How To Become A Wildly In-Demand Life Coach

How To Become A Wildly In-Demand
Life Coach

Get the coaching clients you want, when you want, at the price you want using a method that helps you dramatically grow your business by touching more lives.

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In this session, I'm revealing the number one mistake most life coaches make when looking to get their first set of clients, and the number one method that makes you a better life coach while you earn more revenue.
This sets you up to start bringing in stable revenue right away, and with just your first handful of clients.

Eliminate the need to convince your prospects of the need for life coaching and why you're the perfect coach for them, and instead attract a steady stream of the perfect clients lined up, credit card in hand ready to invest at premium prices.

Here Are The Limited Time Sessions In This Live Online Workshop 

The Perfect Offer To Start With As A Life Coach

The Simple Shift To Attract Clients Who Are Pre-Sold

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Discover how to break away from the theory of coaching and actually get out there and COACH more clients in a way that is leveraged AND lucrative so you can stay on mission and make money.

Multiply Your Impact As A Life Coach

Brainstorming Your Niche

session four


Want to break records or turn up the heat on your success? Then you need to master these traffic secrets.  
I've been running social media ad campaigns for a decade now and I'm going to show you simple ways to grow your list and build your audience.

The Traffic Secrets Of Top Life Coaches

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"I just had a client pay in full for my 10-week coaching package. I have 16 requests for discovery sessions and 241 new subscribers. Thank you so much Victoria, I've been so much more visible!"

— kaylee

"Celebration time!"

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