5 Ways To Create Leverage In Your Business

January 28, 2024

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It’s critical to pay attention to creating leverage when you’re a life coach wanting to grow a thriving and lucrative business.

Especially if you want to protect your energy and cash flow.

Leverage is about using resources strategically and efficiently to achieve greater results.

It really means doing more with less so you can create more impact faster.

The idea is to work more effectively with less effort to get more done and deliver more value.

You know you’re leveraging when you start doing less of the things you don’t enjoy in your business and are doing what you really love to do.

Now, this isn’t always possible, but when you have a coaching business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing things the hard way.

You’re likely overwhelmed and often can’t see the wood for the trees, leading to many coaches trying too hard to get better at the wrong things.

Including me.

In this podcast episode, I show you where I went wrong with my own coaching mastermind offer which should have been leveraged, but wasn’t. And why this is a common trap to fall into when offering group programs.

And since making many mistakes in my offers and more so in my delivery of my offers, I’ve found the five following ways to create more leverage in your business and I encourage you to at least start with one if you want to start clawing back your energy, protecting your confidence and setting yourself up to scale.

I explain these in more detail in the episode, but in summary, they are:

1. Leverage Your  Message

Message clarity is essential in doing the heavy lifting in your marketing to reach the right people at the right time. Without it, your marketing will be harder and more difficult, and you’ll be blocking the right people from finding and buying from you.

This means more time needs to be spent on marketing (which, let’s face it, already takes up a TON of time).

2. Leverage Your Method

You can create amazing leverage even with a one-on-one coaching offer when you create and share your own magic method for creating amazing client results.

A Magic Method is your signature transformational blueprint that becomes a repeatable success framework for getting all of your clients the result you promise.

It contains the steps, philosophy, and approach required to overcome the big challenge or problem that usually blocks your people from successfully getting the result they want (and that you promise).

And this is essentially why they will give you money, even when they haven’t heard of you before, and you don’t have a huge following or aren’t as experienced as some of your competition.

This is a distinctive and indispensable marketing advantage, particularly when it comes to getting seen, heard, highly paid, and making your marketing work as quickly as possible.

It’s the roadmap for success if you will, and it not only creates your distinction but also goes a long way to helping you position yourself as highly valuable to your target audience and inspiring them to buy.

3. Leverage Your Communications 

This element is all about embracing the opportunity of one-to-many selling either face-to-face or online.

Think about the power of podcasts, webinars, speaking gigs, summit interviews or workshops.

You can exponentially multiply your reach, impact, and opportunity with the same amount of effort.

Too many life coaches are spending time chasing coffee dates or in-person networking breakfasts when it comes to getting clients.

And even if you get some clients that way, you quickly run out of time, staying stuck in a loop of chasing the next clients and missing your chance to reach more people in less time (and grow your confidence, too).

Even though I’ve always relied on webinars as a key conversion strategy, there was a time when live events were my favourite way to enrol clients into my mastermind.

And they worked well, but they missed the mark in terms of leveraging my time and knowledge in a lasting way.

They converted beautifully most of the time, but they always had to be created, marketed, and filled, which is much harder for a live event than for an online webinar.

And it’s not like you can evergreen a live event like a webinar.

I could have just increased the frequency and consistency of my live webinars, which would have given me more chances to increase the frequency and reach of my offer and test and improve conversions with WAY less energy!

So, you often want to think about the opportunity cost of leveraging the wrong communication method and the leverage that’s blocking your business.

4. Leverage Through Systems –

One of my private clients does 7 figures in revenue a month from her key offer, and she sells it with sales calls – which she doesn’t ever do herself.

She can have a sales team, stay in her genius and allow others to sell for her.

Too often, coaches are trying to work out how to avoid doing something that would grow their business, like ads or sales calls, instead of figuring out WHO could do that function for them.

And yes, it’s at a cost, but it’s possible with the right message to market and offer to structure your pricing to account for that.

Delegation and systems have been one of the greatest friction points in my business in the past until I just decided that was no longer going to be the case!

I used to think there would be so much to build to make “systems” happen in my business, and although it’s never easy to set up and create, this is one area worth focusing on for ultimate leverage.

My first shift here was to find software that helped systemize many functions and tasks using the existing team members and contractors. Talk about leverage!

Thanks ClickUp 😊

5. Leverage Through Acquisition –

Audience Growth comes from consistent value exchange and making offers, but more than that, you can dramatically fast-track this through paid traffic – specifically Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Facebook and Instagram Ads should never be considered an expense; even in accounting terms, you can argue it is a Cost Of Goods Sold.

And when you start allowing for a drop in profit to increase your client acquisition and track, measure and refine from there, you grow your business, especially if you have the right offer leverage and it has the capacity to take more clients.

The big thing I want you to take away is that most of these elements come down to conversion and the importance of creating more of it.

This can be an invisible leverage accelerator in your business and literally drives things forward at scale for you, once you get it dialled in.

Basically, it means you can get more growth in less time, with less effort – even with the same traffic and audience.

That is the best kind of leverage I know and what you need most right now to make the most of what you have to create way more impact, and it’s what I’ll be stepping you through in my brand-new coaching experience coming up called “Leverage Marketing – Making The Most Of What You Know To Create More Impact”.

This experience will help you optimize your marketing strategy to create more reach, reputation and response with less time, energy and money.


Click Up  https://clickup.com/
Traffic Jumpstart Facebook Ads Course To start Leveraging Through Audience & Client Acquisition https://success.victoriagibson.com/traffic-jumpstart-offer
Who Not How (a great book on getting the right “who” to create an outcome by leveraging teamwork).

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