Are you ready to STOP LOSING MONEY on your Facebook Advertising and START GETTING clients, customers and cash like clockwork?

I'm fed up with hearing that so many coaches and business owners aren't getting the results they need with their ads (not to mention all the disapprovals and money down the drain).

That's why I want to show you that it's absolutely is possible to get off the income rollercoaster of online lead generation and be able to plan for the future success of your business by mastering Facebook Ads.


If you'd like to get a regular flow of clients HAPPILY raising their hand to work with you EVERY WEEK and hit your lofty income targets in the next 30 days…

I've opened up a few spots inside my online program, Facebook Lead Success, to help business owners do just that…

…EVEN if they haven't made Facebook Ads work yet.

You'll get EVERYTHING you need to confidently create, run and manage your Facebook Ads (and even hand them over to someone else afterward if you choose)…WITHOUT wasting more money and staying clueless to the power of the best possible lead generation on the planet...

…including my BEST fast-start strategies to get more clients 🙂

Sound good?

Would you like to join me?

I have been hacking, creating and Facebook Ad campaigns and converting clicks into sales like clockwork for the past 9 years.

It’s my superpower, but I recognize that it probably isn’t yours.

And that's why I'm giving you the opportunity to join me as I break it down in a way that helps you immediately attract better leads using Facebook ads.



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Stop Letting Facebook Ads Intimidate You & Eat Into Your Profits & Start Mastering Them Instead!


You need advice that works for YOUR audience, not everyone else’s.

You need direction to craft a winning sales funnel on Facebook, as it certainly doesn’t happen on its own.

And now that you’ve mastered the basics – like how to use the Ads Manager and load a few images, what do you do when your leads start to cost way too much or if prospects are coming through to your page but just not taking action?

Just swapping out your ad image and tweaking a bit of copy ain’t going to help you when your system is broken . . . And trust me, most people have a broken system.

The BEST Way To Get As Good As Me At This Is For Me To Show You Behind The Scenes And Break it All Down . . .

Easily set up your own ad campaigns and get them working, so you can have the master the skills you need to keep them working again and again.

Saving you hours and literally thousands of dollars. Yep, THOUSANDS.

My ad guidance makes my clients thousands each and every month, and I've got a stack of strategies that I can't wait to share with you in this online training.

Welcome To Facebook Lead Success

Uncover the keys to creating reliable lead generation using Facebook Ads.

If you’re ready to learn from an experienced Facebook Ads expert, get immediate access - just click below!


Here's What's Included With Facebook Lead Success

The 6-week online experience has been carefully designed to ensure you walk away with an understanding of exactly how to create, set-up and run effective Facebook Ad funnels to your offers, with just enough support and guidance to ensure you not only have fun participating, but also get lasting results.

Because let's face it, when you learn this skill, it will pay you again and again (think about never having to pay to outsource again - it really doesn't take that long to manage once you know how).



  • Develop your success strategy right out of the gate as you follow along with the same no-hassle strategy I use to run my client's profitable Facebook Ads campaigns straight out of the gate - from step one.
  • Understand your messaging and how to make it work on Facebook
  • I’ll show you what to say and how to say it to ensure maximum engagement
  • Discover exactly where you should send your traffic and why (get this wrong and you are burning money)
  • How to follow up to maximize every lead and introduce them to higher end strategy sessions and VIP Day offerings
  • How to protect your premium positioning so that you stand out from the crowd and attract only high-value clients


  • How to find your perfect prospects using a few key techniques that most people forget about (forget about same-old customer avatar stuff)
  • The right targeting methods to ensure you pay less for your leads and get the right buyers practically eating out of the palm of your hand.
  • How to know which audiences are right for you, and which ones to avoid like the plague
  • Step up to super features like Custom Audiences, Lookalikes and Retargeting to get in front of warm buyers and keep your acquisition costs reasonable (even if you don't really even have an email list)


  • After you've targeted the gold audiences, you're ready to create your ads and it's SO SIMPLE (I'll even help to get you started)
  • I'll be showing you my tried and tested ad framework, templates, and step-by-step instructions for stand out ads that deliver (and you'll be so happy you can use the framework, again and again, to bring in the cash - you may even just easily duplicate the winners.
  • Imagine the excitement of creating ads that your audience AND Facebook love and converts clicks into clients.
  • Get my shortcut resources for easy DIY image creation and killer copy that will set you apart from the competition


  • You'll use the same process I use when creating virtually unbreakable winning Facebook campaigns that scale.
  • You may not realise it yet, but you've saved hours of time and frustration working your way around the Facebook interface all by yourself...
  • I'll be giving you tons of useful feedback to keep you on track and drill down for even bigger results.
  • Do not be surprised if your network grill you for the skinny on how you cracked the code!


  • I'm lifting the lid on all my up-to-the-minute strategies on what ad types to use, how much to bid and what stats matter and which you can forget about.
  • I'll translate the ultra-confusing Ads Manager and help you avoid Facebook's traps to make you spend more than you need to.
  • How to track and test to discover whether your conversion is spot on and if not, what you can put in place to turn it all around so you can keep repeating the solid return you're creating.


  • Now you know what's working, get your sustainable strategy so you can use it for regular paydays every day.
  • You'll use the Facebook algorithm to your advantage so that you can turn regular profits and start looking to scale even bigger.
  • You'll love seeing the daily leads and sales flow and be confident that what you're using right now will skyrocket your profits ( you'll constantly want to be in your account to see the amazing results as you constantly hit refresh).


Offer Shot Fb lead Success

Access to Commonly asked questions and past recordings of actual campaign walkthroughs with real-life clients.


You also get lifetime access to the
online training and resources.


  • You’re a Coach, Consultant or Service-Based Business Owner who already has programs, services or events that you’re wanting to sell more of.
  • You recognize that Facebook Ads are an untapped sea of potential, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure which way to turn to get yours running.
  • You’ve already tried Facebook Ads in the past and spent a bunch of cash that’s delivered next to nothing.
  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and learn step by step strategies to attract high-quality leads using Facebook Ads in a group setting, led by someone who really gets your business and can give you custom feedback that you can implement straight away for big results.


  • You don’t yet have any products, services or programs to sell, or you only have very low priced offers.
  • You don’t use Facebook at all or are completely tech-challenged. This course will provide a supportive learning environment, but is not the forum to request REALLY basic tech-help.
  • You can't see Facebook as a longer-term play and are only focused on quick immediate wins.
  • You want live support and access to tailored strategies.

If it feels right, I'd love to have you. Just click the button below to join:

Still not sure if this is exactly what you need?

Are You Ready For A Steady-Stream Of High Value Clients?

Are your Facebook page and website are getting lost in all the noise online?

Are your email open rates are dwindling as it gets harder and harder to get the attention of your ideal clients?

If the answer is YES, it’s because you’re relying on referrals and outdated strategies.

It's time to step up and make Facebook Ads work for you to bring you in clients and sales like clockwork.


  • A repeatable step by step Facebook Ads funnel working to get the word out about your offers, engage with your ideal prospects and inspire them to buy from you
  • A cost-effective marketing channel that turned every $1 you spent on Facebook into at least $3
  • A way to prepare your very best prospects for premium pricing
  • An expert guide to explain the best way to use Facebook Ads for easy and targeted lead generation
  • Insights into conversion elements that dramatically turnaround your results on Facebook
  • Specific advice for coaches and consultants, so you didn’t have to download ALL the information and sift through it to tailor it to your situation

Until now, you’ve had to digest all the general advice out there, hire someone for thousands (if you can even find them) or just avoid Facebook Ads altogether. It's finally your time to step up your marketing and take advantage of the BEST lead generation channel in the world.

What Others Have To Say About Facebook Lead Success


If you are looking to master FB Advertising look no further than Victoria Gibson. Victoria's knowledge of Facebook is the most extensive I have ever come across. Using Victoria's methods I have doubled my subscriber account to over 6,000 in less than 60 days and added 60,000 likes to my Facebook page. Now I have plenty of clients to offer my programs to. Thank you Victoria!

Angela Artemis, www.poweredbyintuition.com


Victoria's course is hands-down the best course I have participated in yet. Victoria has a brilliant way of how best to implement Facebook ads without makes it complicated or intimidating.

Mara Glazer, www.bizzybuzz.com


I've just joined and within 2 days of Victoria helping me with my FB ads I've already had 115 people sign up for my webinar! Beyond thrilled and so grateful for her amazing support. Thank you Victoria!

Chantelle Duffield, www.studioexpansion.com


As longtime sales pro, I expect immediate results, and that's exactly what I got! My opt-ins doubled, I got several paying clients and my Facebook likes massively increased. I am SO impressed and grateful.

Erika Lyremark, www.dailywhip.com


Looking for someone to supercharge your facebook Ads? Victoria Gibson is your woman!

Marie Forleo, www.marieforleo.com

Facebook Lead Success

Come with me as I distill the very best Facebook Advertising strategies into a power-packed online training that gives you access to kind of info my private clients pay me thousands for.

Still unsure or have a question? Schedule a chat with Victoria HERE and she'll be happy to help.