clients when they do come to me than do the work in getting clear on your message to market and create a clear and compelling offer AND you have the added bonus of not having to risk yourself by getting visible and being judged.

It’s the Life Coach Marketing Loop Of Doom.

I understand it. I experienced this myself time and time again. I thought that there must be some formula to make it easy for me to put myself out there online. Someone just needs to tell me how to do this!

So that I can avoid the pain and discomfort of missing the mark and failing.

I thought it was a strategy I needed to make it easier to do that and then all the clients would come.

But there’s no shortcut to targeted marketing strategy and the mechanics of a compelling offer.

I know I’m here to help life coaches earn more with one amazing offer and share their value online to a small audience of people they love and will fight for.

I’m here to stop you from playing small, staying in confusion and procrastination on taking your message, ideas and passion to the next level

The kind of level that gives you more money, more flexibility and freedom

Playing small can happen at $4K a month and also at $30K a month.

But I’m here to give you access to my more than a decade-long experience in the online marketing world as a marketing strategist and business coach on how to position yourself, how to cut through with a message you’re aligned to and then get momentum with that message.

None of it is easy, otherwise, everyone would do it.

But what I know is that time goes by anyway.

I just looked at a Dropbox Folder from 2015 that had all my podcast interviews in it.

I started a podcast then, but let it slip away.

I lost the opportunity.

And it’s not because I couldn’t do it. I recorded over a dozen episodes, but I chose to believe in my own confusion, fear and doubt.

I believed some of the clients who said my program didn’t work.

I was gut-punched when clients wanted a refund.

I paid attention when my competitors got great results and rather than being inspired, I got discouraged and made it mean it wouldn’t happen to me.

I counted myself out and built my business around believing it couldn’t happen like that for me.

I wanted to live in complete certainty before I could take any risks or dig in to do the hard work upfront so that my future self could thank me for that effort, dedication and consistency.

I burned years on that so that you don’t have to.

That’s why I can say with complete conviction that these five elements are the only ones you need to pay attention to for now.

You need to expect it gets confronting, and hard, and you will fail.

That expectation will motivate you to keep going without counting yourself out – and I will be your biggest cheerleader.

Relentlessly advocating for you when you feel like you can’t.

Telling it like it is so you don’t settle for less with an average and bland marketing strategy or switch strategies when things get uncomfortable and in turn, delay your success further.


You also want to clarify specifically who that target market is.

Once you’ve landed a clear message and created your can’t say no offer, it’s so much easier to define your one specific target market.

And this is where the momentum happens.

Once you have unpicked your message and offer blocks and let go of all the cumbersome clutter that is blocking you from being seen, getting noticed and connected, you need to pay attention to the kind of clients you want more of.

They may not all be at the same stage of experiencing the problem you solve, they may not be identical in life stage, age or location, but what they will share is the common desire for the shared outcome of your promise.

They will be excited by the stand that you make in the market with your message and they will identify themselves in your story and expertise and they will be excited and motivated to invest in your offer (and even more importantly, actually get the results).

The kind of target market that lasts, had more value and wants to keep buying from you again and again.

Once you uncover this, it’s so much easier to find them with your profitable advertising campaigns because you will eliminate all the wastage of casting the net too wide and you can cut out all the superfluousness.

You immediately become more relevant, regardless of how long you’ve been in business. And this relevancy is the currency of demand.

The kind of demand that drives up your value, allowing you to earn more while you get that target market great results too.

Your online client pipeline becomes so much easier to create and share and fill.

Your Message, Offer & Market become an unstoppable Growth Trifecta that drives success, profit and reliable revenue.


You need to create change for your market to connect with you without having to meet you in person or see you speak on stage at a live event, something that you can share from anywhere in the world that lasts.

I like to call this your one value vehicle which is an event that will take all the beautiful people that are coming into your world, build connections, inspire change by demonstrating your value and pre-qualify them.

So we’re not spending all our time talking to people, trying to follow them up one by one, or having a million discovery calls with people who are cold to us.

So what’s often taught for this path to getting more clients as a life coach is that you can become a general life coach that you just get out there and tell everyone you’re a life coach. You connect with them. You rely on organic traffic. So post to social media in groups get referrals, go to in-person, networking things, and tell everyone you’re a life coach.

Then you need them to reach out and you’ve got to sell yourself, right?

Because they haven’t seen anything else apart from meeting you at an event. And they’re like, oh, you seem okay, but where are your proof points? Where are you sharing the work that you can do? The work that you’ve done on yourself or that you’ve done for other people, right?

Until you have a value vehicle and established a clear message to market that you’re sharing in that before journey, you’ll have to get in that convincing salesy energy all the time.

What happens is that it devalues who you are. So you have to sell for lower amounts. You sell for shorter periods, like hourly sessions. And you just can’t get past that two to four grand a month.  And I know that a lot of you are at that two to 4K a month because many clients come to me at that level.

It is a webinar, a workshop or a live session series delivered online. You don’t have to do it every day but you do have to have that value there to move people and then automate it using the powerful tools that I can step you through.

It’s like an automated client booking engine, you still know and connect with your audience and you share who you are and what you care about, but the key value vehicles allow those who are following you to go deeper and decide.


So many life coaches are afraid to advertise, despite the opportunity it gives you to find and fast-track the connection with your best clients.

Despite what you may think, creating your online client pipeline and filling it with a profitable advertising campaign on Facebook & Instagram isn’t just an expense.

It’s not designed to cause you endless frustration and crappy results.

Yes, many people are wasting money on poor results because they have skipped over the 5 elements I’m sharing with you right here.

And that is the death knell of paid advertising campaigns.

Then when you combine that with trying to outsource your ads (and pay a pretty penny for it too), it’s a recipe for disappointment – and missed opportunity.

Unfortunately, the casualties and war stories are all too common when it comes to Facebook Ads.

But you need to look deeper and get the right advice to make it work for you.

I’ve been running profitable campaigns since I got my first Facebook Ads clients back in 2011, and I see them working beautifully today.

But, like I said before they’re not for diving into without the other 4 elements I’ve listed here.

But when you have those in place, it’s like rocket fuel to your growth.

Because when you create these 5 elements and apply them in your business, you can’t help but succeed.

It’s robust marketing strategy that can’t be skipped over.

It’s not shiny and fun tactics but the reliable growth engine you need for more certainty and opportunity.

Let’s face it, you’re already doing all the things and investing your time, money and effort in your business, you may as well do it the smart way.

It’s time to create the foundation for growth and generate more coaching clients and more profit with less angst and effort.

Want some help to get these elements working for you?

Head here to jump on a free growth planning call with me and let’s map them out together.


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