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How To Get A New Client Tomorrow

July 10, 2017

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So, you need a client, like, yesterday.

Maybe you got distracted serving your current clients and took your eye of the marketing ball… or maybe your business is new and you’re not exactly fully booked.

Either way, you need some clients fast and you’re looking for a way to shake the proverbial tree.

Well, you’re in luck because I have some fail-safe strategies that will help you get a client tomorrow.

Are you ready? OK, so listen in and get ready to take some inspired action.

Here are my top 4 strategies to get a client fast:

1. Ask For Referrals

So, this is probably the easiest way to get clients fast.

Referrals are one of the most valuable source of qualified prospects.

You don’t want to rely on them solely for business, but in a pinch, they are an awesome opportunity to harvest new clients.

All you have to do is reach out to your contacts with an email or a private message and ask them if they or anyone they know needs whatever you’re offering.

The key here is to keep the offer or your proposition simple – like “if you know anyone looking for help with X, please ask them to reach out to me at (your email or FB Messenger), and I would be more than happy to offer you a X% commission on the sale which you can keep or nominate to pass on as a discount to your referral.

Often, the mere prompting and direct nature of this approach will get you at least ONE new client.

Sometimes, people just need to be reminded about what you offer.

As long as you don’t do this regularly and you are clear about the offer and the benefit to them this can be a great strategy to deploy to attract new clients.

2. Create a Done-For-You Offer

Sometimes, the mere act of creating the ultimate offer for our clients can be all we need to attract a new one. 

Now, this may not be an offer you want to deliver time and time again, but in a pinch it can be a great way to convert your audience into paying clients. 

If you add a higher level of delivery or service to your existing expertise, you may be able to meet the needs of an entirely different segment of your audience. 

Examples of such offers include VIP Days with implementation, Funnel Design and Set-Up, Facebook Advertising or a batch of one-on-one sessions.

It’s the customization and support that allows you to increase the value, particularly if none of your offers already provide this.

A great place to start when creating an offer like this is to ask yourself “what would be the ultimate end-to-end experience for my client”.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to create everything that makes that up… but what would go the extra mile – enough to get their attention and take action?

3. Send A “Special-Offer” Email

This is one of my favourite “fail-safe” strategies for getting new clients.

You send out an email with a special invitation that is time-limited or you only have a few spots available for.

The secret to this working is the copy you use in the email.

It must either connect to the distinct problems your audience are facing and clearly address how you will solve them and the next steps they need to take.

Or, it is a short email that invites them to reach out to you and apply for a limited-time program that evokes intrigue in their mind.

You want them to think you have a secret offer that they absolutely can’t miss out on. Most people can’t help but respond to a bit of FOMO!

These kind of emails work great for coaching and service offers, but you can also use a short email sequence to “shake the tree” for course sales too.

Try a 1-Day Sale to shake the tree and get some extra sales with either a price incentive or a bonus bundle where you add in one of your other courses for free.

4. Reach Out To Old Leads

Have you got a program waiting list or a batch of old strategy session applications you haven’t circled back to for a while (even if they said no initially)?

Perhaps it’s time to activate that list with an email or comb through them one on one to see which ones you would like to reach out to personally.

A great way to reach out to old applications is to message them directly on Facebook (if you are already friends) or Skype if they’ve previously booked a session with you and just check-in to see how they are doing.

Generally, just an “are you still looking for help with [getting more leads for your business], [training your dog], or [losing those last few pounds]?” is enough to gain a response and open up a dialogue.

As suggested by Dean Jackson, this simple approach can work well in an email too. Just use the subject line “Question”. Don’t ignore the simplicity of this strategy. It works wonders!

So, what are you waiting for? You could be well on your way to doubling your sales this month – just by using one of these strategies to get a new client by tomorrow.

Would you like me to help you create your own custom sales-getting campaign? Just reach out to me here and let’s talk about exactly what you need to get a client tomorrow >>

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