Where Good Life Coaches Get Messaging Wrong

March 1, 2024

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I show life coaches how to master their marketing and take control of their own success by creating a meaningful message that attracts more clients and makes more money.


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Where Good Life Coaches Get Messaging Wrong

I’m guessing you don’t have the time or money to waste when it comes to getting results and making money in your coaching business.

And more than wasting time and money, the last thing you want to do with a full schedule is waste more energy either.

With so much to focus on when it comes to growing a profitable life coaching business online, I want to prevent you from frittering your time, energy, and money away on unproductive marketing efforts that deplete you and fail to create the results you need.

Instead, I want to show you how to share a message online that gets you seen, heard, and paid so you can create a business that lasts from a body of work that reaches, impacts, and transforms more lives.

And to start seeing any momentum with your message, you need to find where there are people who want what you’re offering.

There’s an old saying: in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king…

You don’t have to be the woman with two eyes, one is enough, you just have to have an edge over those who need what you have to offer.

You need to start sharing your value where there’s existing demand, but you also need to know how to build and develop desire amongst your audience to reach your full potential as a life coach.

Without this demand and desire, you’ll find it harder to convert strangers into buyers, and your business will struggle to stay alive.

You’ll stay stuck hustling for referrals and endlessly networking to drum up new buyers.

With any saturated and mature market, and by that, I mean one where you have more competition, you’ll find that there’s a hunger for difference and distinction.

You can’t be obsessed about what YOU love to create or what excites you most, instead, you must look strategically at making your message matter to your audience if you want to inspire them to pay attention, connect with them to create insight and understanding, and ultimately ensure they become buyers.

So let’s look at the three biggest ways good life coaches go wrong when sharing their message online to grow a highly profitable and successful business.

1. Lacking An Edge 

Without finding some distinction in your message, your message will get lost.

Without a point of difference, the only people who end up hearing and engaging with your message will be a small group of die-hard followers and clients.

The ones who love you no matter what.

And we love the die-hards of course, but to convert more strangers into buyers and grow your impact and your income takes time and you need to reach more than the smallest number of believers.

You can’t hope that your good nature and kind heart alone will help you get discovered and your offers sold out.

Instead, you need to quickly demonstrate your value and make it easily recognisable in the hearts and minds of your perfect audience.

The best way to do this is to relentlessly create and share your own powerful and promotable message, which will dramatically improve your marketing results.

If you’re feeling confused about what makes your message powerful, I understand how overwhelming that can feel…

The best place to start is to identify your natural strengths and talents.

This is what I do in my Coach Co. Circle program where we dive into the Brand Blueprint Creation System.

It doesn’t mean you create or need a big brand like Virgin or Apple, this is more about finding and unlocking your value and communicating it clearly so it gets seen and heard and you have a way to connect and convert your audience into clients.

It ties together your passionate purpose, expertise, and strengths to draw more of the right audience to you with less resistance.

When you join Coach Co. Circle, the first thing you do is learn what your Brand Archetype is how it can guide and support your message, and how you share it.

When I started my business journey, it was so tempting to want to emulate my mentors in everything, especially in their branding.

And for me, that was being like Marie Forleo.

The problem is that you just become a poor man’s version of someone else – you don’t stand out and you don’t resonate, because your message isn’t truly yours.

Instead, you want to unearth your style, your instinct, and your natural talents to leverage your strengths and stand out with what comes most easily to you.

2. Not Fully Leveraging Your Coaching & Content

We all know and feel the pressure to be posting on social media, regularly emailing our list, and creating new offers and launching.

To make the most out of your content and coaching on a bigger scale – you need a sharing system where you have the chance to capture your value and allow others to experience it before they become your client.

This is what drives that demand and desire that delivers you the results you need to grow a highly profitable life coaching business.

So, you must micro-manage your marketing so that you can touch more people, drive more awareness, and get more engagement on everything you work so hard to create.

Whether that’s a social media post, or an insight or idea, a step in your signature system or a client case study.

Don’t just share things once.

Get the value out of all you create.

So much of your content is like a “one-hit wonder” where you miss the chance to extract maximum potential and fail to see that many people won’t even have seen the first time you shared it.

So instead of creating more value from the work you’ve already done,  you focus on creating more and more content – which is exhausting-  and you miss the chance to spin more reach and engagement from what you already have.

And this takes so much more energy to get momentum and you lose the chance to enjoy the repetition effect of your audience seeing and hearing something more than once.

The human brain is designed to recognize and respond to the familiar and feel instantly at ease when it’s presented with a concept it already has some understanding of… so use that to your advantage and create some systems to keep sharing what you’ve already done the work creating.

And even when you are bored with your message, or feel like you’ve said the same thing too many times,  don’t assume others have the same level of awareness, because it’s highly likely they don’t.

Share it again to break through the natural resistance barrier people have to take on board new ideas and make the most of the work you’ve already done.

3. Keeping Your Messaging Scope Way Too Wide

This one is a killer because even when you think marketing is what is keeping you overwhelmed, it’s the scope of what you’re trying to cover that’s keeping you feeling overwhelmed.

This is what triples your workload and keeps you stuck and hating everything that needs to happen to get your message out there.

It feels like you’re not even scratching the surface and there’s still so much more you need to build, share, and develop to start spreading your ideas.

But think about the success of a TED talk, it just takes one specific idea to take hold and get shared.

Think about Simon Sinek – Start With Why

Brene Brown – The Power Of Vulnerability

In a world inundated with messages, the best messages are clear, specific, and meaningful.

And you can only be meaningful when you keep your scope narrow.
So quit trying to cover everything you know and start curating your message with relevance so you can create more impact with your clarity.

As I said before, you don’t have time to waste, so take it as your mission to make your message matter, so you can share your ideas without friction, get the right people on board quickly, and create work in the world that translates and transforms so you can touch more lives than you ever thought possible.

You owe it to yourselves and your clients to make your message matter, share your ideas, and bring your work to more people.


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