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#24 The 5 Big Marketing Blockers For Life Coaches

November 16, 2021

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I'm Victoria!

I show life coaches how to master their marketing and take control of their own success by creating a meaningful message that attracts more clients and makes more money.


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I want to help you slay that marketing dragon, clear your big marketing blockers and call in more clients on demand.

Marketing blockers are the commonly held beliefs that hold many life coaches back and keep you stuck thinking about where you want your business to go rather than taking it there.

There are five blockers and I want to step you through them so you can stop letting them hold you back.


Visibility is the biggest marketing blocker for life coaches who worry about what people think of them, how they will be seen, and the fear of failure?

All of these common fears roll into that big blocker of being visible.

How this often shows up is that you’re stuck either posting on social media not making offers, practising your coaching or attracting mainly one on one coaching clients because you really don’t want to be seen in a group.

Because you don’t want to fail, all your fears come up and keep interacting one to one and if you do you have the courage to post on social media then it’s something just really kind of bland or doesn’t really move the needle for your clients because you’re worried about being judged.

You’ll know this one is a really big one for you when you drop into how you’re feeling when you go to post on social media or send out an email or do a Facebook live and it makes you second-guess yourself or stops you from posting at all.


The second marketing blocker is good old imposter syndrome where you second-guess yourself constantly so that it makes it really hard to get any momentum or any make any headway in your business at all especially when it comes to making sales.

It shows up as what I like to call “Hustle & Hide” where you work hard with hustle to get some things moving and then you quickly retreat and hide, so it’s impossible to get any consistency.

This can also show up as procrastination, where your marketing to-do list keeps getting longer and longer and your overwhelm can spiral out of control.

This is because you’re not only worried about whether what you’re offering is good enough, but you also spend way too much time questioning everything and not actually taking the action needed to get it out there.

Then you beat yourself up even more because you have been working incredibly hard but still don’t have any paying clients to show for it.


Then we look at the third big marketing blocker and that is shiny object syndrome.

This one is very pervasive and so watch out most of us probably wrestle with it – I know I do!

You keep waiting for a new strategy, tactic or program to save yourself when it comes to getting clients.

The problem is, you can never shortcut having the foundations right and most of these shiny objects will only amplify a message that is missing the mark or a broad target market where you struggle to be seen.

And this blocker shows up as exhaustion.

You’re so tired from lacking the confidence and belief in your business where you’re so busy putting together all these different strategies and trying a million different tactics, ideas so you get yourself in such a pickle you don’t know which way to turn.


The fourth big marketing blocker is relying solely on organic traffic for all your leads. Thinking that you need to wait until people notice or you need to hustle hard to get noticed and that you shouldn’t have to pay to be seen or to target the best possible clients.

This will show up as a tonne of free and low-quality clients or no clients at all.

It can also show up as an overreliance on referrals, social media and networking or maybe going to events introducing yourself to everybody in order to try to get out there as much as possible.

You share with anybody (whether they are your ideal client or not) that you are a life coach and try and solve all sorts of problems, meaning you are creating custom solutions at every turn.

This lack of market leadership means you start to fade into the background pretty fast.

Networking and referrals can be a great boost to getting clients, but they take ALOT of energy and don’t even get me started on how long it takes to get engagement with organic blog and social media posting.


The fifth big marketing blocker which may arguably be even bigger than visibility is pricing – what to charge, what to include, what to deliver and how to feel worthy to ask for what you deserve so you don’t fall into over delivery.

This blocker can keep you spinning for days weeks months and even years.

The main way this one shows up is okay so one way this comes up is by offering free coaching or beta programs where you’re searching for any kind of validation that what you do has some kind of value.

The truth is this kind of fear of charging or making offers actually keeps your clients from the results they deserve as there is little chance they will be as invested as you are in the outcome when they don’t have to pony up any cash for a solution.

Now, I know that when these marketing blockers are laid out like this, they seem pretty crazy, but they are just so common.

They are also strangely justifiable in our own minds as to why we’re not where we should be yet.

There’s a comfort in having them there as a barrier because it delays you having to do the really uncomfortable things of putting yourself out there online and making offers.

And I know you’re smart and you’ve worked really hard on your business so far.

That’s why these big marketing blockers are so cruel.

They make you question your worthiness, intelligence and very future as a thriving life coach

That’s why it’s so important to overcome them.

They are robbing you of a successful life coaching business and keeping your clients from the transformations they deserve.

The best way to move past them?

Obviously, awareness of them is key and you can do that by understanding some of the ways they show up, as I have shared in this episode.

Coaching yourself on those thoughts and the feelings they create will help.

However, managing your mind when it comes to marketing can only take you so far and that’s why a solid visibility, lead generation and conversion system (that works DESPITE your marketing blockers) is key.

And this is exactly what I share in Coach Co.

Firstly, the act of investing and getting coached weekly gives you an additional layer of accountability and commitment to overcoming the thoughts that give rise to these blockers.

Then, having a private Facebook Group means you have a curated community you can feel comfortable sharing on socials rather than posting where EVERYONE can see. It’s like having a coffee with a group of girlfriends, and you can step into trusting your message, especially when you show up with an amazing value like the live session series I teach.

With an automated webinar that you fill using Facebook Ads, you don’t ever end up talking to anyone who isn’t already pre-sold on you. This leads to fewer objections and more yeses, which will only boost your confidence.

And don’t underestimate the confidence boost that comes when your message starts landing because it beautifully calls in your perfect clients.

Conversion starts to flow when you can overcome these blockers.

They never fully disappear of course, but with a strategic approach to creating your compelling offer, you will start to move through them much faster and not be held hostage by them.

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