#2: How To Consistently Attract Life Coaching Clients

February 17, 2021

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In this episode, I want to cover a really simple framework for consistently getting more life coaching clients.

Once you’ve got your life coaching certification started coaching free or paid clients, it’s easy to think all you need is your website, a name for your business and some connections.

But you also need an overall approach to help you connect with more life coaching prospects so you can nurture them to become a client.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen automatically, and the simple fact is that most prospects won’t say yes immediately to working with you the first time.

So you need a way to consistently show up, follow up and speak up with your offers to your ideal prospects.

It’s human for us to avoid rejection and hang in the background when it comes to making offers as a life coach…

You don’t want to be passive in making offers, where you are putting time and energy into creating blog posts, showing up in groups to answer questions but not inviting your connections to go further.

And you don’t want to be aggressive either, where you jump straight in and ask people to invest in coaching with you, before they’ve had a chance to connect.

You want to be attractive to your coaching prospects, and by that I mean anticipating their next need and articulating it more clearly than they can.

This leads to a natural flow of your best prospects and more clients and income for you.

There are 3 keys to move your prospects to become clients and I want to outline them for you.

They are:


All three of these keys when put together and applied mean more CONVERSIONS for you with paying clients and a thriving coaching business.

It can be useful to think of everyone as a Perfect Prospect rather than dismissing your leads too quickly.

A Perfect Prospect has 5 characteristics:

1. They are open to engage
2. Friendly and cooperative
3. Know what they desire and will share that with you
4. Ready to act and invest in a reasonable time frame
5. Want you to help them

So you want to be leading them to the next step wherever possible.

Social media posting and blogging are great for online visibility and engagement, but you also want to be embedding your offers in these and also in your podcasts and emails.

So many life coaches are spending time on content creation that doesn’t lead anywhere, so make sure you are always leading to the next step.

I also want you to make sure you are creating weekly flagship communication, that gives you a reason to be in touch with and add value to your prospects.

I want you to educate them about the process of coaching with you and use that education as a carrier for your offers that motivate them to take the step to invest and become a client.

The flagship communication can be a podcast, a blog or a video.

Just dedicate yourself to this weekly and you will see results.

And when you follow these 3 keys to attract more life coaching clients, you’ll find it easy to grow your coaching business, whether you’re working one on one or in groups, have been coaching for a while or just getting started.


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