#25 The 5 Reasons Why You Need A Magic Method As A Life Coach

November 22, 2021

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Once you’ve landed your niche as a life coach, a useful way to go deeper with your messaging is to develop your own Magic Method.

When you have your Magic Method it will be obvious WHY you do what you do the way you do and how it is different, better, or faster than somebody who does the very same thing.

This is the very DNA of a binge-worthy life coaching brand that is compelling, valuable, and inspiring.

Think of your Magic Method as outlining your unique process for transformation and results, step by step.

As it would apply to every client who fits your target market and is experiencing the problem, challenge, or situation you solve for.

Each step has clearly defined outcomes — or results — along the way.

When your potential clients see the solution to their problem laid out like this, they feel understood, they feel excited and they feel a tremendous amount of confidence you can help them, and you have way more certainty that you can too.

But your Magic Method will need to be midwived into possibility in order to overcome the blind spots and bias that block the shining light and clarity you need to confidently go about sharing it.

Your Magic Method:

Is your unique approach, blueprint, or roadmap for change that contains the repeatable success steps that your clients can follow to get the promised result – while still allowing for individual nuances.

It makes your coaching and expertise compelling and super-marketable.

The reason we want to break it down into a method is so that you can make your coaching easy for your ideal clients to understand AND make them want to invest with you because they get an understanding of the outcome you can help them create… without all the detail and the “how” of getting there.

It’s an easy way to take the beautiful coaching you do with clients and put it into a sequence that creates a desire in your market. It makes it so much easier for you to talk about what you do and for them to get excited about how you can help them with your coaching.

Examples of great Magic Methods include:

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way To Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

The 7 Habits Of Highly-Effective People: Powerful Lessons In Personal Change

Think & Grow Rich: For Men & Women Who Resent Poverty

The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom For Lifelong Health

Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into The Stepping Stones Of Success

To go a layer deeper, let’s look at the magic method that John Maxwell created in Failing Forward: the step-by-step approach to creating success from failure:

Take note of the powerful outcome-focused bullets underneath each step that paints a picture of the transformation.

Step 1: Realize The Difference Between Average People & Achieving People
– How to see failure as a process rather than an isolated event
– How to take failure in your stride
– Use mistakes as a learning opportunity rather than letting them slow you down

Step 2: Learn A New Definition Of Failure
– How to seek out positive outcomes from our mistakes
– Decide how to respond to mistakes differently

Step 3: Remove The “You” From Failure
– How to stop taking mistakes personally
– What to tell yourself when you fail

Step 4: Take Action & Reduce Your Fear
– How to break the fear cycle
– How to make progress from your mistakes

Step 5: Change Your Response To Failure
– How to gracefully accept responsibility for your failures
– How to get off the failure freeway

Step 6: Increasing Your Odds For Success
– Find out what’s holding you back and work it
– How to identify your allies for success so you can get support on your journey
– The best way to get up, get over it and get going

Do you see how clear and compelling this can be?

And that’s why there are 5 big reasons to create and embrace your own Magic Method to describe the coaching you do.

So let’s go through the reasons why it helps your marketing so much:

1. Streamline Your Value

With your Magic Method, you’ll feel calm and organized about what you do, and you’re able to talk about your services with clarity and confidence.

Constraint gives you the focus to know exactly what to share and with who so you can stay on track with a message that matters.

2. Stand Out & Shine

Specialization in solving one specific problem is the key to attracting new clients. This is what makes it so easy for your potential clients to choose you and for you to easily find those clients you can best help.

3. Guest Expert – Speaking and Promotional Partnership Opportunities

Your Magic Method positions you as an expert on your topic, industry, or area of interest.

4. Making Your Marketing & Content Creation Easy

Your Magic Method inspires your offer creation, copywriting, podcasts, and social media posts.

It guides you in what to say and how to say it to reinforce the consistency of your message and this leads to pre-eminence.

It takes the confusion and overwhelm out of your messaging and gives you the ease and flow to get momentum.

5. Attracting Clients That Love Your Magic Method

Transforming what you do into something that looks, feels, and seems tangible is crucial.

Your Magic Method says you’ve figured everything out for your client, it’s like an “easy button” that opens the door for them to a powerful and lasting solution to their biggest problem, so they can’t help but choose you.

Clients love hearing you have a step-by-step process because it’s focused on achieving a particular result, even if others offer something similar when you name and brand your own Magic Method it can elevate your message to become the only choice because your clarity and certainty are obvious.

If you want help in creating yours, this is one of the big steps I help my clients take in Coach Co. and we dive into that once they have landed their niche.

If you’re wondering how to make you and your coaching stand out and take the next step to create your own powerful and profitable niche and message, then get your free niche guide for life coaches at victoriagibson.com/niche-guide.

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