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5 Things That Impact The Cost Of Your Facebook Ads

June 18, 2016

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Looking over the shoulder of so many Facebook Ads campaigns gives me a great opportunity to uncover the secrets to their success (or failure)…

While some campaigns fly for no expected reason, there are some ways you can stack the odds in your favour and I wanted to share 5 of those here.

After running Facebook Ads campaigns for over 5 years, what I know for sure is that success factors are constantly changing, so please know that any advice is always subject to change.

But give these tips a try and see how you go:

1. Small Ads Budget

Start of with an ad budget under $20 to drive the lowest ad cost possible as Facebook work to deliver success on a small budget.

Once this starts working then you can duplicate some small budget campaigns to avoid the ad cost blowout that happens as you scale.

2. Send To A Free Report

Your offer is everything, and the cheapest ads consistently are being sent to a free report or download that solves a specific problem.

When this problem relates to helping people make money or learn a new desirable skill, you’re on the right track.

3. Show Ads To Warm Traffic

Don’t target everyone you can think of in one ad, aside from targeting general interests on Facebook it’s wise to think about how you can use the advantage of retargeting to get in front of those people who may already know you.

Think about creating an audience of website visitors and target your ads to them.

4. Manual Bidding

Watch the suggested bidding range for your ads, and check it at different times before launching. Competition and market forces can dramatically influence the price you’ll pay for your ads, so try and launch when the bidding cost is relatively low, and watch carefully to ensure you get impressions.

5. Launch At Peak Times

Think about when the audience for your ads is most likely to be online. Is it morning, afternoon or evening? Mornings generally work very well, so try and launch your ads in the morning when more of your target market are likely to be online and clicking on your ads.

Facebook reward those ads that get the most activity, so this is a critical factor that influences what you’ll pay.

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