Episode #7: 3 Surefire Ways To Start Getting Yourself Out There Online (Without Overthinking It)

March 30, 2021

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I'm Victoria!

I'm a passionate online marketing obsessive who also happens to be a certified life coach too.
I help life coaches earn more using the power of marketing.


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Personality-based marketing is the opportunity to attract clients with your talent, skills and abilities.

And the driver for getting results faster is to consistently show up online, in email and on social media so your people can connect with you, get to know you and if it all works out, love you AND all you offer.

Over the years, I have seen some coaches do this so well, that it literally doesn’t even matter what they offer, or how they structure it.

Because their clients buy THEM.

And this is fabulous because it means that just by showing up you can get clients.

And you can multiply your success as a coach, getting you more raving fans and clients making more money while you help more people.

When done right, getting yourself out there online means:

1. You show up frequently on social media with written and video posts that talk to your clients’ problems but also open a door to who you are, what you care about and what matters to you.

2. You have high engagement when you share your content, social media dialogue and discussion and easily attract followers, subscribers and clients.

3. There’s always demand for your offers that’s constantly flowing ready for you to tap into at will.

And when this happens, it’s magical.

But, this is not something many life coaches have the confidence to do, despite having the desire and skills to help people.

So what are the key barriers that stop you from showing up to share regular content as well as your offers too?

Here are my Top 3:

1. It has to be perfect.

Ooh, what a trap this one is!

This can also show up as “procrasti-planning”, which is the process of over-engineering your posts, programs and emails to the point that they never even see the light of day.

You’re far too busy creating, editing and writing down what you want to share, rather than actually showing up and sharing it online.

Why do we do this?

Because by striving for perfection, we can feel like we are taking action toward our goals without risking what we think will happen if what we share isn’t perfect.

But let’s take a moment to call out what perfect even is, especially when it comes to showing up online.

Because it doesn’t exist, and when the slickest and perfect-looking stuff shows up online, it actually BLOCKS connection with your audience.

Take Facebook Ads for example.

After running Facebook Ads for a decade, I can tell you that time and time again the ads with the “happy snap” selfies always outperform the professional photoshoot pics – every time.

The good news about this is that it’s faster, easier and cheaper to do things the easy way.

That means using your phone to film a quick video, a one-page website will do the trick and your off-the-cuff Facebook Live will be awesome.

Minimum viable product is a cool concept to remember here, as is “done is better than perfect”.

And I know you’ve probably heard that a million times, but you keep choosing to ignore it and stay hiding.

But this is in your control, and rather than continuing to overthink it you could just decide that you are going to ship your stuff rather than finesse it.

No one cares as much as you do!

2. I’m not the expert

Aaah, how good is thinking everyone else could do a better job of helping people than you?

And even if you don’t think they’re better than you, you still choose to believe that they will be chosen ahead of you because they have a bigger following, a slimmer body or they’re just more likeable?

Now this one had me stuck for years.

After growing up as the loud one and being told I was too much and even standing out for being tall and blonde, sticking my neck out has always felt scary to me.

So for such a long time, I chose to believe that I couldn’t bear the negative comments or crickets or unsubscribes that would happen when I showed up.

But the fact is, that rarely happened on the few occasions I would show up and share, and even if it did the worse that happened was that I would overthink why some people are assholes.

Yep, that’s it.

I didn’t die, I didn’t lose a limb and I got way more people liking and sharing my stuff than not.

Especially when I shared situations where I really wasn’t perfect at all.

In fact, people seemed to like that even more.

There’ll always be other experts out there on your topic.

But you will always have a different take, a different personality and a different piece of value to share.

And that may be the only difference your next client needs.

3. I Don’t Know What To Say

The number of times I think that is just ridiculous.

Despite my notebooks being bursting full of strategies, despite having written hundreds of blog posts, been featured on podcasts like Amy Porterfield and Entrepreneur On Fire, I still think this every time I go to write a podcast or an email.

This thought is just deciding to be confused.

And the result of the confusion is that your work doesn’t get out there, or at least the clearest version of it doesn’t.

And the result of that is either you won’t get your work out there at all, or if you do it will be so clouded by your fear and doubt it will come across just as confused as you are.

Neither of which you want.

This barrier is actually easier to overcome than I ever knew.

I used to think that I had to have a strategy for making this happen.

I would go to events to find the secret to learning how to do this.

But you can just decide that you have so much to share and then start writing out content prompts – you only need one a day.

A good way to punch this out is to write out the 5 key topics you want to be known for and then list 6 sub-topics for each of the broad topics and voila you will have a month of daily content prompts.

And really you can also

Two of my friends DO NOT have any of these thoughts and run multi-million dollar empires.


They just decided they would show up – even though they still have the same fears and doubts that you do.

So, just get started, you don’t need a strategy or permission, you just need to do it again and again.

You’ll be so glad you did when you realise just how quickly you can build the confidence and the success you deserve.

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