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Double your sales GUARANTEED in this mastermind especially for life coaches making at least $5K a month

The big lie of the online marketing industry is that anyone can create an online course and start making money easily...

But now that you've slaved away creating your course, you're discovering the truth.

And the fact is, it's a very different reality to what you thought your business would be when you started out...

You spend all your time learning the tech, blogging and posting on social media and there's precious little time left to actually get your stuff to convert.

This is despite investing in experts, courses and ads that haven't managed to turn the ship around for you yet.

The Real Reason Why Your Course Or Coaching Isn't Selling & What To Do Instead...

You know that you're meant for bigger things.

The worst part is...

But something's missing and you're just not getting the traction you thought you would by now...

...most of your buyers will struggle to complete that course you slaved over (because only about 10% ever finish the courses they buy).

Which does very little to create more buyers and a great reputation for you.

And if that’s not enough to leave you with your hands in the air…

With more and more competitors flooding in after being sold the dream, buyers DEMAND lower prices!

I know, it can seem hopeless at times.

But stay with me…

What's worse?

Even if you've sold a handful of courses...

There are lots of great coaches and consultants running Facebook ads who can’t seem to turn ONE sale, even after spending $1,000 or more.

And with no relief in sight (if you think ad costs are coming down anytime soon, then think again).

They’re giving up…

Or continuing to run ads and promote a dead duck.

Now, before I make things seem even gloomier…

There are plenty of business owners taking their online courses to the digital graveyard.

There is good news!

If you’re a coach who hasn’t yet mastered the art of regularly selling a ton of courses, then taking advantage of this approach may be one of your last opportunities to get a steady flow of high-ticket recurring income coming in month after month.

While many are still fighting for newsfeed real estate on Facebook, and seeing costs rise with little reward...

There are so many people out there (across the globe) who still want what you have to share.

And you don’t have to offer them private coaching to help them.

This is where the real opportunity lies.

And I know this for sure...

Learn the boutique approach that transforms your knowledge into a high-price mastermind.

This means you can leverage and scale faster than your low-priced online course - all while making an incredible impact.

Escape the "time for money trap" and transform your expertise or online course into a true profit centre with a social media ATM funnel created, tested and delivered.

How does this sound?

How you can start using my proven strategies to  lead, fill and deliver your own mastermind and add thousands more to your business every month with very little of your personal time.



In this 3-MoNTH FAST-TRACK Mastermind with me, Victoria Gibson, you'll:

How to package your expertise and get extremely specific on what you offer so you can leverage what you share and make it easy for top quality clients to find you and say "yes" to you.


How to use the power of social media marketing to share your personal brand and build on that with paid traffic and high-converting video, webinars and live events.


How to structure your offers to sell them on evergreen to take the pressure off filling it all in one hit and minimize the amount of one on one and customization.


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The best way to price your offer to go from overwhelmed to ease in just a few elegant moves, without having a meltdown in the process!


The most effective ways to convert your ideal audience into high-value clients... I'll break these down step by step AND give you templates to create your own.



            How to finally get the clarity you've been craving and the confidence that comes when you own your superpowers and know EXACTLY what you're offering and why.


...finally get rewarded for all the work you've already put in and have REAL access to an experienced mentor who has guided the journey of many 6 & 7 figure coaches

If you've been longing to... 

This has given me the freedom and profit to grow my impact and influence - and I want to share the exact template of how I've done that with you.

Over the past 7 years, I've taken over 100 women through my coaching mastermind.

I’ll give you everything you need to avoid getting stuck at the $5K a month mark and avoid a ton of wasted time, energy and money (and avoid the burnout).

You'll get my personal tools, templates and lead generation strategies that will help you grow your coaching business and double your revenue (at least).

HEre's the thing...

You're a coach who already has some clients (or even your own online course or mastermind), but you're not yet at the income level you need or desire.

You haven't managed to crack the whole Facebook & Insta Ad circus yet, but know that you need this to scale up and reach more people.

You're looking for a step-by-step system to refine your message to market and launch and fill your own successful
coaching program.

You’re looking to grow your audience so that you can have more influence and more profits without burning yourself out.

You need a path to higher income, but you're just not confident and clear in your current offer, or you're maxed out and not sure how you can drive sales when you are already booked out.

You want a platform to lead and create real change in the lives of your clients and know that your current offers aren't doing that.

This mastermind is perfect for you if:

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Big Coaching Success!

The foundation you need for

"Victoria's business coaching leaves nothing to chance."

Her proven strategies and compassionate guidance lead to the kind of up-levelling you could never do alone.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

"If you want to cut through the fluff and get down to business right away, Victoria is your girl."

With her wicked smart marketing strategies, a keen eye on what's truly working right now and her ability to tap into your unique marketing advantage, Victoria's mentoring and coaching style is hands down the best of the best.

Amy Porterfield

"If you want to supercharge your traffic, talk to Victoria."

Marie Forleo

"I'd recommend Victoria's Facebook marketing skills to everyone."

Lewis Howes

“Victoria’s great to work with.”

Danielle LaPorte

Enrolment Open!

Here's what we're going to cover...

Your coaching business won't be sustainable and you'll find it hard to reach your money goals without burning out if you don't have the right pricing structure.

Even if you are already charging premium prices, you probably can't get the scale you need because you are OVER-DELIVERING and it's costing you time, money and energy.

Finding the perfect balance of your pricing and packages and backing it up with an unwavering strategy and mindset is absolutely critical and forms the foundation of this intensive.

You'll discover the RIGHT price that feels great and positions you for success. Best of all it provides great value for the perfect clients.

Premium Pricing

guide to 

This week, let's dive into the heart of your brand so that you can share your work with ease and buyers are instantly drawn to you.

We'll uncover YOUR particular Brand Archetype® and how you can use it to guide every aspect of your marketing and communications.

Knowing your Brand Archetype® allows you to authentically put yourself out there on social media, shape your message for more impact and know what to include AND leave out of your mastermind offer.

Together, we'll also review your creative execution and make sure you're putting out the right signals online to connect with your best prospects.

Finish this week with crystal clear clarity on what you're sharing with who.

Powerful Brand

Creating a

This is where we drill down into your specific message and exactly where it slots into the market for BIG success.

If you've already settled on your niche, we will validate and confirm it in line with the new elements of your offer.

If you've been dancing around the edges with too many elements or trying to cover too many bases, we'll crack open the heart of your niche and then take steps to activate it for increased profit.

This week, we'll go through a brainstorming process that squashes all your ongoing indecision and gives you the clarity you've been craving.

Then we'll go to testing and get started with your niche so you'll have it validated and ready for the very best clients to buy.

The best part is it will set you up for a major profit boost and confidence as you slot into your genius zone.



OK, so this is the system that brings together all the repeatable parts of the work you do to get amazing results for your clients with WAY more ease (as you're not re-inventing the wheel each and every time).

When we unearth your Signature System you will have an asset that is undeniably YOU and will be the key to your leverage as you can use it time and time again.

In this step-by-step (literally), I'm going to walk you through your secret sauce and turn it into a profitable IP or repeatable system for success that makes your marketing and messaging an absolute breeze.

It will also form the heart of all that you share in webinars, workshops, speaking gigs and any guest features or podcasts you manage to land.

This is hands-down the biggest asset you will have in your leveraged coaching business and will finally end the constant confusion that you have been creating for yourself and your clients.

Signature System


Charging what you're worth is about more than just pricing (although we will cover that in depth in this module too).

Let's step through how to create your perfect mastermind offer and decide what to include (and more importantly what to exclude).

Choosing the right elements for your offer ensures your clients get the best results and stops you from overdelivering and burning out.

The aim will be to create the simplest offer with the most compelling value that you feel confident delivering.

AndGet It!

How to charge
what you're

This is where we dive deep into the best practice delivery to avoid costly mistakes and the energy drain of compromising on what really works for you.

Learn how to set the right boundaries and create the ideal structure for a successful group coaching program - whether those elements be in-person or virtual.

You'll decide whether an evergreen offer or open/close suits you best and we'll dive into how to fill and deliver the one you choose.


Mastermind Success

It's all well and good to create the ultimate mastermind offer, and discover how to price, package and promote it (which is what we cover in this program), but you also want to be sure it converts!

Your marketing message needs to be on point to connect with your ideal clients, so we'll break down key elements you need to get them to an easy "yes".

Whether you're using the power of webinars, live workshops, videos, social media or email marketing, you'll get the optimized method for each, so that you can connect, attract and convert with ease.



This is where we bring all the elements together and help you develop a repeatable bulletproof success formula to grow your sales and coaching business.

Facebook Ads creation and webinar guidance to create an evergreen lead generation system for you to take with you.

You will have the opportunity to get custom lead generation strategies and marketing reviews to ensure you can confidently offer and grow your mastermind.

You will have access to up-to-the-minute Facebook Ads video training that shares the best lead generation practices that you can implement with Victoria's support.


Special Bonuses

In the private Facebook Group for the duration of the program, you will have complete access to Victoria and a powerful community of coaches.


You'll have ongoing access to the system with a special online portal that steps you through all you need to create massive success in your coaching business.


Your success is not only supported, but it is assured with the support and guidance of an experienced mentor in Victoria Gibson with an individual strategy session and ongoing in the Private Facebook group.


Weekly Coaching, One-On-One Strategy Planning, 24-7 Access & A Bulletproof System For Success


and these

Bonus Facebook Ad Campaign Management

On top of all the private support you'll get from Victoria throughout the intensive, you can add custom Facebook Ad management to ensure you walk away with bulletproof lead generation too.

and also

You also get
support with...

Facebook ads strategy and advice to ensure your lead generation supports your new offer and positioning in the market.

A sustainable profit and pricing plan that maps our your offer and deliverables to ensure you reach your income goals quickly.

The ultimate edit of proven resources to pull your mastermind together (this alone will save you weeks of research.)

Let's map out the direction for your best ever coaching program together.

When you join you get an initial private 1-hour session with Victoria to set the direction for your program, offer and marketing.

This premium coaching intensive also includes:

Set your private strategy together with Victoria.

Stuck on what to do next and don't want post it publically?

Getting pulled down by self-doubt and indecision? We've got you covered!

Just send a voicemail to us direct and you'll get one back fast so you can keep in momentum and defend yourself against any.

Bonus 24/7 voicemail access

Get your lead generation campaigns actually working without needing to outsource to expensive consultants.

We set up your Facebook Ad campaigns and funnel and continue to attract high quality leads into your mastermind.


"Joining Breakout Success Mastermind has absolutely changed my life."

The women I've met, the friendships I've made - and not to mention my business growing tenfold in a matter of months has all made this one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. 

This group of trailblazing women is astounding - I am in awe of what they are achieving and how supportive everyone is of each other. I now have the 7-figure business I always dreamed of. Thank you Victoria!

Chantelle Duffield

Yes, It Really Works, Guaranteed

I didn't know where I wanted to take my business. In just one session Victoria's strategies helped me bring in an extra $2,250 per month, eradicated all the doubt I had surrounding my fees and helped me redefine my business model.

She also helped me identify an amazing value add for my clients, bring a program idea to life and gain even more confidence in my ability to consistently generate a 5-figure monthly income. All this from just ONE session! Victoria is a brilliant coach who is sharp, savvy and on point. Love her to bits and am SO thankful to have had her guidance.

Rachel Luna

"I came to Victoria as a business owner, maxed out time-wise and stuck in a freelancer mindset where I exchanged time for money."

Victoria took her time to get to know me, my business and my desire for a bigger, more beautiful life.

She intuitively knew that I wasn’t ready mentally to embrace rapid change so she lovingly encouraged me to take the next steps with my business.

So Victoria worked with me step by step, going from a sole trader to a registered company, seeking out blue chip client and then expanding my team to deliver all the new projects that were cascading in.

I’m naturally an introvert that would rather chew glass than make cold calls to drum up business

By Victoria spending time to understand how I work best we crafted an irresistible offer with Victoria’s encouragement and feedback and this secured me the Stockland sales office account across Australia.

This – frankly – outrageous growth rate to multi 7-figure revenue was largely due to Victoria researching my industry and suggesting ways I could best use my skills and creativity to design and deliver larger and more prestigious projects.

Fiona Jefferies

had 1000% growth in 3 years

has a 7-fig biz

"You always believed in me, supported me, and were the most incredible (and only!) business coach I've ever had."

I just surpassed the ONE MILLION dollar mark for 2020. That's right. I've made a million bucks this year alone.

And, in the month of June, I'll make $500k.

It's shaping up to be a Very. Good. Year.

Victoria, you've been so instrumental in the growth of my business. You always stood by me, believed in me and showed me how to be a class act boss babe as an internet entrepreneur.

You always believed in me, supported me, and were the most incredible (and only!) business coach I've ever had. You are pure magic, Victoria.

Thank you ONE MILLION times for being an instrumental part of my journey.

Alanna Kaivalya

made $1M in 2020

Enrolment Open!

I'm Victoria Gibson.

I love showing coaches how to know without a doubt what their magic is and get the word out to make the amount of money that feels great for them.

Throughout my journey. I've found that identifying your magic and aligning it with the right business model is the cornerstone of success.

When I first broke away from corporate management and started my own online business, all I knew was that I wanted the feel-good freedom of a laptop lifestyle.

hey there!

I needed to have a clear and compelling position in the market, one that translates to the clients I work best with.

By narrowing down my audience and my offer, not only would I attract more clients, I would also have way more impact.

Defining my magic and getting uber clear on my offer meant that I stopped being my client's "bitch", and stepped up as their leader instead.

I failed to see that without the following elements, my business was going struggle:

It sucked!

But online is a different ball game, and for a while there I just shifted my corporate job to an online consultancy.

This meant that freedom was still elusive, and my clients became my new boss.

I replaced the stifling, corporate management structure with clients that treated me just like their full-time employee.

I was pretty clueless and thought that I was smart enough to start a thriving business online, all off the back of my savvy marketing experience.

But I was so out of touch with my magic, I thought that I had to serve at that level to charge high rates and keep the income rolling in.

And then when I tapped into my true magic, and discovered the intersection of what clients wanted most, what got them great results AND what I loved to do.

This intersection is a mastermind offer.

And it has been an absolute game-changer for me and my clients.

One thing I know for sure is...

That when you connect with your magic, that is your unique abilities and talent for creating great results for your clients, you can rapidly build the business of your dreams with the income you deserve.

Because once you tap into your magic you can package it into a powerful message that inspires your chosen market to choose you again and again.

It enabled me to replace my corporate salary within my first year, and more than double it the year after that.

As Seen In

You'll have your message locked down, marketing plan created and the actual tools to harvest clients IMMEDIATELY!

At the end of this intensive, you'll walk out with a step by step guide to launch, sell and fill your own coaching mastermind.

So that you can escape the time for money trap and quickly increase your impact, your influence and your income.

Enrolment Open!

"Victoria, I’m so overcome with emotion today and GRATITUDE!
I have surpassed $12K (my goal) in sales, officially, and my calendar is PACKED with Discovery sessions.

I feel like selling is EASY (and before I dreaded and loathed it)
I just did a Spreadsheet model and I can make $100k simply by selling 5 Packages each month. That is only what, 20 Breakthrough sessions to get that number? That is working 40-60 hours... a MONTH.

So easy... I should aim for $200K!!

I have worked two years to get here and I feel like it is happening!!!! Thank you for all you do, I am HAPPY to pay you every month."

— Julie Danielsen

"$100k a year working

Victoria Gibson helped me rocket to success! When I first signed up for her coaching program, I knew I was on the brink of something BIG but I didn't know how to get there.

Victoria has a laser-sharp business savvy with an intuitive edge. (Plus an awesome-sauce sense of humor, which is always a plus in my book).

Within a couple of months my business catapulted. I hosted several retreats I didn't think I could pull off, I've connected with the best people in my industry, and I have programs that I love that help others too.

Thank you, Victoria! You're a dream maker.

— Kari Samules

"I rocketed to success!"

So I just tallied up my revenue from last week... really haven't been tracking it as I've been so focused on content creations, discovery calls, serving clients and just life... 

I made $11,385 in 7 days!

And that's cash in hand, with $2,400 of that being monthly payments, so there's more coming through from those clients.

December just might be my best month ever?!

So incredibly grateful, Victoria and everyone in the mastermind and sooooo excited!

Working on my live launch and webinar now. 

— Hayley STATHIS

"$11,385 in 7 days!"

Well it was an early bird price, so it’s $4.5k.

This is one day before my webinar, where I’ve got
156 ppl registered! #spinningout

Victoria Gibson - thank you for all your support getting here.

To say I couldn’t have done it without you is the understatement of the decade!

— Talya

"I just sold my first  $5k program!"

Enrolment Open!

Your essential guide to premium pricing.

Get your pitch-perfect pricing strategy and packaging formula to start charging what you're worth - and get it!

You'll have a complete framework for pricing and packaging your expertise into a leveraged group coaching program.

Break free from your lacklustre brand and develop a powerhouse identity as a high-impact coach.

Access the powerful Brand Archetypes® system to discover the heart of your brand and bring it to life across your communication channels.

You'll discover how to set yourself apart from the competition and create a high-end brand without alienating your audience.

Learn the undeniable pulling-power of choosing the right niche and creating your offer around it.

If clients aren't buying, it's usually because of a lack of clarity in your message to market and it's time to end that when you join the program.

We'll dive deeply into a proven process to extract your robust niche strategy.

In this step-by-step process, I'm going to walk you through your core expertise and turn it into a signature system that makes your marketing and messaging an absolute breeze.

Stop reinventing the wheel with each and every client and instead create your coaching success formula.

If you're always trying to add more to your coaching programs and online courses to validate yourself and your prices, you'll love the fail-safe approach to standing in your worth with your service delivery.

Discover how to create endless value in your mastermind using your existing expertise and content without adding more of your time.

This is where we dive deep into the best practice delivery to avoid costly mistakes and the energy drain of compromising on what really works for you.

Learn how to set the right boundaries and create the ideal structure for a successful group coaching program - whether those elements be in-person or virtual.

You'll decide whether an evergreen offer or open/close suits you best and we'll dive into how to fill and deliver the one you choose.

Full access to the best coaching conversion tools on the planet.

You'll uncover the best methods that work to welcome the perfect clients into your mastermind including Facebook Ads, webinars, workshops and social media marketing.

This is where we bring all the elements together and help you develop a repeatable bulletproof success formula to grow your sales and coaching business.

You'll have the opportunity to get custom lead generation strategies and marketing reviews to ensure you can confidently offer and grow your mastermind.

You'll also get assistance in setting up your initial Facebook Ad campaign so you can continue to generate mastermind sales after you complete the program.

What we're going to cover...

Here's a recap of

The advice, guidance, support and tools to create, lead and deliver your profitable coaching mastermind to increase your income and impact.

Straight-talking strategy with a clean message to market so you can shape your offer, pricing and promotion (with focus on bringing about fast results.)

Get specific marketing assistance with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn including ads support, copywriting, webinars and sales conversion.

You'll also get...

Your participation in the program runs for 3 months.

You can participate in the program from anywhere in the world.

Your participation is essential to your success and you will get tailored strategies and actions along with access to templates, frameworks, and systems to succeed.

You have access to weekly group coaching calls, an initial one-on-one call and Facebook Group and voicemail support throughout the duration of the program.

We devise your strategy upfront together and go about activating all elements throughout the program (with a focus on bringing about fast results).

If you're not quite ready to invest and would like more guidance on what the experience will be like, apply for an informal chat with Victoria about your goals and what you need to support and guide you on your mission.

Investment in the program is $10,000.

You may also want to consider my Coach Co. Program if you haven't yet reached the $5K a month threshold required



Victoria’s insights and superior knowledge of online marketing help you rise up and get huge results while making the impact you know you're born for.

After a corporate career in property and marketing, Victoria stepped out into the brave new world of online consulting - and was soon in demand as a coach and mentor.

She is sought out by those who are driven to make a difference with their knowledge and care about getting great transformation for their clients.

She'll help you grow your high-value coaching business - on your own terms.

Victoria Gibson helps you attract more clients online with marketing strategies that position you as a highly-paid expert, coach or consultant.

Meet your mentor

Enrolment Open!

This was something I had been wanting to do for over 2 years and had tried on occasion to do myself, but I didn’t know anything about it, how to go about it, and I kept getting stuck as a result.

Mastermind Success Secrets was well thought-out, Victoria’s experience was invaluable, and she was super helpful and supportive.

The group format worked well too, nice to feel connected to others on the same path.

It was just what I needed to guide me and I’m really proud of what I accomplished with Victoria’s support.

It was also easier than I expected.

And fun.


"During the program, I created my 6-month signature system and got 6 clients signed up."

She has a fantastic and fun approach to coaching that has inspired and motivated me to step well out of my comfort zones and jump confidently into exciting new areas of business.

The group mastermind experience is one that truly rocks, and means that you feel truly supported as you travel through the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurial life!

She nails both the necessary butt-kicking and the supportive compassion when needed, and a has a knack for knowing just what you need.

Working with Vic has been an integral part of my business success for which I'm beyond grateful!


"Victoria pushed me to fantastic new levels"

In the mastermind, not only did Victoria help me to hone in on a clear direction for both my businesses, and set out the very achievable plan to make that vision come true, but I also managed to add an extra $100K in revenue and reconfigure both businesses so that I was working on them, and not in them (well, most of the time.. no one is perfect of course).

Victoria really does have a gift, not just for bringing together like minded souls, but for seeing through the bullshit and helping you figure out the most important things you need to be working on in your business right now, to get results.

— Kate McKribbin

"I added an extra
$100K in revenue!"

Enrolment Open!