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#31 How To Get Started Growing An Engaged & Profitable Email List As A Life Coach

July 11, 2022

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Email continues to outperform every other marketing channel for revenue growth and this makes it such an amazing opportunity for life coaches, no matter what size your business.


Email really is the heart and soul of all the strategies that we can use to get attention online, whether it be blogging, ads or social media, email will amplify your efforts because your email list is the biggest asset in your business.

When you cultivate an active and engaged email list, you have the ability to communicate with them at any time to motivate, inspire, and attract them as clients.


So it becomes like you owning the race course,  you own that email list, so you’ve always got that opportunity to leverage that asset to make offers, send out invitations and make sales.


But the opportunity doesn’t become valuable until you create connections and until you start sharing value and consistently showing up and sharing and that is via consistently emailing your list.


And one of the biggest blocks that come up about sending emails as coaches is that we think to ourselves – 


“I don’t know what to write”.

“I don’t want to sound pushy or sales-y”.

“I don’t wanna share all my personal details or my life”.


All these things come up and then we just sort of get in our head or we think that there’s some particular formula that we have to use. So it just leads us to a bit of that imposter syndrome, a little bit of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that creeps up and takes over. And it stops us from making the most of this amazing opportunity.


When I started my coaching business way back in 2010, I knew that creating an email list was a crucial strategy to get clients and grow my business. And I started using the power of list building and sharing my knowledge and inviting people to opt-in for freebies.


But I quickly got sidetracked by the ease and success of using Facebook Ads to grow my list, and although I still do use ads, I’ve realised the huge importance of using engaging emails that sell ad automating these as much as possible to ensure your leads are getting the attention and connection they need.


And that’s why I don’t want you to get distracted by social media or ads and neglect the heart and soul of your marketing – your email list.


It’s absolutely critical to have a high-converting lead magnet that gives your potential subscribers a reason to join your email list as it’s just not enough to invite them to subscribe anymore.


Preferably it’s something that you can always offer that encourages your emails to get opened.


It should make your audience feel like they’re in the right place, and that you can inspire, help or guide them to a better place.


It can be great to weave in more stories into your emails and share some of your adventures, experiences, challenges, and wins along the way because people want to do business with humans.


And that is what grows trust and builds value that allows you to create a connection with your beautiful email list. So make it as conversational as possible, but it needs to be clear, and easy to read as well. So don’t create really, really long paragraphs in your emails.


If you want to see an example of great lead magnet ideas. Take a look at some best-in-class inspiration here >> https://page.victoriagibson.com/freebieinspo/


And in thinking about what to share in your emails, remember that you don’t always have to be the expert and the coach.

You don’t have to be the most successful life coach to be able to tell stories. You don’t have to have a sea of clients to be able to tell stories either. Maybe it’s something you saw or read in a book, and you could relay some of your insights onto that and be that narrator rather than just the guru.


Rather than making sure your emails are written perfectly or worrying about when people unsubscribe that you remain consistent

And if you are looking for more help to grow an engaged and responsive email list, make sure you start with creating a great welcome email sequence for those new subscribers. This can be automated and ensure you start off building the connection right without alienating the rest of your list with those welcome emails. You can get your copy here  >> https://page.victoriagibson.com/welcome-sequence/


I have a lead conversion workshop coming up, that focuses on creating and implementing up-to-the-minute email marketing strategies that are going to allow you to grow an engaged and connected email list and also create an ecosystem around that.


The money is in your list, but also the heart of your coaching business is there, so don’t overlook it anymore and start to uplevel your email game and write better consistent emails that get you coaching clients.

Want to join my latest email workshop? Head here for the details: https://page.victoriagibson.com/email-activate-offer/

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