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#19 How To Create The Perfect Program Name For Your Coaching Offer

August 3, 2021

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Have you ever felt stuck or avoided launching because you haven’t found the right name for your offer or program?


Coming up with the perfect name that holds all the promise you share and the results you can create is no easy task.

And it’s certainly one that can leave you spinning for days, if not weeks (although I certainly hope it’s not months!).

Personally, I love the creativity of coming up with a name for my offers and programs, but that’s not to say it doesn’t take me some time to land on the perfect choice.

And over the years, I have encountered plenty of clients who have found it overwhelming to create and decide on an unforgettable name, so I know it’s a common issue that comes up for coaches like us.

And that’s why I’m sharing 3 tips you can use to create a great name for your coaching offer, so you can stop spinning and free yourself from decision-overwhelm and get your offer out there.

My own coaching clients fall into one of three groups when it comes to naming their offer:

Those in the first group choose a practical name that says what the offer IS.

It describes the mechanics, or the process but lacks a definite buzz!

Unfortunately, your potential clients aren’t out there searching for a 12-week life coaching intensive, even though it “says what it does on the tin”.

The second group will get SUPER-creative and come up with some real razzle-dazzle monikers that are totally original, but most would have no idea what on earth they mean!

Which is like putting a roadblock in between you and your clients before they even choose you.

And the third group follows a path to land on a name that is catchy, clear, and compelling and speaks directly to the heart of their ideal coaching client.

And this is what I want for you, and why I’m going to give you some steps to land the perfect name for your coaching offer.

Step 1: Get started by creating a bank of words to consider before you put them together as your final choice.

Your offer name should promise some kind of result, benefit, and/or solution.


If the name doesn’t say what the program is, you at least want an association so the mind can connect the name to what you’re selling.

So, when looking at the categories of words to brainstorm, you want to think about words that relate to the outcome, promised result, transformation or status that your clients will achieve when they experience your offer.

Use a thesaurus and tools like Answer The Public to get an idea of the results your market is searching for.

List out all the words and see if any of them can come together.

And to give you an example of some brilliant names that convey a desirable outcome, I think these work well:

School Of Greatness
Your Best Year Yet
Everyday Bliss

Step 2: Once you have a relevant results-oriented name, think about how it relates to your target market.

It’s easy for us to fall in love with a name, but we want to make sure it also appeals and relates to the audience and category you’re in.

Beware of any terms that may be too spiritual, masculine or feminine for your own audience.

It’s like offering a program called The Heart & Soul Of Money to a practical and results-driven market, or something like You Are A Badass to Conservative Christian mothers.

Step 3: Do your research before landing on the name.

Make sure you double-check for any offending terms or trademark contraventions to ensure that you don’t inadvertently offend or break any laws.

There’s a podcast called Nitty Gritty Training that could be deemed racist as this term is no longer acceptable to use.

Or you may infringe on another coach’s trademark as I did once when I launched a workshop without searching US trademarks.

Along these lines, ask around and see how it lands with others – both clients and non-clients.


Remember, your program isn’t for you, it isn’t for everyone. It’s for your specific ideal client. They’re out there, struggling to overcome obstacles you can help them overcome and dreaming about a future you can help make a reality. As a coach, you have what it takes to get them there.


Your program name may only be a few words, but those few words are the difference between attracting and repelling your potential clients in an instant.


If you follow these foundational steps, it will help you choose the perfect coaching program and offer names.

If you’re still stuck, come and join me in Coach Co. It’s my Life Coach Marketing Accelerator where we dive in to help you create your perfect coaching offer, price it, name it and sell it. Just head to https://victoriagibson.com/coach to check it out.


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