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October 5, 2021

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In Australia, we are lucky that we get to access all the tools and resources that The Life coach School has to offer. And the growing community of Life Coaches here makes the community strong and connected too.

After many years of having Brooke Castillo and her work at The Life Coach School recommended to me, I started to listen to her Podcast and quickly came to understand the power of The Model.

Brooke has brought together many proven personal development concepts in one key approach which she calls The Self-Coaching Model, and it is a very powerful tool that is deceptively simple.

It can be applied to all problems, challenges, issues and even can help you reach your biggest goals and manage the busiest of schedules with ease.

In my opinion, the best teachings in Brooke’s monthly membership program are her Weight Loss programs, Stop Overdrinking program and Monday Hour One which is a time management program that gets you to honour your calendar.

Self-Coaching Scholars includes a ton of on-demand video workshops, workbooks, live group coaching sessions and you also get a one-on-one private session per month, which really is great value, even if it is charged in USD.

As for the Coaching Certification, this is a much bigger financial commitment at $22,000 USD.

I’m glad I invested in the certification and use it daily in my own life and that of my clients.

It is important to realise that you do not have any personalised or group coaching with Brooke Castillo, all the lessons are online and on-demand and you get assigned a mentor group with a Certified Coach and your fellow students.

After 6 months there is a choice of “tracks” you can choose which allow you to start your own coaching business or work for another organization (even The Life Coach School) as a paid coach.

I would recommend that you start with The Life Coach School podcast and jump into Self-Coaching Scholars when you are ready.

Australian Life Coach School Coach Directory:

The following coaches have been certified with The Life Coach School and cater to a wide range of challenges. Take a look and see which one may be right for you.

Vari McKechnie
Your go-to resource to easily give up alcohol and live a fun, sober life.

Caroline Ayles
Caroline specialises in weight loss coaching for perimenopausal mums. Her goal is to empower women/mums to take back control of their hormones, gain freedom around food, and ultimately create an even better life.

Maree White
Maree is a Weight coach. She offers intelligent and intuitive weight loss for women. She works with professional women over 40, who love food and wine and want to lose 10kg or less. She teaches women who struggle with their weight how to love and respect their bodies so they can shed the kilos for good in order to clear the path to other goals.

Rebecca Kaye
Rebecca is a Life Coach who empowers women to help themselves. She specialises in helping women who are ready to live their lives differently but are uncertain of which direction to follow or how they’re going to achieve their goals. Women who have spent years giving to other people, who are now ready to do something for themselves. She teaches her clients how to take charge of their lives and re-discover who they truly are so they can do amazing things, no matter what stage of life they’re at. Her website is www.rebeccakayecoaching.com.

Meg Cleary
Meg is a Confidence Coach for women over 40. Taking back control of your life, dropping the shackles, and finding freedom is 100% available to you. Meg shows you how to create your confidence and drop the self-doubt so you can have new experiences, enjoy your relationships, see all your opportunities, and go grab them.
Find out more at https://rebrand.ly/megcleary-kickarselife

Jenny Percy
Jenny is a motherhood empowerment specialist focusing on mums of kids with unique needs. As a former primary school teacher and mum of children with unique needs herself, Jenny understands the challenges these mums face. After experiencing the dramatic change life coaching made in her own life, Jenny has developed a dedicated program to help other mums shift from feeling frustrated and burnt-out to feeling calm and confident so they can better guide their child to thrive.
Join her free Facebook community exclusively for mums of kids with unique needs HERE
To find out more and book a free chat, visit https://www.jennypercy.com

Kate Fitzsimons
Kate is a teen resilience specialist and youth motivational speaker, she was named Australia’s top 100 Women of Influence, after spearheading an organisation that educates young people about safety after her sister tragically died in a motorbike accident overseas. Kate offers The Resilience Program as a presentation to schools, as well as one on one coaching. The Resilience Program addresses teen stress, anxiety, and bullying. The program educates students, provides them with strategies and tools to build resilience and develop a growth mindset. Kate has spoken to over 50,000 teens in over 100 schools. Kate also offers personal mentorship and life coaching for teens parents and teachers.

Meaghan J Smith
Meaghan is a money mindset and life coach for women. She hosts the popular Money Mindful podcast & book club. Meaghan Specialises in helping women get out of their own way so they can live an extraordinary life on purpose. We are all capable of so much more than we think. Reaching those elusive dream goals is totally available to every woman now. Through private 1:1 coaching Meaghan teaches the exact tools women need to move from reacting to what life throws at them to be an active participant in their life and intentionally creating exactly what they want.
Book a complimentary call to chat and find out more here.

Dex Randall
You’re a successful professional who is competitive and ambitious. Lately, your stress, overwork, and frustration have increased, but you keep grinding away. You’re heading toward burnout. I coach high-performance men to help them access their hidden energy, resilience, and highest performance yet. Find your lost mojo, get energized and realize extraordinary results in all areas of your life. It’s fun, fresh, and forward-thinking, no dwelling on the past. If you want to escape burnout, you’ll need to commit to the work. It’s intensive, but working with me gets you results fast.

Mia Carter
Mia is a Life Coach and Marketing Strategist for Life Coaches and Online Entrepreneurs. Mia helps Life Coaches refine their niche, create an irresistible offer and deliver compelling marketing messages that attract their dream clients. With over 15 years of digital marketing experience, Mia works one-on-one to help coaches market their business using her process that is simple, effective, and FUN!

Lindell Pereira
Lindell transitioned from a corporate Strengths and Performance Coach to Weight Loss Coach in 2019 after losing 25kg. She then studied with the Life Coach School to become a world-class weight loss coach for her clients. Lindell offers group weight loss coaching through the Fast Mama Weight Loss Program helping over 500 women lose weight while having fun, loving themselves, and making themselves damn proud. Once at goal weight, she provides maintenance-specific coaching to ensure they live the rest of their lives there.
Download Lindell’s Free Fast Start Toolkit here.

Briony Vince
Briony coaches high-performing 35 – 45-year-old women to meet the man of their dreams so that they can create the life they have always imagined for themselves! If you are single and feeling stuck, miserable, and hopeless about the future, she can help! Check her out.
Send an email to schedule a free half-hour taster call so you can get some insights on where you are going wrong and start moving forward towards your dream life straight away. Briony would love to work with you!

Angie Slater
Angie Slater is a Life Coach who works with women who are struggling with their relationship with their ex. Women who want a different life post-divorce are 100 percent committed to having the life they want. She teaches clients how to get the support they need and breakthrough resistance to take back their own power.

Abby Lamb
I am a Registered Nurse and Certified Life and Weight Coach. I help brilliant women remove the shame from bingeing and overeating to create a life they love. Do you feel out of control around food and dissatisfied with your body image? I will teach you brain physiology so that you can stop beating yourself up and start figuring things out. You are not a defective soul. You have a human brain wired to desire pleasure. And you can unlearn desire from food to use it where you truly want to make your contribution in your life! Imagine living at your natural weight for the rest of your life without deprivation!
Schedule a free start session here.

Georgie Bryant
Have you been taught that life with children is going to be stressful? Georgie is a life coach for toddler mums who can’t find the balance between family, work, and self-care. She’ll help you finally feel good about your schedule.
Schedule a free Plan Your Week session here.

There are many more life coaches getting certified each and every year, and a big contingent now in Australia. There is also a free Facebook group for Certified Australian coaches that you can request to join here.

Want to uplevel your own life coaching business and cash in on your certification? Head on over to my free training here.


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