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3 Big Reasons To Attend My In-Person Packaging Workshop

March 21, 2017

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I show life coaches how to master their marketing and take control of their own success by creating a meaningful message that attracts more clients and makes more money.


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Discover 3 Messaging Principles you must know to create $10K months on repeat. 

Amongst all the “shiny objects” out there that can take your business off track, there is a foundation you need that will give you the certainty and freedom to reach more clients, make more sales and most importantly have more fun.

Far too often, we fall victim to the latest hack, software, strategy or tool that we believe will save us from the endless hustle and grind of building a profitable coaching, expert or consulting business online.

You’ve been strong enough to raise your hand and say you want to build a great business, you’ve turned your back on the regular career path – the safe one – but how come you’re still grappling with a profitable direction for your business?

Most likely, it’s because your message isn’t hitting the mark, you’re charging too little, or your delivery is too time-intensive leaving you little opportunity to market your business in the growing sea of competition.

The foundation you need to break free from lumpy cash flow, and the extreme stress of not knowing how much money you will make next month (not to mention pressure from your partner or those crappy clients that are driving you mad), is here and I want to walk you through it LIVE.

In this special opportunity to get hands-on advice and strategies from me, I’ll walk you through this foundation and how you can apply it for fast results. On Thursday March 30, I’m hosting my Sky High Results Online workshop in Brisbane and together we will map out your profitable packages or programs.

First, I want to tell you how it came about.

The Heart Of The Matter

Although I’m a massive fan of leverage and the power of taking your expertise online, I have found that only a tiny few are able to create an online course and create sustainable profits from scratch.

Many women who are exceptionally talented, with loads of experience and who are driven to make a difference are failing to succeed at growing their own business.

I can’t even tell you the number of women I speak to who are making under $5,000 a month in sales.

This IS NOT acceptable to me… and totally unnecessary.

The truth is, it is actually pretty easy to make $10K a month in revenue in a coaching, expert or consulting business when you have the right foundation (and this is what is missing for most people).

Scale beyond $30K to $50K a month become the next hurdle, but getting up and running is actually within reach for most women once they create their compelling offer and build a profitable and sustainable package or program around that.


The Online Merry Go Round

After being an avid consumer of online courses, and finding it hard to say no to most launches that come around I started to realise something (and saw most of my clients doing it too).

I barely EVER completed the online courses and programs I would invest in.

Apart from B-School which I bought back in 2010, I don’t think I have ever fully completed a course I have bought… despite spending over $150K on them!

This is sheer madness.

But common.

In fact, only 10% of people do complete the online learning they invest in.

That’s crap, and getting us nowhere.

What I did find worked for me in building my multi-six-figure coaching and consulting business was getting in-person, hands-on guidance and support from those who were several steps ahead of me.

Investing in mentorship with the likes of Marie Forleo, Kevin Nations, James Schramko, Lisa Sasevich and Justin Livingston were the best business-building moves I made.

Although they weren’t cheap, they made the biggest shifts for me. And I also found this to be true for my own coaching clients.

The shifts I help women make in their business when I can get my hands on their business are HUGE.

And that’s why I created Sky High Results Workshop.

The Experience

Over the past 6 years of coaching and consulting to entrepreneurs about attracting more clients online, I’ve discovered what is really needed to create sustainable growth and make a mark.

I’ve been able to identify what’s working out there in the market and why and distill it down into a repeatable system you can apply to get more success.

Knowing what makes a woman like Louise make $39K in her first online course and why someone like Catherine can repackage her coaching programs and make $13K in just one week, give me the knowledge I need to identify exactly what you need to move the needle in your business.

This also means that when I can take a small group of women through my Message To Market system and help them create the perfect package or program, a new level of opportunity opens up and big shifts happen.

This workshop is a dedicated place where I can invest, interact, and go deep into high-value content with a select group of participants.

Now I want you to experience the same sort of transformation—and it starts at this unique event.

One Breakthrough After Another

I ran the first Sky High Results Online workshop back in 2013, and since then they have been held in Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Los Angeles and London.

We have laughed, made new friends, mapped out big breakthroughs and plans for world domination, ate great food and had a lot of fun.

It has given so many women entrepreneurs a new level of clarity and confidence and led to big shifts.

The event has attracted women at different levels – coaches, consultants, those with a big idea and those that already have clients but are looking for a better way.

The opportunity to have fresh eyes on their business and a new level of certainty and confirmation of the right direction for them is priceless, and one that doesn’t normally happy when you invest $1,000 in an online course.

My favourite part is always seeing the look in someone’s eyes when she “got it.”

It usually came in a moment of silence after a discussion ended or a question was posed. I could see the answer appearing in that person’s mind—and becoming obvious to the whole room.


The Sky High Results Difference
With so much information out there about how to grow your business, it’s hard to discern what to apply and what to leave behind.

And that’s why I created this workshop, so you can get clear on your direction, your message and your market and what it’s REALLY going to take to get where you want to go.

You get to see the system laid out, along with all the how-tos around Facebook Ads, live events and webinars that will bring the system to life and bring in more of your ideal clients who are ready and eager to work with you.

At Sky High Results Online, I show you how to create profitable packages that grow your influence and your income. We’ll cover:

1. To Find Your MAGIC – Create the perfect intersection of compelling and enjoyable as the foundation to your package.

2. Know Your MARKET -Go niche to find the perfect prospects for your offers.

3. How To Land Your MESSAGE – Develop a powerful message and effective online marketing campaigns to attract the perfect client.

4. The Right MODEL – Choose the right business model that serves you and your clients best and can bring results in a sustainable and profitable way.

So I want to invite you to join me at Sky High Results Online Workshop for 3 big reasons:

  1. You get to fast-track the creation of your profitable package.
    You’re already busy (actually, really busy). What doesn’t get your focus doesn’t change and this workshop is the perfect excuse to make an appointment with yourself to learn to uplevel your business and income. Get personal coaching from me, and connect with others who have the same goal. Take just one day and put yourself in a position to have the breakthroughs you deserve.
  2. You get to hear from me personally—and learn how I help others create their foundation.
    Learn from me directly in a way that goes far beyond what online programs can teach you. I’ll answer your questions, provide practical examples from my business and my clients, and help you customise the system for use in your particular situation.
  3. You get the accountability and support you need to start making real changes. It’s one thing to work through strategies on your own, and another thing to do it in a room full of people dedicated to the same purpose you are. Brainstorming, discussing, and exploring what it takes to create your profitable and sustainable business is so valuable in this workshop. You’ll make new connections and feel empowered to act on the vision you create. And I want to be there with you when the transformation happens!A Limited Offer
    The personal nature of these workshops mean that I don’t get to hold them all the time, and it usually only happens once or twice a year in your city.The individual attention you get also means that I don’t have a ton of people in the room.

    That means if you’re interested, it is important to decide quickly. Time is running out, so if you’re ready to move, act quickly.

    Go here to claim your place now.



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