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Discover how to price your life coaching packages so they sell! Kiss one-off sessions and freebies goodbye and say hello to confidently charging what you deserve.
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How do I decide what to charge so I get clients who easily say "YES", while still earning what I deserve? 

As an ambitious coach with a drive to help more people…. And the desire to attract more revenue - each and every month...

I want to share with you what it really takes to create the thriving coaching practice of your dreams… All whilst creating great transformation for your clients and staying true to your big biz goals.

Tell me straight...

How many times have you wanted to stand in your power to charge what you’re really worth… But felt like “nobody’s going to pay that”?


How often have you given all your energy away in free sessions that went nowhere and left you feeling totally unappreciated?

Or perhaps you've been stuck feeling like you can't charge what you're worth because you're just getting started.

Sounds familiar? Then you MUST join me on this free training.

many life coaches wonder...

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On this free training :

How to generate unshakeable certainty and confidence in your pricing - no matter how much experience you have.


Discover the highest-converting life coaching offers and what they include (I'll share actual prices and inclusions to inspire you).


UNCOVER how to charge what you're worth and get it with these key takeaways:

How to easily package your value beyond hourly rates to attract your best clients (and get them excited to work with you).


And like I said, there’s no charge for this.

Just click to claim your place on the call and get your roadmap to confidently price your life coaching services. 

“Victoria’s great to work with.”


“I’d recommend Victoria’s skills to anyone”


“"You always believed in me, supported me, and were the most incredible (and only!) business coach I've ever had." ”

alanna made $1 million in revenue

Victoria, you've been so instrumental in the growth of my business. You always stood by me, believed in me and showed me how to be a class act boss babe as an internet entrepreneur.

You are pure magic, Victoria.

Thank you ONE MILLION times for being an instrumental part of my journey.

“Before working with Victoria I had been struggling with my price structure and the direction I wanted to take with my business model. ”

Rachel consistently generates a 5-figure monthly income

In just one session Victoria's strategies helped me bring in an extra $2,250 per month, eradicated all the doubt I had surrounding my fees and helped me redefine my business model.

She also helped me identify an amazing value add for my clients, bring a program idea to life and gain even more confidence in my ability to consistently generate a 5-figure monthly income.

All this from just ONE session!

Victoria is a brilliant coach who is sharp, savvy and on point. Love her to bits and am SO thankful to have had her guidance.

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Finding paying clients is the biggest barrier to getting the success you deserve as a coach.
The good news is you don't have to wait for more "experience" or create an amazing website to attract the clients you deserve.
You just need to model what's already working for the "success-stories" in your industry, and that's what I'm sharing on this free webinar.

Getting certified was the first step, and now it's time to get paid and transform more lives.

It's time to shine...

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