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PODCAST: 6 Ways To Power Up Your Online Marketing

April 16, 2020

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I'm Victoria!

I show life coaches how to master their marketing and take control of their own success by creating a meaningful message that attracts more clients and makes more money.


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Discover 3 Messaging Principles you must know to create $10K months on repeat. 

In thinking more about why coaches and consultants don’t keep growing (or even gain momentum in the first place), I drilled down to 6 key fundamentals that you need to improve your income and grow your success in business.

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The 6 P’s that I outline on this podcast are:

1. Posting

2. Presence

3. Persistence

4. Promotion

5. Preservation

6. Perpetuity

Even dialling in just one of these P’s will dramatically shift your results but when you align them all you have an online coaching or consulting business that pays you week in and week out.

I also cover the fundamentals of a great offer:

A solid PROMISE.

Talks to the specific PROBLEM your audience is facing.

Paints a POSSIBILITY that your audience desires greatly.

Gives them a PLAN to get to that possibility with as little difficulty as possible.

(I think I’m on a roll with all those P’s 😁)

I also talk about the framework for a great Facebook Live, which is:

WHAT are you going to share

WHY does it matter

LESSON where’s the lesson to learn

APPLY the lesson to your life or situation

ACTION give them the next step to get more value, whether that be to join your group, register for a freebie or book a call.

Listen in and then jump on over to my Connect & Convert group so you can show up and tell me which one of the P’s you are going to focus on.

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