VIP Intensive


VIP Intensive With Victoria Gibson

A 1 day, in-person intensive that dives deep into creating powerful strategies for your business to attract more leads and sales.

VIP Intensive With Victoria Gibson

Together we will build on the momentum that you have already created in your business to create an automated sales system that delivers more profit and bigger results for your buyers. You’ll walk away feeling confident in the products and services you’re offering and understand how to clearly translate your value in the market.

Using her 5+ years of experience with cutting-edge online marketing strategies, Victoria will help you quickly unlock and uncover valuable insights from your business.

Do you want to...

    1. Drastically increase sales in your business
    2. Learn how to package your services to bring in high-level profits
    3. Utilize clear and simple strategies to unlock ease and flow in your business
    4. Create a solid sales system with innovative online marketing strategies
    5. Establish a clear path forward to growing your business, results and impact
    6. Implement advice and strategies from a successful business coach who can translate your vision, goals and passion into an actionable plan for profit

But you're struggling with:

    • Feeling overwhelmed by all of the different growth strategies you could be using
    • Your lack of knowledge when it comes to implementing the latest online marketing strategies
    • Undercharging for your services and programs
    • Having an unclear strategy for how to grow and uplevel your business
    • Not having a solid support system and guidance
    • Being unable to consistently attract quality leads and clients
    • Not knowing how to apply the strategies you’ve learned from previous programs

What you’re going to learn in your VIP Intensive with Victoria Gibson:

    • How to consistently generate leads
    • Create a solid sales strategy to drive high-level income
    • Feel confident in charging what you’re worth
    • How to position your packages to create more sales and profits
    • How to set your business up for success and sustainability

Who is this program designed for?

The Secret Weapon

You're a woman who has a big transformation to share but you haven't been able to consistently attract clients into your business.

The High-Level Maven

You’ve already experienced a handful of successful results in your business but it's time to stretch yourself and grow.

The Clarity Seeker

You need more clarity around your ongoing business strategy and marketing in order to confidently move forward and upward in your business

VIP Intensive With Victoria Gibson

As this program is a personal VIP Intensive, the topics we’ll cover throughout your exclusive 1-day experience will be personalized to you and your business needs.

Topics can include, but aren't limited to:

VIP Intensive With Victoria Gibson

Positioning for Profit

You’ll learn:

  • How to position your packages and programs for more profit
  • How to optimize and price your offerings for high-level profits
VIP Intensive With Victoria Gibson

Lead Generation

You’ll learn:

  • Mapping out a consistent lead generation strategy to attract the right buyers into your business
  • Outlining short and long term priorities to ensure growth, confidence and increased sales
VIP Intensive With Victoria Gibson

Power of Marketing

You’ll learn:

  • How to unlock the power of social media to elevate your profile and boost your sales
  • How to improve both online and offline conversions

The VIP Intensive is perfect for you if...

    • You have a coaching or consulting business that produces amazing results but is struggling to attract the clients and bring in the income you desire
    • You’re ready to have a lead generation strategy to consistently drive sales
    • You’re ready to have high-level profits by putting your magic out there in a bigger way

This program is not for you if...

    • You sell physical products or engage in multi-level marketing
    • You’re not open to trying new strategies
    • You’re committed to staying where you are in your business



Andrea Clarke

Victoria takes a no bullshit approach to growing your business. She'll help you get out of your own road and develop tactical ways to identify where you need to be and how to get there.

Jane Benston

Victoria's gift of creating a clear and simple foundation from which to build a sustainable business is priceless For some time I have recognised that my marketing message was confusing and not hitting the mark with my clients. I had all the theory of how to build a successful coaching business but was struggling to pull all the pieces together in a way that would work for me. In just one short day with Victoria, she helped me to zero in on my ideal client, craft my marketing message that I feel really congruent with and clarify exactly what my next steps are to build a much more profitable and exciting business.


I love showing women entrepreneurs how to know without a doubt what their magic is and get the word out to make sales every single day.

Throughout my own entrepreneurial journey. I've found that identifying your magic is the cornerstone to big success online.

When I first broke away from corporate management and started my own online business, all I knew was that I wanted the feel good freedom of a laptop lifestyle.

I failed to see that without the following elements, my business was going struggle:

  • I needed to have a clear and compelling position in the market, one that translates to the clients I work best with.
  • By narrowing down my audience and my offer, not only would I attract more clients, I would also have way more impact.
  • Defining my magic and getting uber clear on my offer meant that I stopped being my client's "bitch", and stepped up as their leader instead.


I was pretty clueless and thought that I was smart enough to start a thriving business online, all off the back of my savvy marketing experience.

But online is a different ball game, and for a while there I just shifted my corporate job to an online consultancy.

This meant that freedom was still elusive, and my clients became my new boss.
I replaced the stifling, corporate management structure with clients that treated me just like their full-time employee.

It sucked!

But I was so out of touch with my magic, I thought that I had to serve at that level to charge high rates and keep the income rolling in.

That was until I tapped into my true magic, and discovered the intersection of what clients wanted most, what got them great results AND what I loved to do.

This intersection is what I call my message to market system. And it has been an absolute game - changer for me and my clients.

I use this system during VIP Intensives as it enabled me to replace my corporate salary within my first year, and more than double it the year after that.

One thing I know for sure is...

That when you connect with your magic, that is your unique abilities and talent for creating great results for your clients, you can rapidly build thew business of your dreams with the income you deserve.

Because once you tap into your magic you can package it into a powerful message that inspires your chosen market to choose you again and again.

Now, you have two choices…

You can continue to stumble around, pursuing strategies that you think might work for your business, but that end up producing minimal results OR you can launch your business forward with proven success frameworks that integrate with your own purpose and unlocks thousands in profits quickly!

Which will you choose?

So, You still have questions?