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How To Re-Think Your Course Or Coaching Program For Bigger Results

February 23, 2017

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If you’ve created an online course or coaching program but you’ve only really marketed it once or twice, you’re probably suffering from the “I need to create something new disease”.

You want to move on to the next thing, before you’ve played full out with THIS thing.

That is you want to throw away all that hard work you put into creating, producing and selling your course or program because you think it flopped.

Here’s the thing, it didn’t flop, it just takes time and consistency to see big results, and just because it didn’t meet your (rather big) expectations, doesn’t mean you should ditch it.

In fact, I help coaches, consultants and experts grow their sales from courses and programs even if they don’t have a big list, and without big fancy launches too.

Here are a few things you can think about to re-think your offer and get more mileage and profit out of all that hard work you’ve already done.

1. Add Group or One-On-One Coaching

If you’re seeing “drop-off” from your course participants and having trouble keeping them engaged past the first few weeks of your course, you may benefit from adding more customised coaching to your offer.

When your clients aren’t seeing the results you promised, you may need to add some more structure and support around your offer.

You can still use your online program as the core curriculum but add a private call to get them set up with a clear direction at the outset, and create deep-dive support throughout the course to ensure they stay on track, are engaged and get the support they need.

You can still do this virtually and in leveraged group settings, but your participants have a greater chance of staying on track when they have personalised support.

Don’t underestimate the group dynamic in it’s ability to drive a transformation.

Most people thrive in a group, particularly when leaders emerge who inspire others and a healthy competition is created to motivate and create momentum.

2. Raise The Price

When you increase the value of the support your course provides, you also have the opportunity to raise the price of the course which has several benefits.

Firstly, you need fewer buyers to reach your income goals.

Secondly, you have more time and resources to support their transformation.

Thirdly, they are more invested in getting a positive outcome and value their learning far more than those who purchase cheaper programs and fail to complete them.

This is a particularly good strategy when you are starting out and your list size is quite small.

Many first-timers set themselves up for failure by pricing their programs at $97 without a “back-end” offer.

It usually means you need hundreds of buyers to reach your income targets.

Instead, think about how you can create more value that will then support an increase in the price tag of your course.

3. Increase The Length Of Your Course

When you critically assess the time it takes to get your participants the results they are investing in, you give them a greater chance of success.

Don’t just choose 6-weeks because that’s what you see everyone else offering. Assess what is really required to keep them engaged AND to get great results.

Many people need longer to implement, optimise and maintain their results, and when you add in more support to your programs, you’ll find it’s easier to keep them engaged than it is with your average online program.

Set your clients up for success and give them the space and time they need to work through all the elements and integrate them.

4. Layer Your Programs

Many people create a “kitchen-sink” course the first time they create their offerings, which means they put everything they know in ONE program.

This creates overwhelm for participants which leads to poor results (not to mention being even harder to create and deliver for you).

If you have an existing program, think about whether you can create a few courses out of it.

Think logically about how these could feed into each other and move your buyers through each stage of the transformation you offer.

This allows buyers to ascend through each stage of learning and keeps them engaged and interested in achieving each level of progress.

You also have more messages and promotions to create throughout the year, rather than feeling like a “broken record” promoting the same course throughout.

5. Add A Done-For-You Component

If you know that the transformation you offer your clients tends to have many variables depending on individual circumstances, you may want to consider a done-for-you or done-with-you component.

A quick way to get up and running using the power of online marketing is to provide a service for your buyers, rather than package up all your IP in an online course.

Although you will actually be doing the work, you can offer the service virtually and can attract clients using the power of Facebook Ads and Webinars.

This hybrid model can create results very quickly, particularly if you can establish yourself as an expert using content marketing.

6. Rolling Enrolment

Rolling enrolment is one of the most powerful concepts you can use when enrolling clients into your programs.

Instead of creating all the buzz in certain periods, you can set your course up so that participants can join at any time.

This takes the pressure off specific periods, and also smooths out your revenue.

It can also help get better results for your buyers, particularly if there is an active group element as there will always be people at different levels in the program which will inspire newbies and re-engage the longer term members by keeping the activity fresh.

By using one or a few of these strategies, you can renew your existing course or program for more results and profit.

My Anti-Launch Guide approach gives you the framework you need to attract buyers every day into your programs and I also step you through what it takes to get started from scratch.

Register for the free webinar here!

Which one could you apply today to breathe new life into your programs? Post below in the comments.

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