When You’re Feeling Like You’re Behind In Business

January 31, 2024

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It’s no wonder we often feel like we’re behind in business…

The goals we set for ourselves are often high and arbitrary, and it’s no mean feat to become our own “one-woman economy”.

The truth is we’ve been set up to fail.

The cold, hard financial truth is that in every business, industry or profession, the proportion of success happens something like this:

1% hit it out of the park and create enormous wealth or income
4% do really well and have the money flowing constantly
15% make a good living
60% constantly struggle, and
20% fail

So, that means only 20% succeed.

So, when assessing how long your success should take and how close or far away you are from it, remember that missing your big goals is the norm for 80% of coaches out there.

Which means you’re not “behind”.

And actually, right where you need to be – for now.

Taking action to grow your business and get clients from a place of not-enoughness sets you up to burn out and hate your life.

It’s kind of like an addiction…

You keep whipping yourself, taking action from a place of panic, stress, or judgement, and your results become inconsistent at best.

Thinking you’re behind when you compare to the Top 5% of coaches will only cause more delays in your success.

So don’t cut yourself off at the knees on the way there.

Slow-burn success has its upside despite it feeling unbelievably frustrating at the time.

But having context about the realities, assessing, optimizing, and choosing to market differently from the masses is EVERYTHING.

Sustainable and lasting success in business (no matter how slow you think it is) allows for strategy, evaluation, course correction, and time to make important decisions in response to the outcomes you’re creating.

This protects your energy and allows you to adapt, optimize and do things better each and every time.

There are some useful thoughts I’m cultivating in my business to overcome my tendency to think I’m so far behind…

(And it’s easy to feel behind when your best biz buddy is Denise Duffield-Thomas!).

The thoughts include:

“What can I do that I WILL do, no matter what, to get me the business I want, the purpose I love and the goal I have planned?


“I do what I have decided, even if I don’t do it well, and even if it ends up taking way longer than I anticipated”.

So, instead of bathing in a sense of failure about what I haven’t yet created or how long it’s taking, I replace the waiting and wishing for what I want with taking the steps I need to achieve it, no matter how small or inconsequential.

This also risks way less than the resources and energy I could use trying to speed everything up.

I don’t dwell as much on being behind anymore; because that made me fall even farther behind!

Instead, I’m choosing to make strategic and lasting choices that honour my purpose, my expertise and my style.

Sure, I would prefer that I could be part of the Top 1% now, but who says I won’t join them?

Want to hear more about what happened when I first realized why I wasn’t making the Top 1%?

Listen to this podcast episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or wherever you love to listen to your fave pods for more.

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