#43 The Conversion X-Factor Most Coaches Miss In Their Marketing

August 29, 2023

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In this week’s episode, I’m sharing the difference between effortless growth and profitability as a coach online and constant frustration, missed opportunities, and limited revenue.

But first, I want to share with you that I’m not coming from some self-righteous pedestal of million-dollar growth years.


I’m actually the anti-hero when it comes to that.

I’m the coach with missed opportunities and limited revenue.

The one who people-pleased her way out of possibility for fear of retribution.

In fact, missed potential has been a recurring theme in my life…

Despite being overly ambitious and determined, as a high-impact individual in unknown territory, I did all I could to avoid the sting of negative feedback, backlash, and disapproval.

Basically, any kind of negativity or failure had me running scared.

So I did all I could to avoid the risk of getting it wrong, of making people mad at me, at missing the mark.

And in doing that, much like this intro, I’m making it all about me.

I’m letting my own doubt and self-interest overtake the insight and clarity I need to really know my audience and what they need.

And I’m sidestepping sharing effective and powerful communication that will help people make immediate decisions to join, invest and say “yes” because I’m making it all about me.

And maybe that’s what you do too.

Maybe you try and overcome it by sharing what you’re great at.

Getting into the trap of trying to convince others why you’re best qualified to be chosen, despite lacking any real knowledge of why they should choose you.

Or perhaps you unknowingly manipulate or tell them what they want to hear, or you take on some version of what you saw working for someone else and try to make your own because you’re not trusting that you have what it takes.

And I totally understand.

Way too often, I’ve turned my focus on how I can be the solution or how I can teach the solution, when really what I should have focused on is my understanding of the problem and how my perfect audience experiences it.

The emotional, financial and energetic drain of them keeping the problem.

And that’s because people pay to get rid of problems.

And the bigger the problem, and the more of a toll it takes on them emotionally and energetically, the more they will invest – no matter what qualifications or experience you have.

And that’s because it’s easier and quicker to decide to purchase or invest, especially in coaching, when you have an emotional response, connection, or driver at play.

Logical decisions are great, but they take time, trust, and effort to make happen and deliver.

Logic can quickly meet resistance in the face of black-and-white thinking, and this resistance will delay your conversions.

When you’re trying something so completely new and tackling the mind-meddling impact of putting yourself out there online it can make you focus on YOU a lot.

And those thoughts, insecurities, fears, and doubts about YOU can take up a ton of your mind space, making it easy to skip over the opportunity to shift your focus to the people you want to serve instead.

So you can miss understanding more about the people you want to help, which will compromise your success when you launch and grow your coaching offer.

The critical first step in my Coach Co. Method is where I help coaches get super-clear on the real problem their audience is dealing with.

In that Niche Clarity step, of course, we want to be clear on what you bring to the table, but we make sure we find the actual problem your audience is dealing with to establish the cost of them keeping that problem.

We want to ensure it’s enough that when presented with a solution, it would lead to an easy yes.

A decision where price and time with you as the coach aren’t the deliverable your clients are buying; instead, it’s the solution to their big problem (and the cost to them of keeping that problem).

And when you lay out your understanding of the toll their pressing problem is taking on their life and map out a path to the solution, you make it more about them and less about you…

This is the foundation of driving demand and quickly turning someone into a client.

It means you don’t need to convince anyone or overcome many objections, and you don’t have to resort to manipulation tactics or make huge promises to convert your leads into high-paying clients.

It also lays the foundation for great delivery and client results because they’re not thinking they’re buying time or coaching.

Want my help to help you get clear on the solution you offer? Grab my free niche guide at victoriagibson.com/niche-guide

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