#22 The 8 Keys To Creating A Stunning Offer As A Life Coach

September 21, 2021

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I know that creating offers that work as a life coach is no easy task…

And it seems to create way too much angst and overthinking in all of us (me included).

There are endless options and enough competition out there to dwell on which leads us to fall into the dreaded state of comparisonitis and imposter syndrome…

This all can leave you stuck in the planning phase rather than the one of getting out there and birthing and testing your offer – as in actually making the offer.

You think – but what if it fails?

But, I say what if it flies?

You won’t know until you test it.

But one certain outcome if you keep planning your offer rather than making it is that it most certainly will fail – and perhaps that’s what you’re relying on?

Where you rationalise your lack of an offer by saying to yourself, “well, I haven’t got my signature money-making offer out there yet, I’m still working on it…”

Yep, trust me I get it. I’ve been there too!

Falling back on referrals and custom coaching because you don’t have to dial in your offer so much to land those clients…

But the opportunity one stunning offer can make for your business is so big, that I don’t want you to ignore it and stay stuck offering general life coaching sessions or pushing an offer that nobody is buying.

I see too many life coaches holding their gifts and talents inside for fear of getting it wrong.

That’s why I thought I’d outline the 8 essential keys you should include in your offer that means you’ll have what you need to get it right.

When you bring all these keys together, you set yourself and your clients up for amazing results.

And after a decade of guiding and supporting many of my client’s offers and also creating my own, I have definitely seen some great examples of stunning offers and also learned first-hand from some of the world’s best marketers too.

So, let’s get down to it, here are the 8 Keys To A Stunning Offer.


1. Have A Single Target Market

And while you’re at it, make sure it’s as specific as possible.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be one person or a single avatar, but it should be narrowly focused.

So rather than single women who have never been married, it would be career-minded single women who have been online dating for years and feel like they’re running out of time to meet a man and settle down.

If you want to have a past client (or yourself even) as the person for this, that can work.


2. Create Your One Big Idea

This is the key concept that wraps around your entire offer communications.

It’s basically the mechanism that serves to challenge your audience’s existing beliefs about their problem and bring them over to your way of thinking.

Basically, it’s what they need to believe in order to buy.

This really is the most overlooked part of many coaching offers and why it seems like there is so much sameness out there.

What’s new exciting and different about your approach, method, system, or blueprint?

You may teach on a well-known topic, but perhaps you bring a different angle to it, or you have a fresh take on a common issue.

It also helps if your big idea is challenging or counterintuitive.

This makes sure your message gets noticed and does the job of connecting with your audience while it also positions you as an authority with credibility….

Eg Man Funnel – If you are a full-package woman who is not attracting men to your full potential, you can discover the best-kept secret to meeting and marrying your man in less than a year.

Now, that’s what I call a great big idea! It’s a fresh take on an existing problem and super compelling linked into an irresistible promise.


3. Lead With Massive Value

Way before you even ask for the sale you want to load up on the juicy value you bring to the lives of your audience.

Now that doesn’t mean that you give everything away, but it does mean you give a sample of the transformation you offer in a way that leaves them wanting more.

That’s what I love about the webinar framework I teach in my Coach Co Life Coach Marketing Accelerator, people come in and feel like they’re already in community with you.

That kind of connection is so compelling because they will think WOW she gave me all that for free, imagine what her paid stuff is like!

My motto with webinars and live session series is to give so much value that even if they don’t buy from you, they will be raving fans.

It doesn’t have to be hard to produce or sale-sy, just answer their most common questions and deliver insights and a-has without all the detailed how-tos.

But steer clear of revealing all the how-tos upfront as you will just deter them from buying.


4. Clearly Outline Your Solution

Don’t assume your audience knows what you stand for and why you’re sharing it…

Focus on outcomes and results and wrap around a time frame to deliver it within if you can.

And whatever you do, stay away from all the boring elements and processes of what you offer.

You don’t want to be too flowery, esoteric, or use insider terms or lingo either as that will create a barrier to buy.

In the Man Funnel example, there is a clear solution to the problem of the woman not dating to her opportunity, she gets to have options and meet her forever guy in less than a year.

I then immediately know if this offer is right for me because the solution is so clear.

Include templates, cheat sheets and swipe files, or anything that can seem, like an instant fix to their most common problems


5. Tackle Objections Head On

Make sure you know the most common objections to people saying yes, or at least try and anticipate them and then make sure you have these answered in your marketing.

These can be woven into your marketing – where you share common mistakes or list some secrets and turn them around on their head with your own unique approach or blueprint.

FAQ sections of course are also great for this, as are “This is for you if” statements or even using testimonials or case studies that your potential clients could see themselves reflected in.

You want them to believe the solution is possible for them, even though they have their doubts.

Don’t tell them, show them!

Once again, that’s why I love webinars so much because you get to do this in a compelling storytelling way as you lead with value.


6. Translate The Value

Make sure you share the value of your coaching and the results you create by aligning it with the cost of them staying where they are.

Think specifically in terms of money, time, effort, energy, relationships, and power.

The value of the man funnel is a shortcut to meeting the one and the absence of wasting more time or the isolation of being alone.

What is it for your audience? If you are at all unclear on this, your offer is going to be much harder to sell, so absolutely do not skip over this part.


7. Eliminate The Risk

People have become a little resistant to this, but know that most potential coaching clients either don’t trust you will deliver the right result for them, or they don’t trust themselves that they can get it.

So, you need to remove both of these elements of perceived or actual risk when you create the offer.

List every possible barrier to the outcomes you are promising they will receive – either on your side or on theirs and bake this into your communications by either tackling it head-on or weaving it into stories or by adding a bulletproof guarantee.

In Coach Co, I get my clients to list out all the reasons why their potential life coaching clients would think that the offer won’t work, and come up with a counter to that.


8. Add Urgency

Whether you are having your clients say yes to you on a webinar, in a workshop, or one to one on a call together, you always want to actually make sure that you ask for the sale.

Sounds crazy I know but this is the part so many life coaches skip over or rush through and miss the chance to land the plane on a great offer.

You also must understand that as humans we are desire to delay change as long as we can, so our default mode is to put off any decision.

This means you need to add urgency wherever you can, think of disappearing discounts or expiring bonuses, and if you can make these just as valuable (or even more if possible).

And remember heart, connection and stories convert – especially if you show you care.

Let your personality shine through because people want to buy from people, not brands.

And this is the biggest opportunity we have as life coaches to use personality-based marketing to drive connection and conversion – while we show up and serve.

But, at the end of the day, the most important part of any offer is that you just get out and start making it, so stop overthinking it and get out there and offer up your best!

They’re waiting for you.


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