If you'd like to sell lots of consulting, coaching, or professional services, this will be the most important page you'll ever read...

The systems and tailored strategies I share in Breakout Success Mastermind are working great for me, and I believe they can help you, too.

Over 60 women in the past 5 years have built a range of businesses from high-end consulting, coaching, digital training and e-commerce.

The results have changed lives and fast-tracked revenue in a way that is just not possible alone.

This established mastermind is for women who are already busy building a coaching, expert or consulting business - it's not for "dabblers" or "part-timers"...
Members are carefully selected aligned to the following criteria:
  • Earn at least $40K income a year from your business as most members are making six-figure incomes (with alumni now making 7-figures).
  • You value direct access to an established mentor who has created solid growth for other women like you.
  • You are a giver of support, ideas, and feedback. Even if you're introverted, you value a community of like-minded women on a mission and are prepared to give as much as you get.
  • You want to create a sustainable business that gets real results for your clients, brings you joy, fits in with your lifestyle and doesn't drain you energetically or financially.
  • You are prepared to get in and take action with solid steps to dramatically increase your profit. You leave behind constant fear and doubt in favour of faith in the strategy and know that there is no such thing as "get rich quick".
  • You have foundation of knowledge about operating your own online coaching or consulting business and the benefit of using digital marketing to generate leads. You've probably already bought tons of courses, but looking for something beyond just the shiny.
  • You're not afraid of a bit of "real-talk" accountability and strategy as long as it gets you where you need to go and you sure aren't against investing in the right opportunities wisely.
  • You know it's time to take your "seat at the table" and you know you need more support and strategy to get there.

(If you don't fit the criteria above, please don't apply as this program is not the right step for you at this time).

In short, this is for women coaches and consultants who want to join a results-driven mastermind with action, collaboration, and FUN at its heart.


If you're tired of doing it all in your business while trying to piece together a solid growth plan...

If you're frustrated by failed marketing strategies and looking to create a brand rather than a website...

Then you're ready for a new level of business support and guidance with Breakout Success Mastermind.

Who is this Mastermind for?

The Best-Kept Secret 

You're a coach or consultant who is already getting results for your clients but have not yet been able to establish a significant profile which leaves you dependent on referrals or stuck working with clients one-on-one or by the hour.

Established Player With Big Ambitions

You’ve already experienced some success in your business but it's time to stretch yourself and grow, surrounded by other women whose results inspire and motivate you.

You know you need to uplevel your marketing strategies and want an effective sales funnel that you can rely upon.

The Leverage Seeker

You need more leverage to create a sustainable business where you can assume the CEO role, rather than taking on every aspect of your business yourself.

You understand that you need to master team, outsourcing and paid lead generation if you are to reach, multi-six or seven figures and confidently move forward in your business.

"Victoria's Breakout Success Mastermind was so valuable I stayed for over 2 years!

During that time Victoria helped me to sell my first online ecommerce business, craft and launch my online membership program Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs (that brings in ongoing revenue each month), crowdfund over $37K for two sustainability initiatives, launch my own online business coaching service and Conscious Biz Mastermind, and run my first business live events.

But even better, she helped me see there was an exit off the ongoing launch rollercoaster that was burning me out.

Thanks to Vic's guidance and support I now have ongoing revenue streams in my business and I can focus on serving my best clients better, rather than always searching for new ones.

Vic is one of the most generous and kind-but-firm business mentors you'll be lucky to ever have. I'm blessed to call her, and the other amazing women in the mastermind, true friends and confidants."

Laura Trotta


What Is A Mastermind And Why Do You Need It?

Many women over the past 6 years have come to me for coaching...

Some have a great idea but just can't seem to transform it into regular clients.

Some are already serving many clients at a one-to-one level and can't see how to grow.

And others are charging way too little and just want to make more.

Many have created an online course or coaching program but don't have an audience or sales funnels in place to drive sales, and they need hands-on help from someone who can dig in.

Most women are looking for more than just another online course.

They want access, frameworks, success formulas and a space to share, strategize and get valuable support and feedback...

They want to be around other women who have "skin in the game" and they want to create a business rather than a lifestyle hobby.

Most Breakout Success Mastermind Members Want To:

  • Attract more of their perfect clients into a program or offer they are proud of while making more profit.
  • Demystify digital lead generation and advertising to position their brand online and attract the best clients on auto-pilot.
  • Clarify their pricing, offer, structure and marketing for a cohesive strategy that doesn't waste time and money.
  • Connect in-person and online with other women who are driven and success-minded and share the journey while inspiring each other.

Bianca Aiono Robertson

"Every single one of these women (who were in the mastermind) have made a massive impact in my life - they have:

- Given me a safe space to ask more of myself WITHOUT the repercussion of my old habitual inner beat up

- Set an example of what could be possible for all of us when we sit in the space of "I wonder....?"

- Given me the courage to hold my ground in negotiations

- Offered their support in turmoil and pivotal changes in my leadership and life

- Mirrored my own blind spots and revealed to me the strengths I never knew I had or that others lacked

- Given me epic number of masterful short-cuts and offered solutions that have shaved mind-blowing amounts of time and effort into building my Queendom (both inner and outer)

Thanks to my friends and our magnetic point of attraction Victoria Gibson for bringing us together."

What most women need is the right mentor, accountability from a group of women they trust, and the tools and proven information that will get them to the goal they're chasing faster and easier.

They also want elements like these:

Facebook Campaign Set-Up,
Strategy and Advice

Pricing Confirmation & Planning For More Profit

Live Workshop & Event Frameworks & Plans

How To Partner With Influencers & Get Featured On Key Websites

Sales Funnel Strategy
& Execution

Webinar Strategy, Frameworks
& Optimisation

Social Media How-To's To Make The Most Of Organic Traffic

Remote Team-Building Secrets To Support You As You Grow A Sustainable Business

... PLUS Weekly Coaching, One-On-One Strategy, 24-7 Access, Live Retreats & A Lifetime Of Memories Created In A Year.

Fiona Jefferies

I came to Victoria as a business owner, maxed out time wise and stuck in a freelancer mindset where I exchanged time for money.

Victoria took her time to get to know me, my business and my desire for a bigger, more beautiful life. She intuitively knew that I wasn’t ready mentally to embrace rapid change so she lovingly encouraged me to take the next steps with my business.

So Victoria worked with me step by step, going from a sole trader to a registered company, seeking out blue chip client and then expanding my team to deliver all the new projects that were cascading in.

I’m naturally an introvert that would rather chew glass than make cold calls to drum up business

By Victoria spending time to understand how I work best we crafted an irresistible offer with Victoria’s encouragement and feedback and this secured me the Stockland sales office account across Australia.

No true transformation is complete without a beautiful set of numbers and here’s mine. In FY 2014, my turnover was $310K. At the end of the FY2015, I ticked over $1.5 million turnover. And in FY2016, I busted through with $3 million turnover which represents nearly 1000% growth in 3 years. This – frankly – outrageous growth rate was largely due to Victoria researching my industry and suggesting ways I could best use my skills and creativity to design and deliver larger and more prestigious projects.

Sydney Image
  • Many women stay for longer than their first year because they have the momentum, support and profit to see the continued value AND they value the connections and friends they make inside the group (and know if they leave they will lose the accountability too).
    • This program is year-long access, support, strategy and accountability that can be undertaken anywhere in the world but is served from Australia.
      • Monthly payments give you an opportunity to get started faster and start making the leaps you need in your business and life.
  • 12 Months + Connections & Accountability + Marketing Strategy + Group & One On One Coaching + Live Retreats
    PLUS Marketing Implementation


If you want to cut through the fluff and get down to business right away, Victoria is your girl. With her wicked smart marketing strategies, a keen eye on what's truly working right now and her ability to tap into your unique marketing advantage, Victoria's mentoring and coaching style is hands down the best of the best.

Amy Porterfield




Live Retreats

When you love what you do, business is pleasure – but a little Champagne in a chic setting never goes astray!

These 3-day live retreats with the entire mastermind give you total immersion and connection and the opportunity to get a true mastermind experience with Victoria and your tribe at your choice of two retreats in Australia.

Over the last 4 years, the program has been running, these retreats have been the highlight for all mastermind members as they are REAL and transformative.


Guest Speakers

Denise Duffield-Thomas will dive into your money mindset and help you create the breakthroughs you need to reach the next level.

James Schramko will share how to simplify your business for excellence and results.

Anthea Horvat will share razor-sharp business and mindset strategies designed to move you forward.

Go beyond the surface. Benefit from penetrating insights and "use-it-today advice" from Victoria’s handpicked connections.

Active Community

Inspire, connect and learn from women who are intent on growing their coaching business and their impact in the world.

Rejuvenate your spirit and your business, while gaining business clarity, concrete solutions, and uplifting connections and new friendships with bold, like-minded women.

Connections like these are bound to last beyond the mastermind (in fact, many of my alum still mastermind together and take retreats and have even gone into business together).

Even if you're introverted (especially if you're introverted!) you'll benefit from the connections you'll make and the support you'll feel throughout the year of the program.

Members are carefully selected and the dynamic is protected to ensure that conversations flow and bonds are strong with absolute confidentiality too.

Most of the women are Australian, because that's where I'm from, but we also have members from the US and UK too.

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Chantelle Duffield

Joining Breakout Success Mastermind has absolutely changed my life. The women I've met, the friendships I've made - and not to mention my business growing tenfold in a matter of months has all made this one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. This group of trailblazing women is astounding - I am in awe of what they are achieving and how supportive everyone is of each other. I now have the 7-figure business I always dreamed of. Thank you Victoria!

Alanna Kaivalya

Working with Victoria is a game changer. After struggling (and suffering) for years with my business, living paycheck to paycheck and accruing a mountain of debt, I needed to re-write my script and re-think my tactics. It took a leap of faith to place my business in Victoria’s capable hands, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made. She took me from struggling artist to thriving business woman in a matter of months, helped me quadruple my monthly income, and escape burnout with a burgeoning business model that is ready to scale.

Victoria’s gift is her ability to see through every aspect of the business to weave a story that gets results. She helped me hone in on my niche, define my target audience, craft my message, and walked me every step of the way to creating sales funnels that convert. With her positive attitude and intuitive sense of what works for our audience, she ushered me past some of the scariest phases of my rapid growth, and showed me that it is possible… to be a passionate woman who turns her dreams into tremendous success.

She over-delivered on every promise she made, and held me accountable to my end of the bargain, too…ensuring that all the changes were made correctly, and that the systems for a profitable business were in place. She was quick to think outside of the box and solve any snags that arose, reassuring me all the while that this is part of the process. Never once did she waver in her confident ability to create a message to market that captured my craft and carved out my place in the successful world of online business.

If you’re thinking of working with Victoria…do it. It will be the smartest business decision you ever make. She’ll show you how to trade your burnout for success in no time

– Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D., Founder: The Kaivalya Yoga Method + The Modern Mystery School; Author: Myths of the Asanas and Yoga Beyond the Mat, alannak.com.

Louise Glendon

Victoria's Breakout Success Mastermind has pushed me to fantastic new levels in just my second year of business. Vic has a fantastic and fun approach to coaching that has inspired and motivated me to step well out of my comfort zones and jump confidently into exciting new areas of business. The group mastermind experience is one that truly rocks, and the combination of in person events (hello karaoke!) and online mastermind means that you feel truly supported as you travel through the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurial life!

She nails both the necessary butt-kicking and the supportive compassion when needed, and a has a knack for knowing just what you need. Working with Vic has been an integral part of my business success for which I'm beyond grateful!

Kate McKibbin

When I started working with Victoria, I had two semi-successful businesses that were absolutely wearing me out and driving me crazy, and I couldn't see a clear path ahead for either of them that didn't involve me being completely burnt out and possibly taken away in a straight jacket!

Over the 12 months that I was a part of the Breakout Success group, not only did Victoria help me to hone in on a clear direction for both my businesses, and set out the very achievable plan to make that vision come true, but I also managed to add an extra $100K in revenue and reconfigure both businesses so that I was working on them, and not in them (well, most of the time.. no one is perfect of course).

But more importantly than all that I became a part of an amazing group of whip smart and super supportive women, which I now know is one of the most important assets any entrepreneur can have.

Victoria really does have a gift, not just for bringing together like minded souls (and making them sing Karaoke), but for seeing through the bullshit and helping you figure out the most important things you need to be working on in your business right now, to get results. And that is where I think her real magic lies.


Hi, I'm Victoria

I love showing women entrepreneurs how to know without a doubt what their magic is and get the word out to make sales every single day.

Throughout my own entrepreneurial journey. I've found that identifying your magic is the cornerstone to big success online.

When I first broke away from corporate management and started my own online business, all I knew was that I wanted the feel good freedom of a laptop lifestyle.

I failed to see that without the following elements, my business was going struggle:

  • I needed to have a clear and compelling position in the market, one that translates to the clients I work best with.
  • By narrowing down my audience and my offer, not only would I attract more clients, I would also have way more impact.
  • Defining my magic and getting uber clear on my offer meant that I stopped being my client's "bitch", and stepped up as their leader instead.


I was pretty clueless and thought that I was smart enough to start a thriving business online, all off the back of my savvy marketing experience.

But online is a different ball game, and for a while there I just shifted my corporate job to an online consultancy.

This meant that freedom was still elusive, and my clients became my new boss.

I replaced the stifling, corporate management structure with clients that treated me just like their full-time employee.

It sucked!

But I was so out of touch with my magic, I thought that I had to serve at that level to charge high rates and keep the income rolling in.

That was until I tapped into my true magic, and discovered the intersection of what clients wanted most, what got them great results AND what I loved to do.

This intersection is what I call my message to market system. And it has been an absolute game - changer for me and my clients.

I use this system during VIP Intensives as it enabled me to replace my corporate salary within my first year, and more than double it the year after that.

One thing I know for sure is...

That when you connect with your magic, that is your unique abilities and talent for creating great results for your clients, you can rapidly build thew business of your dreams with the income you deserve.

Because once you tap into your magic you can package it into a powerful message that inspires your chosen market to choose you again and again.

Rachel Luna

Before working with Victoria I had been struggling with my price structure and the direction I wanted to take with my business model.In just one session Victoria's strategies helped me bring in an extra $2,250 per month, eradicated all the doubt I had surrounding my fees and helped me redefine my business model.

She also helped me identify an amazing value add for my clients, bring a program idea to life and gain even more confidence in my ability to consistently generate a 5-figure monthly income. All this from just ONE session! Victoria is a brilliant coach who is sharp, savvy and on point. Love her to bits and am SO thankful to have had her guidance.

Paula Bailey

I worked with Vic for 12 months and her mentorship and guidance still helps me today in my business. I am forever grateful for the things I learned and the guidance she provided. Some of my closest friendships have come from the program.

Kari Samuels


Victoria Gibson helped me rocket to success! When I first signed up for her coaching program, I knew I was on the brink of something BIG but I didn't know how to get there.

Victoria has a laser-sharp business savvy with an intuitive edge. (Plus an awesome-sauce sense of humor, which is always a plus in my book).

Within a couple of months my business catapulted. I hosted several retreats I didn't think I could pull off, I've connected with the best people in my industry, and I have programs that I love that help others too.

Thank you, Victoria! You're a dream maker.

Jane Benston FB Lead Success
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  • 12 Months + Connections & Accountability + Marketing Strategy + Group & One On One Coaching + Live Retreats
    + PLUS Marketing Implementation

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  2. You select 2 out of 3 live retreats over the year (which are included in your investment and the retreat locations are all in Australia (you pay travel and accommodation).
  3. Your participation is essential to your success and you will get tailored strategies and actions along with access to templates, frameworks, and systems to succeed.
  4. You have access to weekly group coaching calls, monthly one-on-one calls and live chat support 24/7.
  5. We devise your strategy upfront together and go about activating all elements throughout the year (with a focus on bringing about fast results).
  6. When you apply, we will have an informal chat about your goals and what you need to support and guide you on your mission and we will also share more about whether the program is a fit. 
  7. Investment in the program is charged monthly in advance, and designed to ensure you are committed (as am I) so that you get the advantages of private coaching with the support and camaraderie of being in a group. Your 30-day trial starts at just $1,200 USD.
  8. By applying and scheduling your free call, you are not committing to anything and there is no obligation. 

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Julie Danielsen

Victoria, I’m so overcome with emotion today and GRATITUDE!
I have surpassed $12K (my goal) in sales, officially, and my calendar is PACKED with Discovery sessions.

I feel like selling is EASY (and before I dreaded and loathed it)
I just did a Spreadsheet model and I can make $100k simply by selling 5 Packages each month. That is only what, 20 Breakthrough sessions to get that number? That is working 40-60 hours... a MONTH.

So easy... I should aim for $200K!!

I have worked two years to get here and I feel like it is happening!!!! Thank you for all you do, I am HAPPY to pay you every month.