#40 What You Need To Transform Your Coaching Into A Successful Online Course Or Group Coaching Program

June 5, 2023

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For a long time now, there’s been huge interest in the online course dream…

It’s the perfect escape from face-to-face or hourly private coaching sessions and allows you to get paid for your mind rather than your time.

The idea is that buyers take what is on offer for everyone, adopt it as a self-study experience, and make it happen seems all too easy.

And it is possible.

I’ve seen coaches and experts at all levels of ability and experience create freedom and money for themselves online from their ideas, service, experience, and coaching, and I know you can too.

Like one of my past clients Rachelle, who created her own surface pattern design course, and I worked with her to create lead generation and launch strategies to take her to $40,000 months from one $697 course…

And Jodie created a course for e-commerce biz owners and sold it for $997, making 20 sales in her first launch.

And Robyn created a Fertility Mindset Program and quickly sold 5 spots at $997.

So, an online course may be the perfect step, but before you dive in, I want to share some advice that will help you sidestep some of the common issues I have seen over the years in transforming your one on one coaching or expertise into an online course or group program.

Excitement can begin for any coach when they believe the online course or the coaching group delivery is the actual offer.

They think the information itself is valuable enough and that the course allows everyone access to what they know, teach and love to share and they can reach more people and generally charge less than they would for their coaching, healing or therapy session and do it from anywhere in the world.

And although online learning is more popular now, it’s important to understand it can be an experience that can lack connection and customization and isn’t always seen as more valuable.

It’s also one of the most difficult offers to learn how to create and even harder to learn how to sell consistently without launching or if you don’t have access to an engaged audience.

And if you haven’t got consistent sales of your current offers yet online, whatever they may be…

Even if you are booked out with private clients…

An online course may still not be the right opportunity for you, and it definitely isn’t if you are just getting started and haven’t yet got your own audience or online following.

But it does seem that coaches still jump into this choice way too early and disrupt their growth by going down the tech, learning, and creation rabbit hole and falling prey to the distraction and overwhelm it creates.

And that’s because an online course can never replace your offer; it is the tool to deliver and scale an offer, but it is not an offer in itself.

And even if you are prepared for the time suck or the huge cost of consultants to help you get it all done, you still may miss the fact that a course is not valuable.

Just as “life coaching” in itself is not inherently valuable.

It’s merely a vehicle for transformation, and unless you have established the value of the transformation you provide rather than the information you teach in an online course (or any of your offers), the vehicle has no value.

And when value can’t be seen, felt, or recognized, it’s going to be really hard to get people to invest.

And that’s why so many online courses don’t end up working…

And when they fail to sell, online courses are not easy to upgrade or change without a ton of time, money or effort.

So, I want you to think about value over the vehicle when it comes to creating and making great offers as a life coach.

If the painfully present problem that you solve in the lives of your clients can be solved with your coaching, expertise and ideas then you also need to establish, define and clearly express the value of your solution.

And I’m not just talking price, or what you’ll charge, what people will pay or what you think it’s worth…

I’m talking about first creating clear and present value that can be easily expressed and recognised by those who desire the solution most and are best poised to benefit from it too.

Value is at the heart of any coaching offer, and how you message that value, particularly if you’re offering an online course, will determine how successful it is.

Typically, when we are making offers online, most of the traffic we get to see us, particularly when using paid traffic, doesn’t know who we are and may not fully trust us.

In order to overcome that initial barrier we need to share, establish and offer value in order to create trust and connection, and desire in our audience.

And that value isn’t the vehicle of delivery, so even when you switch the vehicle if it’s still missing value by not having the right messaging and offer, you’ll still stay stuck wondering why you can’t hit your money goals.

Value is the key…

So you must position your coaching offers on value first before you choose the vehicle, delivery or price.

And if you’ve already been offering proven outcomes in private coaching or in a past career or business, you may not even need to create an online course, which will save you tons of time and marketing overwhelm.

And that’s where a group coaching offer is likely a better choice for you before you create an online course.

I know that’s what worked for me and most of my clients too.

So let’s talk about how we can use a group coaching offer to build a successful business online as a life coach … while allowing you to quickly hit your revenue goals, get some excellent success stories and really enjoy your clients and offer delivery too.

As I am always sharing with you:

It All Starts With The Offer.

The first thing we need to do is figure out your offer.

We’ll take what you have and what has got results for you and your clients and shape it into a compelling new group opportunity. 

We’ll get to the heart of what will inspire your audience to choose you, and we’ll set about ensuring that you have a set pathway to give them what you promise.

We’ll cascade through the painful problems they’re experiencing, narrow the scope and define a future possibility and the path of promise to get there.

They’ll be SO excited that someone finally understands their dreams and desires and the demons they want to destroy, that they’ll instantly breathe a huge sigh of relief when they have a chance to learn a new way of being while having the support of a trusted guide and the connection of like-minded souls on the same journey.

This is likely what they have been craving with so many “at arm’s length” online course offers they’ve seen or been part of.

The best part is this doesn’t mean you have to go stick it out, only offering one-on-one coaching or tearing your hair out trying to depend on the unreliable flow of online course sales.

And the best part is, this doesn’t even require much more of you and can be as leveraged or customised as you want.

Even if you haven’t led or coached people in a group before…

Here are three steps to focus on to ensure you transform your coaching or course into a successful group coaching offer that’s easy to sell and a joy to deliver.

Step 1: Map The Transformation & Promise In Detail

This is where you want to get obsessed about where you take them from and where you’ll guide them to.

This becomes way easier when you dramatically narrow the scope of the problem you wish to solve.

This is essential for group delivery so everyone knows where they’re headed and what needs to happen to get there, even if there is nuance adjusted for individuals along the way.

Eg Karen went from Hypnosis scripts and 82 mini-courses on BIG topics like Grief Counselling, Reflexology for about $20 each on Udemy to one $5000 offer.

Step 2: Define Your Distinctive Difference

Once you’ve found your profitable promise, I’m going to walk you through the creation and communication of your special brand of success.

This is hands-down the biggest asset you will have in your leveraged coaching business and will catapult your momentum and help you quickly establish your value without the need to over-explain or convince anyone of anything.

The end result is that you’ve got your own signature approach, method, or success system to share that stops you from customising ALL you do with clients (hello, leverage!).

And because we design this together with distinction in mind, it quickly sets you apart from the competition and helps you rise above any crowded corner of social media.

Step 3: Pricing For Success

Then, I take your offer, your ideas, your course or the aspirations you have and work with you to map your unique value to a very particular and pressing problem your potential clients are paying others for right now.

It’s like taking the best of your online course or private coaching and adding the customised support and power of a like-minded group to radically boost the value (and price).

Basically, you give me your expertise and the results you’ve got for others and yourself to date, and I’ll help you find, unlock and share your value online for way more success than spending time on vehicle creation.

Yep, it’s value creation for the win, which will naturally and ethically allow you to boost prices and feel great about it too.

Step 4: The Profit Pipeline

After the first few steps, you’re going to want to start making your new offers to new and existing clients.

I’ll advise you on the exact marketing funnel you need to bring in clients without launching. Now before you freak out, this may only have 3 steps (or less), and you will already have created the copy and structure in the previous steps.

You will get prescribed an exact funnel or online pathway that’s clear, simple, and right for you and your clients (no cookie-cutter recommendations).

With all the clarity of message, niche, and offer we create together, we put the cherry on top with high-performing social media engagement that creates clients out of nowhere.

I’ll even show you how to set up and run your first round of campaigns. It’s not something you want to roll the dice on without experience (trust me on this).

I’m here to ensure you get the ultimate clarity, strategy, and support to get more mileage (and money) out of your existing course or coaching without heading down the costly online course creation path before you’re ready or staying stuck with an existing course that isn’t selling and just needs repositioning or repackaging.

You can choose to create a group offer or just makeover your private client offer if you prefer.

As I said, the vehicle isn’t as important as the value.

So, if you’re interested in how this value creation plan could work for you, head to victoriagibson.com/apply, and we can look at what you want to accomplish and what’s possible.

There’s no charge for this; you get to walk away with fresh insights and the right next steps.

Show Notes:

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