About Victoria


"Marketing mojo for a digital era" 

Victoria Gibson helps you attract more clients online with marketing strategies that position you as a highly-paid expert, coach or consultant.

Victoria’s insights and superior knowledge of online marketing help you rise up and get huge results while making the impact you know you're born for.

After a corporate career in property and marketing, Victoria stepped out into the brave new world of online consulting - and was soon in demand as a coach and mentor.

She is sought out by those who are driven to make a difference with their knowledge and care about getting great transformation for their clients.

She'll help you grow your high-value coaching business - on your own terms.

Victoria’s intimate events, retreats and intensives fill up fast as she guides a new breed of women entrepreneurs to massive success.

Private coaching and powerful mastermind groups keep her clients accountable and on the path to more sustainable growth.

"I love seeing women create a life of freedom and flexibility by packaging their expertise and talents online." 

So many women are doing mediocre business, not out of intention, but because they have talked themselves out of the results they deserve.

That’s why I’m here to help you get the results you deserve and give you a step-by-step plan to achieve them.

I’ll believe in you when you can't, and better yet... I’ll connect you with carefully selected communities of like-minded women who GET you and support you on this amazing journey of entrepreneurship.

I’m a dedicated extrovert (although many of my clients are introverts), and I thrive on creating a space for others to shine.

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But what is she is really like?