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Message to Market refers to the complete and beautiful fit that comes when you express your magic to exactly those who need it...

In just 8 weeks, this live coaching program takes you through my proven 4-step process to create clarity and certainty around what you stand for, who you serve and how to connect with more of them.

You'll discover how to create the prefect leveraged packages and the exact strategies you need to market them online for big results.


Nailing your Message to Market is one of the most powerful ways to transform your business and boost your profits.

It is the undeniable synergy that arises when you surpass a pitch and actually connect with the very person that needs your transformation, making sales and marketing a breeze.

Even if you're already getting your clients great results, you must be crystal - clear on your magic and translate it in a compelling way that makes your market stand up and take notice.

Unless you can share the essence of your magic in a way that moves your market, your program sales will always be a push, your events and workshops will be hard to fill, and you income will stall.





OK, so I know you’re not exactly Samantha from Bewitched, but we all have a superpower that lights us up along with everyone we transform.

Even if you haven’t let it out yet, I’m going o show you how to identify it, harness it and bring it to life with compelling online marketing strategies that position you as a highly paid expert rather than everybody’s “bitch”.

Although connecting with your magic comes from a place of service, it also needs to chosen with leverage in mind so that you don’t burn yourself out creating amazing results.

What if you have an arsenal of magic to share? Relax, I know that as a dedicated overachiever you would hate to just have ONE talent to share. So in this program, I’ll show you how you can bring the best of your skills, talents and abilities together as your key magic with clarity and conviction.




Ever wondered why the big players online have such a stand-out message that hits their audience right between the eyes, while yours is still one of the best kept secrets online ?

Are you just a teeny bit jealous that they have so many devoted followers (and all the buzz that goes along with it), while you're still working to get each and every client?

What if you knew beyond a doubt what your message was, and how you could get the word out to those who need it most?

It's time to create a signature offer that gives you a more control and less overwhelm, with the feel-good freedom you've been craving.




A tribe can’t gather without a leader, no matter how big or small that tribe will be.

It’s time to cherry-pick “your people”, rather than trying to bring all and sundry into your embrace.

Stop trying to help everyone because you’re scared you’ll lose sales. This program will help you ONLY say “yes” to quality clients who are completely dreamy, and as committed as you to getting results.

I’ll also show you how to mine online for the perfect opportunities to connect with your audience easily and cost-effectively.




If you're still bogged down in working one-one-one with clients, you’re putting a cap on your income potential and freedom.

If you’re like masses of other women entrepreneurs you’re crazily under-charging, leaving yourself exhausted and over it at the thought of bringing on more clients.

Or maybe you’ve been drawn to the promise of online riches, and you’re selling only a handful of $97 programs from your website. Considering it took you months of work and the help of expensive contractors, it’s still yet to yield you a return.

When you're too reliant on referrals or the odd client from your website, rather than a consistent flow of leads, then client attraction will feel like hard work.

The problem is worse because you're dedicating so much time to clients leaves little time for getting your message out there in a big way.

You need to turn your delivery on it’s head, be aligned with your price-point, and select an easier method of service so that you can be the transformation-maker you were born to be.


A message to market mis-match or it's total absence will stall your business and make your marketing virtually impossible.

It's time to create a signature offer that gives you more control and less overwhelm, along with the feel - good freedom you've been craving.

In this 60 - Day Personalised Coaching Intensive, I'm giving you the opportunity to break through the "me-too" nature of the expert coaching industry for powerful ways to get more confidence and rapid profit growth.

I'm giving you the exact system you need to identify and refine your message to market to stand out from the crowd and deliver your big transformation.

You'll have everything you need to step out without fear, build a loyal following online and make lasting impact all while growing your profit.

Not only will you get ultimate clarity around your positioning and packages, but you'll also uncover the perfect model that allows you to express yourself in your business n a way that works for your style without sacrificing results

I'm personally stepping you through the strategies that are perfect for YOUR business with a powerful combination of group and one on one coaching.

No digital-only videos that make you glaze over, you'll get real-life interaction with a successful mentor to women entrepreneurs.

I'll dive in with you and map out the next crucial steps to create a high-converting offer and online marketing campaign to get it out to all the right people.

I will help you with pricing, packaging, copy and traffic to put your best foot forward.

Whether you have an existing offer that needs a good jooszing or you are starting with bare bones, let's chat and see what's possible.


Join Victoria




I love showing women entrepreneurs how to know without a doubt what their magic is and get the word out to make sales every single day.

Throughout my own entrepreneur journey. I've found that identifying your magic is the cornerstone to big success online

When I first broke away from corporate management and started my own online business, all I knew was that I wanted the feel good freedom of a laptop lifestyle.

I failed to see that without the following elements, my business was going struggle:

  • I needed to have a clear and compelling position in the market, one that translates to the clients I work best with.
  • By narrowing down my audience and my offer, not only would I attract more clients, I would also have way more impact.
  • Defining my magic and getting uber clear on my offer meant that I stopped being my client's "bitch", and stepped up as their leader instead.

I was pretty clueless and thought that I was smart enough to start a thriving business online, all off the back of my savvy marketing experience.

But online is a different ball game, and for a while there I just shifted my corporate job to an online consultancy.

This meant that freedom was still elusive, and my clients became my new boss.
I replaced the stifling, corporate management structure with clients that treated me just like their full-time employee.

It sucked

But I was so out of touch with my magic, I thought that I had to serve at that level to charge high rates and keep the income rolling in.

That was until I tapped into my true magic, and discovered the intersection of what clients wanted most, what got them great results AND what I loved to do.

This intersection is what I call my message to market system. And it has been an absolute game - changer for me and my clients

It enabled me to replace my corporate salary within my first year, and more than double it the year after that.
One thing I know for sure is...

That when you connect with your magic, that is your unique abilities and talent for creating great results for your clients, you can rapidly build thew business of your dreams with the income you deserve.

Because once you tap into your magic you can package it into a powerful message that inspires your chosen market to choose you again and again.




I highly recommend working with Victoria. I have only been in her program for 3 weeks and already made the course cost back plus $2K more! All this while not having to develop anything new, just leveraging what I already had in development and giving me actions for immediate results. If you are thinking about working with her then I highly recommend.



Before working with Victoria I had got myself into a nice, comfortable pattern, but growth had stalled. Victoria helped me identify where I was getting in my own way, where I could provide better service and structure. Since working with her I have completely broken my record for my best month ever - 3 months in a row! I have doubled my Facebook community and had my list increase by 25%. I would recommend anyone driven to get results to work with Victoria.



When I met you I didn’t even want to be on social media. I asked you if I could create a program and website from scratch in two months, and you said it was possible, but I really wasn’t sure. In that time, I’ve managed to not only launch a brand new website and packages, but also have my first 5 figure month. All in just 4 months!

Rachel Luna


Before working with Victoria I had been struggling with my price structure and the direction I wanted to take with my business model.

In just one session Victoria's strategies helped me bring in an extra $2,250 per month, eradicated all the doubt I had surrounding my fees and helped me redefine my business model. 

She also helped me identify an amazing value add for my clients, bring a program idea to life and gain even more confidence in my ability to consistently generate a 5-figure monthly income.

All this from just ONE session!  Victoria is a brilliant coach who is sharp, savvy and on point. Love her to bits and am SO thankful to have had her guidance.





In my experience coaching thousands of women in rapid business growth strategies, I've uncovered the major roadblock to business freedom.

A message to market mismatch will stall your business and make your marketing virtually impossible.

In this 60-day personalised coaching intensive, I'm giving you an opportunity to breakthrough the "me-too" nature of the expert coaching industry.

I'm giving you the exact system you need to identify and refine your message to market to stand out from the crowd and deliver your big transformation.

You'll have everything you need to step out without fear, build a loyal following online and make lasting impact while growing your profit.

I'm sharing the strategies I usually reserve for my private clients for a limited number of high-potential candidates via application only.

Why so limited?

Because I want to give you a customised experience that not only gives you the structure of a proven system, but also the hands-on guidance of an experienced mentor.

You'll also get the support of a like-minded crew of hand-picked cheerleaders all driving you forward AND one on one coaching.

I'm going to take you step by step through crafting a message that attracts high-paying clients and gets them to a yes every time.

In Message to Market Intensive, I'll show you:

    • The best way to price your programs and services in just a few elegant movies (without having a meltdown in the process).
    • The most effective ways to convert your ideal tribe into high value clients.
    • How to create and implement Facebook marketing, online sales funnels and product launches that work for YOUR program.


    • How to finally get the clarity you've been craving and the confidence that comes from knowing your superpowers and sharing them the perfect audidence.


  • You'll have all you need to create a high-converting offer and online marketing campaign to get it out to all the right people.
  • You'll get clear on pricing, packaging, copy and traffic to put your best foot forward.
  • Whether you have an existing offer that needs a good jooszing or you are starting with bare bones, you'll be able to apply the formula for success.
This Is What You Get
Proven 60 Day Coaching Program

You join a group of likeminded driven women in this virtual program you can participate in from anywhere.

You'll get a customised strategy to create or refine your signature offer and set it up to launch or as an evergreen campaign.

You get a powerful combination of group and one on one coaching in an intimate virtual setting with weekly coaching calls.

As you create and implement in the program, Victoria will guide you step-by-step with direct access to her advice, feedback and direction.

It's just the kind of support you've been searching for.

One-On-One Coaching Sessions With Victoria

This is where you get the opportunity to turbocharge your results as you move through the Message To Market program.

You get individual coaching sessions with Victoria that allow for completely customised strategy, support and feedback where you can go in-depth on your positioning, marketing campaigns, pricing and lead generation.

This fail-safe addition to Message To Market Intensive differentiates it from most other programs available.

Online Training Modules

You'll get private online access to the 4-Step System To Feel-Good Freedom when you join the program.

All you need to know about how to dig in and get to the heart of your magic, talents and abilities, and package them up for more profit than ever before is in these easy-to-follow training videos.

The Message To Market Portal can be accessed again and again as you need, and at your own pace with implementation guides and progress tracking to keep you moving forward and getting the results you deserve.

Private Facebook Group

Share your strategies, success and feedback with the other women entrepreneurs in Message To Market Intensive in this private Facebook Group where you'll also get access to Victoria who generously shares her time and advice in this forum.


Module 1

Module 1: Magic

Your message should not only captivate your audience, but also compel them to make a change that brings about true transformation.

What do you really want to stand for?

Not just what you think people will pay for but what actually gets the transformation?

But how do you drill down into the heart of your magic and really define what it is you want to be known for?

And even more than that, how do you uncover exactly how to express that in a meaningful way that has impact and creates lasting change?

I want to help you lock this down, because this is the Golden Ticket to a new level of ease in your business and a flow of sales that not only feels good, but does good too.

When you get this sorted, not only will your business flow more freely, but your sales will grow too.

Your magic is at the heart of it all and in this module, I'll take you individually through what you need to identify define and connect with this.

Module 2
Module 3
Module 4




Get all your questions answered each and every week on the live group calls where everyone gets laser coaching to celebrate wins, iron out kinks, clear the way and get all your questions answered directly with Victoria.

If you can't make the calls, just submit your questions in advance and they'll be answered for the recording.



If, in the first 30 days of you starting the program after we map our your strategy on our initial call you decide that Message To Market Intensive is not a fit for you, then I'll return your investment.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Victoria is one of the most genius marketing brains I've worked with. Her passion for female entrepreneurs and her wealth of knowledge combines in a powerhouse of value for her community. Hands down - an outstanding business mentor

Denise Duffield-Thomas, 

So, this is what you get:


The Proven 60 Day Coaching Program


4 Online Training Modules

Who Is Victoria?

Victoria Gibson takes entrepreneurs from idea to impact, guiding them to bigger results than they could get alone.

She helps women with a transformational business to amplify their online presence and attract more clients, so they can lead their market and grow their profits.

As an online success mentor, she creates communities of women who support each other in playing a bigger game, and unleash their passion online.

Bianca Aiono

When I started with Victoria I had 5 coaching clients and was tossing up between being a hobby farmer house wife or getting back amongst it...

Happy to declare that since she kicked my butt almost a year ago, I've had 140 clients, a $40K launch, a $60K launch and almost tripled my income.

Plus, she's rescued me from at least 3 potentially disastrous and expensive "bright and shiny object' situations. Thank You!

Ellissa Jayne

In the time I have been working with Victoria the turnover of my company has more than doubled, I have expanded my team by 400% AND I'm no longer working weekends and nights.  She has helped me to really focus on what my strengths are, and has been encouraging and supportive in a no BS kind of way.

Jane Benson

Victoria's gift of creating a clear and simple foundation from which to build a sustainable business is priceless   For some time I have recognised that my marketing message was confusing and not hitting the mark with my clients.  I had all the theory of how to build a successful coaching business but was struggling to pull all the pieces together in a way that would work for me.  In just one short day with Victoria, she helped me to zero in on my ideal client, craft my marketing message that I feel really congruent with and clarify exactly what my next steps are to build a much more profitable and exciting business.

Amanda Daley

I believe in learning from people who are 2 steps ahead and clearly walking their talk – in this light Victoria became my first choice of mentor to work with. I had worked with many coaches on a personal level before and chose Victoria for her more business focused approach.

Victoria helped me clarify the areas I wanted to keep helping people with and which parts could be automated to reach more people. I created my Driven Womans Detox with her support and doubled my income the first month it was launched.

Tapping into and meeting the desires of those we want to help most is the way to increase conversion and impact.

You'll find that purpose and flow you have been searching for (you know the kind that only comes when you make a real difference). And you'll also have the opportunity to create real change in the lives of your clients.

Because nothing feels better than transforming the lives of others, especially when it helps take you closer to the feel-good freedom you have been craving.