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10 Commandments Of A Fast Growth Business

May 16, 2016

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When I started my business, I was just hoping I could hit the 6-figure mark in revenue.

I could replace my salary and never return to corporate again…

That seemed like it would be hard enough to do, so I didn’t even really think past that as I built my coaching and consulting business.

I thought it would be super hard to get to six-figures, but in fact that was the easy part…

Holding it all together for more growth and impact once you get to six figures, and especially multi-six figures required some strategy revisions to get out of revenue stalling.

You can’t expect to get to seven figures applying the same strategies you used to get to six figures.

Especially when getting here just about took all you had to give…

Rapid growth is great, but it can also be exhausting and makes it really easy to skip out on some business fundamentals you need to keep growing.

I’ve put together 10 COMMANDMENTS for a fast-growth business, based on what I’ve learned from my own struggles and from some great mentors of mine.

If you’ve been on a growth trajectory to multi-six figures it’s time to up-level your strategies so you can work with momentum rather than get bowled over by it.

These 10 Commandments will help you maintain your growth without losing your shit or letting your business suck the life out of you:

1. Build Your Dream Team

This is the number one bugbear of a growing business.

It’s abundantly clear that you can’t grow this baby on your own anymore, and perhaps you’ve already tried hiring some contractors or employees and got your fingers burned.

Being a driven control-freak has it’s benefits. It gives you the guts to go out on your own and the tenacity to get results and start making money by making a difference.

Where it doesn’t work so well is in managing others to do the work you’ve been doing – even if you hate the work you’re handing over.

Let’s face it, NODODY is going to do it like you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great people to help grow your business, and more importantly free up your time for rest and other high-value tasks.

My top tips in creating the right roles and finding the best people are to break down all the tasks you do in a week (in broad terms e.g. Blog posting, sales calls, copywriting, customer support), and rank them in terms of enjoyment.

Take the top 3 tasks you hate and/or aren’t good at and create a position that gets those done for you.

Make sure the various tasks are paired logically if you are grouping them together, because finding a marketing resource that is great at systems is virtually impossible!

Then start with a contractor on a trial for a month and see if you can get someone who fits and has the abilities and talents to get the job done well.

A great place to start is referrals and call-outs on social media and to your email list. Then go to places like www.onlinejobs.ph, www.upwork.com and www.easyva.com to see if you can find some options.

Make sure the hires you make do not have the same skills and personality as you, and don’t just hire them and forget to induct and train them.

They don’t automatically know what to do, so carve out time to show them and support them so you set them up for success.

2. Launch For Leverage

Even though the traditional product launch formula style 2-3 week intense marketing can leave you burned-out and drained, it is a great way to grow your list and fuel the growth of your business.

Leaving your offers on autopilot aren’t usually enough to ramp up your sales on an ongoing basis.

You need reasons to get your market excited about buying your stuff and create limited opportunities for them to do so.

Launches work well because they give you a reason to connect with your audience, deliver some value, create more demand and inspire them to buy.

Plan to launch no more than three times a year if you’re using an open/close launch, or if you’d like to take a more evergreen approach, schedule reasons to promote that are limited offers to increase demand and sales on an ongoing basis.

Evergreen opportunities to create demand for your offers include webinar marketing, live streams, email promotions and price rises that allow buyers to snag a deal at the old price.

3. Package Your Expertise

If you are still stuck in the mire of one on one coaching or low-cost online programs to small lists, it’s time to scale your impact.

You may have found yourself stuck in a cycle of over-delivery that is difficult to sustain now you have a full roster of clients.

This kind of load can also make it difficult to find time to strategise and market your business, leaving your wheels spinning and you being exhausted.

Creating packages where you can build in leverage will be a lifesaver to you if you haven’t been down this road already.

High value group coaching can allow you to still get great results for your clients, while you create a premium leveraged experience that you can even charge more for.

If you’re delivering your offers online, try to have one signature offer rather than a ton of low-priced offers that require more of your attention to market and manage.

If you want to check out my signature leveraged offer for inspiration, take a look here >> https://victoriagibso.wpengine.com/bsm

4. Pay For Traffic

This may seem like a no-brainer, but so many business owners are yet to wrap their head around the potential of paid traffic.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Google Network or Pinterest, the opportunity to find your ideal buyers is magnified when you create lead generation campaigns that work for you, so you don’t have to do all that manual prospecting or rely on your list alone.

My favourite option is Facebook Ads. Depending on your offer and market, you can attract leads into your sales funnel for as little as 25c and you can drive subscribers, webinar registrations and sales calls using the power of paid traffic.

Although it can pay to learn the art of paid traffic, so you can find your perfect audience and offers and then hand it over to an expert to scale, you can hand it over from the outset if you just don’t have the capacity or the inclination.

Check out this post and try your first Facebook Ad > https://victoriagibso.wpengine.com/create-a-simple-facebook-ad-in-power-editor/

5. Find Some Ideal Joint Venture Partners

Aligning yourself with those who have already gathered large numbers of your ideal clients is a great strategy, especially if you have something that is complementary to what they’re offering.

Once you’ve short-listed some options, reach out to them with a value-first approach, and clearly demonstrate what you can do to drive sales and results for them, as well as value to their clients.

Get support for your next launch and offer affiliate commission in return.

Make it easy for them to promote you – provide done for you marketing materials and show them proven conversion stats so they can have every confidence backing you.

Once you get some key partners, watch your list and influence grow.

6. Follow Up

So much potential goes to waste in your business when you fail to follow up.

How many dead ends are in your lead generation campaigns or content marketing?

Do you ask people to opt in only to add them to a list and then just send them all your regular updates?

What if instead, you created custom, automated follow up campaigns with the power of email marketing or retargeting.

There is a little heavy-lifting involved to set it up, but once it’s done you can have automation take care of nurturing your clients to sale.

What happens once a prospect gives you their email? Do you have follow-up sequences in place to nature them to a sale?

Start with creating a dialogue and giving them value first and then create compelling offers and opportunities for them to invest.

7. Think Like A CEO

In order to scale your business you need to make it work without you. This is an extension of the first commandment to Build Your Dream Team, because it’s so important to create processes and systems to help your business grow without you doing all the work.

It’s best to break your business down into key areas like Sales & Marketing, Operations & Finance and make sure every key function and task has someone allocated as responsible and accountable.

You can then either be accountable for the overall area or appoint one of your team to be. The point is that even if you can’t be across every little detail as your business grows, you will be clear who is.

8. Build A Brand

More than a just building your business, building your brand is the cornerstone of creating a strong and sustainable business.

You’ve probably outgrown some of your bootstrapped marketing by now, and it’s time to have a cohesive online presence that reflects the transformation you provide, the results you get, and the way you get them.

You want to stand out from the crowd and have consistency across all touch points so that you can build trust and relationships while you sleep.

If you haven’t already done so, invest in Brand Strategist who can create a quality outcome you can be proud of and a Style Guide that you can continue to use in all your communications.

Reach out to the gal I use here >> https://ellissajayne.com/

9. Get A Mentor

It’s impossible to zoom out and get the perspective you need when working out the next big move for your business.

The right mentor will support, nurture and guide you through the challenges of a high-growth business as well as help you lock in a workable vision that is not only sustainable but enjoyable too.

If you want to get more clarity on your business goals and marketing, jump on the phone and let’s chat > https://victoriagibso.wpengine.com/connect/

10. Find Your Business Buddies

The best people to get you through any business meltdown worthy of a tantrum are your business buddies.

These are the women who get you and your biggest, loftiest goals and dreams.

They know the exhilaration and heartache that co-exist as you take this crazy old ride to grow your business and impact more people.

Keep them close and treasure them, as what they give to you and what you give to them is truly precious on the rocky road of entrepreneurship.

If you are yet to find your own posse of close business buddies, you may want to try a mastermind.

Napoleon Hill came up with the mastermind concept and defined it as:
“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Now I know that sounds very lofty, but really it is about the concept that sharing ideas and knowledge in a structured and supportive group will help each and every member succeed.

It is about more than just a mentor, it is the sum of every member’s talents, skills and ambitions and how these can help everyone achieve more through the power of a collective.

My biggest driver is to bring together like-minded women to achieve great things… despite your fear, despite your perfectionism and despite your procrastination.

Together we can overcome all the ways you’re keeping you and your business smaller than it should be.

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