Captivate & Inspire Your Audience Online With Webinars That Generate Clients Year-Round

Captivate & Inspire Your Audience Online With Webinars That Generate Clients Year-Round 

Ready To Have Certainty And Confidence Sharing Your Message Online Using An Aligned Webinar That Sets You Apart And Boosts Your Sales?

Is it time you finally got your webinar sorted?

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This is your chance to...

Discover the truth about how every ambitious Life Coach can get noticed online and set themselves apart from the competition with a webinar that resonates with their perfect clients. 

Let me take you by the hand and make it easy for you to create and profit from your aligned webinar.

And as soon as they have envisioned what is possible, you are going to make sure they know that you were once in their shoes. You're going to break down all of the frustrations in the next section.

Webinar Success Could Finally Be Yours.

Ready to create a webinar your way?

"Victoria, you've been so instrumental in the growth of my business. You always stood by me and believed in me and showed me how to be a class-act boss babe"

— alanna

"I've made a million dollars this year alone!"

In fact, I struggled for a long time trying to answer this one question: "How do I build trust and connection online in a way that makes it easy for my audience to choose me"

And the answer always came back to webinars because they were the best way to build credibility and awareness without risking huge expensive launches.

They are the simplest path to converting cold social media traffic to excited high-paying coaching client.

I know how that feels because I've been there myself... lots of times!

Let me take you by the hand and make it easy for you to generate clients year-round with a feel-good webinar strategy.

if your marketing is missing the mark ...

Webinar Success Secrets 


Discover why webinar marketing is the best growth opportunity for your life coaching business and how to apply it to overcome the common fears and mistakes that have given you such mixed results so far and the shifts you can apply for immediate success.

Get inside the minds of your perfect audience and connect with them with a captivating message to open the door to more right-fit coaching clients.

You'll confirm the value of your coaching and expertise and finally stop second-guessing your worth and your ability to get your clients 

Create a transformational process of distinction that forms the basis for what you'll share in the webinar done your way.
Get the guidance and support to take a birds-eye view of what you do and establish its value without bias and ego so you can get out of your own way and integrate it into your webinar.

Here's What You'll Learn

Create & Validate Your Wildly Profitable Coaching Message 

Formulate & Brand Your Expertise As A Unique Magic Method


valued at $497

Get the keys to add profit-boosting opportunities that ensure your webinars fuel the growth of your coaching business - whether people watch your webinar or not.

Use instant-invitations to create cash-flow boosting engagement for your webinars and offset your Facebook and Instagram ad costs.

Maximize Your Webinar Profits


 This training holds the keys to getting your right-fit clients to register and join your unique webinar event.
 Discover how to engage and inspire them with your captivating coaching content in a way that leads to results.
 Grow your engaged following and audience as you share your value and make it easier for them to say yes to your coaching.

Create A Webinar Your Way



Discover how to drastically improve your conversions & audience connection from your webinar.

How does this sound?

Develop shareable concepts from your best coaching to inspire and motivate your audience.



in just 6-weeks you could:

Choose the best webinar format for you so you can maximize engagement and results on your webinar.


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the butt and feel confident to consistently share your webinar.


Create an online lead generation pipeline that helps you grow faster than any organic traffic ever could.



How It Works

This workshop  makes it a snap to clarify the message that will magnetize your right-fit clients and organize it in a way that makes sense and sets you up for confident conversions.

land your profitable message

 Map out the solution you offer in a way that differentiates you from the competition and elevates your value so you can generate the kind of demand that gets clients begging to work with you no matter what you charge. 

clearly showcase your value

Live the life of a sought-after coach who is well-paid for their ideas and expertise, spend more time with family and friends instead of working all the time, and do something you love and make money doing it

claim the success you deserve

Discover how to fill your webinars with right-fit prospects using the power Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Get hands-on funnel training with real-life campaign strategies and case studies for inspiration and ideas, and the assistance of a tried and true expert to help you get your webinar funnel created and filling with targeted leads.

You’ll get live step-by-step walkthroughs so you can take control of setting up and filling your high-converting webinar pipeline - from scratch (or optimising and troubleshooting your existing funnel).

Discover how to use automation to drive webinar engagement without you having to show up and present every time.

If you want to keep it live, find out how to structure your system without burning out your audience or feeling like you’re always repeating yourself.

Get the step-by-step walkthroughs so you can take control of setting up and filling your high-converting automated webinar pipeline.

Create A Plan To Promote & Profit From Webinars Faster Than Ever Before

Find & Attract Your Perfect Audience With Paid Ads ($497 Value)

Feel The Benefits Of Automated Magic 


valued at $497

PLUS you'll also get to discover how to

"Pop the champers, Victoria! My sales hit $13K for the month and there are still more payments to come in."


started coaching full-time:

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


real results

6 weeks from now you'll wish you started today....

So let's get started!

"My webinar sales were up 80% from my previous launch!"


tripled her webinar sales

Yes, It Really Works

"With Victoria's advice, we brought in $80K from just ONE webinar!"


boosted her webinar conversions

"Ads all paid for and a 6-figure webinar"


landed her 6-figure webinar promise

The Webinar Success Secrets 6-week live coaching experience makes it easy for you to have certainty and confidence sharing your message online. You'll create your aligned webinar to set yourself apart and reliably generate more leads and clients so you can finally elevate yourself above the competition without having to wait years or have a huge following on social media.

You're braver than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

Get a clear guide to selecting and getting started with the best tools that suit YOU and your uniquely aligned webinar.
You'll get step by step guides on pros and cons as well as the features and benefits to make the right choice to move forward and not let tech overwhelm bite you in the butt!

Grab your seat today and get my webinar tech tool kit!


Webinar Tech Tools & Set Up


"Let me be the lightning rod for your possibility.

— victoria

STOP worrying about how to build trust online and create a rock-solid pathway to more clients and profit with your own webinar once and for all.

Unlock the secret to doing what you love and make money doing it faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

Be able to clearly articulate what you do and who you do it for confidently and without hesitation so you can start getting lasting momentum in your marketing.

Have a clear actionable plan in place for scaling your business and taking things to the next level. 

Have more value and clarity in what to post and what to say on Instagram so you can get on with it.

Be able to attract right-fit clients without all the manual work of networking or countless unqualified sales calls that go nowhere.

6 weeks from now you will...


""Your webinar framework helped me share my Upswing Mastermind and enrol even more amazing clients."

— amanda

"I had 2000 people on the webinar!"

"Put another highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."


"This program was the best investment—ever!"

"And another one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."

and another NAME GOES HERE

"This program has gotten me my dream clients!"

“How do I scale-up sales when I'm not seeing the momentum from social media and my email list?”

Join me for this live coaching workshop to focus on the power of webinar marketing, especially for life coaches who want to share their coaching and attract more clients with a meaningful message without waiting for more experience or the time it takes to build a huge following.

I'm sharing the key elements you need to become a leading life coach and how you can share your knowledge and passion for transformational coaching to become a highly sought-after coach and thought-leader.

This is the foundation for making your client attraction easier and far more profitable.

this LIVE COACHING workshop Makes it a breeze to become a
sought-after life coach no matter what your previous experience

Webinars are the way.

This opportunity is uncommon because it's hard to get access to proven high-level online marketing strategies and coaching in the one live experience ...

get up-close guidance and pro webinar tips 

Let me take you by the hand and make it easy for you to…

  • Find Great Clients Consistently
  • Become A Sought-After Coach
  • Feel Confident In Claiming Your Place As A Leading Life Coach Online
  • Stop Following Formulas That Don't Feel Like YOU
  • Stop Spending So Much Time On Marketing That Doesn't Work
  • Get Noticed For Your Coaching With An Stand-Out Message That Resonates With Your Perfect Clients
  • AND
  • Live The Life Of A Sought-After Coach Who Is Well-Paid For Their Ideas And Expertise

Webinar Success Secrets is worth MORE than
$ 3,000. This special price of $ 497 is a "Buy it NOW before it's gone" offer... so act fast!

If you pass on this offer, will you get noticed online for your coaching, your ideas and your transformational offer without all the manual marketing that doesn't last and the constant need for new social media ideas?  Probably not!

Face it. Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who's "been there and done that" when it comes to webinar marketing. Get this 6-week live coaching experience NOW at 50% OFF for a limited time and you too can have certainty and confidence around sharing your message online using an aligned webinar.

Webinar Success Secrets is your key to find great clients consistently, anywhere in the world and feel confident to claim your place as a leading life coach online.

live & interactive 6-week coaching experience with an experienced mentor

curriculum delivered weekly with an additional year-long access to review as & when you need at your own pace

intimate boutique group where you can access personalized guidance in a group setting with direct access to victoria

templates and success strategies based on what's working right now in the coaching industry online

This 6-week live coaching experience includes everything you need to finally create your aligned webinar.

That your course or product can only take them so far. That not only applying what they will learn but sweat equity into their vision is the only way to move the needle. And then you are going to leave them with something majorly thought-provoking...

Creating your aligned and high-converting webinar

Building a system that will generate more qualified leads.

Attracting your dream clients and doing the transformational coaching that lights you up.

Getting clear on your transformational message to market so you can finally stop doubting your magic and instead find more of the right clients.

Creating reliable and repeatable systems to share your value, call in great clients and deliver amazing outcomes. 

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your business and  life.

If you want 2023 to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


Try it for 30 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

If The "Webinar Success Secrets" 6-week Live Coaching Experience doesn't show you exactly how to feel confident in creating a webinar on your terms... and if it fails to help you have certainty and confidence sharing your message online... then I don't want your money. I'll give it all back - no hard feelings!

money back 


This      for you if:

You need to finally make time for a reliable client attraction strategy

You're overwhelmed by the idea of creating & sharing a webinar

YOu ARE an ambitious life coach who isn't scared of marketing


you're ready for the next step in growing your business

It's probably       for you if...

you're hoping for aN instant result



It's probably
for you if...


Let's Do This Thing!

When Can I Start?

When you join you get immediate access to the members area and online coaching group and you can dive in to your welcome materials. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Webinar Success Secrets Work?

Webinar Success Secrets is a live guided 6-week coaching workshop lead by Victoria Gibson, an experienced online marketing coach and strategist who has devised and guided the creation of hundreds of webinars for c.oaches over more than a decade

The trainings are released in weekly Modules with easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists, and worksheets. All of the training is online inside a private, members only site.

How many people are in the course?

This live round is limited to 10 participants so as to ensure the boutique nature of the workshop is preserved. This is not another online course, this is a coaching experience with real strategy, support and personal guidance from Victoria.

How much access to Victoria do I get?

The live coaching workshop runs for 6 weeks from November 22 and you get access to coaching, guidance and support in the online discussion forum directly with Victoria as well as 6 x group coaching calls where you can get coached one on one by Victoria.

Is Webinar Success Secrets Right For Me?

If you're a coach of any gender, identity, nationality, race or cultural background a want to learn how to use the power of aligned webinar marketing to share your message online and attract more right-fit clients, this live coaching workshop is for you.

Accessibility considerations include captioned videos, audio files, visual optimization and transcripts. The course does require a desire to dive in to using software tools to support your success, and it isn't a done for you program.

Ideal members fall into one of these categories: Ambitious New Coaches, Established Coaches Looking To Optimize Their Marketing Funnels, & Successful Coaches Wanting To Scale Up Their Results.

I'm really busy right now, will I get a chance to join at a later date?

No dates to offer this course are scheduled, and if and when they are, the program price and current bonuses will disappear. 
You don't have to participate live but you still get access to the call recordings, and all the materials in the member's area past the 6 weeks for a further 12 months, so this investment for a step by step strategy, worksheets and templates (not to mention Facebook Ads coaching) is great value.


Clients I Have Coached On Webinar Strategy


Webinars Created For My Own Business


Managed Facebook & Insta Ad Spend


Number Clients Who Told Me They Hate Webinars
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