#13: 3 Shifts To Transform Your Calls To Get More Life Coaching Clients

June 11, 2021

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In this episode I’m sharing 3 shifts to get better results converting life coaching clients on calls.

So you can discover how to boost your sales from one-on-one conversations with future clients.

These shifts will help you welcome more clients into your coaching programs with care and connection rather than force and persuasion.

Instead of referring to these conversations as Sales Calls, I like to refer to them instead as Discovery Sessions which is the art of having a connected one-on-one conversation with a qualified future client that results in an increase in awareness and powerful insights that happen on the call, rather than you just trying to get the sale.

The fact is, calls that result in sales can be an incredible experience.

And you don’t have to follow a weird script or even have had any experience selling anything to create great outcomes.

When done right, Discovery calls should be good for you, good for your future clients and good for the success of your life coaching business.

The discovery call framework I teach allows my Coach Co. clients to:

  • Start the coaching relationship off on the right foot, with authority.
  • Screen out the clients they can’t help or who won’t be coachable.
  • Allows them to charge what their program is really worth in relation to the significant problems they solve.

In other words, Discovery Sessions allow my clients to consistently find as many of the right clients who’ll pay $2,000-$10,000 as they want, any time they want.

Without the ick factor of high-pressure selling or scripts.

But given most life coaches are new to this approach and have a lot of unhelpful thoughts about “selling” and “charging” for life coaching, I do offer some success strategies that guide them through to maximise the opportunity, and I’ll walk you through THREE of these in this episode.

The reason that Discovery Sessions are really powerful is because they’re not about “closing” the client.

Instead, they highlight the truth of a future client’s situation and what is required to get them to where they want to go. It is a conversation in service and we can be an advocate for THEIR transformation, not our own desire to get more clients.

When your goal is to serve the client, to help them see what they can’t, and to do it with strength and certainty about your ability to help, THEN you make it easy for future clients to choose you in a way that feels both empowering and exciting.

So let’s look at these success strategies you can apply on your next call.

SUCCESS STRATEGY 1: Be In Diagnosis Mode

Like a Doctor, in order to prescribe the right solution, you need to first be aware of the symptoms and make the right diagnosis.

Find out where people are hurting.

Understand what’s causing the pain, problem, negative emotion or challenge.

Make an accurate diagnosis and give them a prescription for them to get better.

You’re not trying to convince people to do something that they don’t want to do.

Your role is to find out where it’s hurting, why it’s hurting, and to see whether they are a good fit for your treatment.
If they are, you will prescribe your solution which is your offer.

Only if you know they are a fit, you know you can help them and you actually want to work with them.

So the first step of the Discovery Session is to resolve the difference between them just wanting information, and you needing them to decide if they want a solution.

To kick off the call you could ask:

“What was it that made you decide to invest your time on this call today, to really start to work on [your outcome or promise]?

This will reveal what difference exists and how open they are to moving towards a decision.

SUCCESS STRATEGY 2: Embrace The “Benevolent Guide” Identity

On a Discovery Call you get the chance to massively increase value by stepping into your role as “Benevolent Guide”.

This is actually a common archetype in many books and films and it is basically the identity of being a good person who can be trusted as having experience in solving the problem before and leading the way.

Your future clients need to be guided on the call just as they do in a coaching session, otherwise there can be a tendency to lose sight of the agenda and avert the truth of the situation which doesn’t serve you or them.

Step into this mindset before you jump on your call, so you can avoid attempts at the “return to fine”, the “interrogation” or other unhelpful resistance moves.

People love boundaries and understanding where something is going to go, so this attitude also helps you in setting the agenda for the call.

A great way to set the agenda for the call is to share:

“I want to ask you some questions to find out if or how I can help you. Then, I’ll tell you everything I’ve got going on. You can ask me anything you want about what I do, and the only thing I’d like to know is you just tell me when we’re done if this makes sense to you or not. Is that ok with you?”

This allows you to guide them to a decision and in the process DISCOVER what is going on for them exactly and specifically and what is stopping them from making the decision to get a solution to their problem.

This will dramatically increase your chances of the call ending in you welcoming a new coaching client.

It also serves to identify motivated clients who are prepared to take your advice and do the work to transform their lives.

SUCCESS STRATEGY 3: Identify The Cost Of Them Staying Where They Are Together

It’s so important that before you offer your coaching to a future client on the call, that you facilitate their awareness of the value of transforming their problem and that you identify the solution together.

This could also be seen as The Million Dollar Question.

You could say something like:

“You’ve just shared that you really want to finally end your struggle with losing the excess weight for good. So tell me what would that mean to you to get all of that? What will it mean to you to release that excess weight?”

You are looking to see that they are acutely aware of the cost of keeping the problem, which will make investing in coaching with you become a massively valuable opportunity and their decision to move forward and work with you is easy.

If you don’t first get an emphatic answer to the question, do not discuss price or your offer as you will come up against resistance.

And to be clear, this is not about you or your offer, it is about polarity.

The polarity of you moving forward to try and get them to a decision, rather than them moving towards you wanting to make the decision and feeling compelled to invest in coaching with you.

You want to come to the decision together, and collaborate rather than persuade.

So, when you employ these success strategies in your Discovery Sessions you have the opportunity to take the resistance and fear out of enrolling more life coaching clients and actually look forward to making offers from a place of connection and flow.

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