The Power Of A Retreat To Move Your Business Forward

April 13, 2017

Surely they’re just a big junket, right? You head off to the tropics under the guide of “business” and just lay around in the sun and sip cocktails. Retreats sure seem appealing, but are they really worth investing in to get results in your business? After hosting dozens of retreats in Bali, Las Vegas and […]

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Surely they’re just a big junket, right?

You head off to the tropics under the guide of “business” and just lay around in the sun and sip cocktails.

Retreats sure seem appealing, but are they really worth investing in to get results in your business?

After hosting dozens of retreats in Bali, Las Vegas and across Australia I see the benefits first-hand of immersing yourself in the special energy of a retreat to grow your business.

So, in order to help you know if it’s the right move for you, I wanted to share the biggest opportunities that come out of retreats, so you can decide if that’s what you need right now.

1. Inspiration

There’s nothing like beautiful surroundings to unlock your creativity and motivation.

Getting away from your everyday surroundings helps clear the clutter, make way for new possibilities and most of all create space for that next step.

If your business has stagnated, or you’re even getting tired of your own offerings (and maybe clients), it’s time for a shake-up.

Getting out of your normal workspace (and head), means you get the chance for a reset and you’ll have way more time to assess what is and what isn’t working and contemplate what you really need moving forward.

A chance to breathe can fill you up with more excitement and energy and open up your creativity so that you can tap back into your magic and make sure your business is aligned with where you are RIGHT NOW.

Creating or affirming your big vision will also give you the reset you need to lift any flagging motivation and banish the burnout that so easily rears it’s ugly head in our world.

2. Collaboration

Not only do we need leaders and and mentors to map out business growth with us, but the opportunity to connect with other business owners on a similar journey gives us new fuel for growth that is not always easy to access.

The understanding of a peer can open the door to new insights into your business, and when they come in the spirit of positive energy they lift you up like little else can.

Having the view, feedback and support from those who know EXACTLY what it is like to question yourself and feel scared and overhwhelmed in the day to day life of business is invaluable.

Often times, you also get clarity into your own business strategy when helping discuss someone else’s challenges, and this is one of the surprising benefits of being in a positive-minded group all on a similar journey.

The other happy consequence of this collaboration is ongoing friendship and support that can be difficult to spark in online forums and groups.

There’ s nothing quite like the power of an incredible getaway and real life connection to find your next business bestie.

3. Strategy

In “doing the doing” all day long we can miss the opportunity for zooming out, for setting and assessing our direction.

Carving out specific time for this is absolutely necessary to ensure you are aligned to your values, getting great results and making the impact you want to.

Maybe your growth so far has been a more scattered approach, or you landed on a great idea and made some sales without a real strategy and have been playing catch-up ever since.

Or if you have a solid strategy, but it hasn’t quite gone to plan, it’s probably high time to carve out some space for a reset – and a retreat can be the perfect environment for that.

Either way, you will struggle to grow and evolve without a strategy and time to assess your performance against it.

You also don’t know what you don’t know, and some potentially killer strategies for your business (that you didn’t even know existed) will be shared when you get a like-minded group together.

Get ready for pivots and turnarounds of an epic scale when you experience the power of a “committee” on your business strategy.

4. Fun

In amongst all the “adulting” we have to do running our own business and lives, it’s nice to be looked after every now and again and actually get a chance to have some F-U-N!

Play is such an important part of life, but too often it gets cast aside in our drive to grow a successful business (all while still doing everything else that life requires).

I know of no better way to get back your spark than inject a healthy does of fun and relaxation into your calendar.

Think trying new restaurants, seeing a palm reader or going for a bike ride through the ricefields of Bali. Oh, and don’t forget the cocktails!

Best of all, the kind of fun at retreats is probably tax-deductible!

So, as you can tell I am a big fan of retreats and that’s why I’m holding my annual Bali retreat again this year.

This is the experience where literally $100K ideas are hatched (no kidding) – all in a luxurious tropical setting with great women business owners like you.

Click here for all the details!

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