Lead Your Own Coaching Mastermind




Learn the MOST IMPORTANT tools, structures and strategies for launching, filling and running a mastermind in your business within the next 30 days...

So, you've heard the buzz about creating a high-value coaching mastermind but not sure how to successfully create and launch your own?

In This Exclusive 1 Day LIVE Workshop For Women Coaches Experts & Consultants, You’ll Discover . . .

  • Why creating your own coaching mastermind is the key to escaping the time for money trap and transforming your low-cost online program into a true profit centre.
  • Why Masterminds are such a profitable and powerful business model and how you can use the strategies people like Lisa Sasevich and Kevin Nations use to fill their masterminds and add thousands more to their business every year with very little of their personal time.
  • The top strategy for marketing and selling your mastermind that can be done quickly and easily.... Selling and filling a mastermind is a totally different proposition than any other type of program and when you attend you’ll get the top strategy that I and my top clients use to easily and consistently fill our masterminds with ideal high-paying clients.
  • How to structure your mastermind to take the pressure off filling it all in one hit, and then seeing it fall away for the rest of the time.
  • The best way to price your mastermind to go from overwhelmed to ease in just a few elegant moves, without having a meltdown in the process!
  • The most effective ways to convert your ideal tribe into high-value mastermind clients including Facebook Ads, Workshops & Webinars... I'll break these down step by step AND give you templates to create your own.
  • PLUS . . . how to finally get the clarity you've been craving and the confidence that comes when you own your superpowers and know EXACTLY what you're offering.

If you've been longing to lead with your expertise and guide a like-minded group towards their big transformation, then a Mastermind is the answer... and in this workshop I'll show you how you can create another 10K a month with ease.


MELBOURNE 9am - 5pm 

Friday January 19, 2018


 Creating a mastermind gives you the opportunity to offer your coaching services with more leverage and value and charge a  premium price.

By moving away from trading time for money and instead create a true movement for change, your offer will be much more attractive as you'll lead your mastermind group to a significant transformation.

When you create and lead your own coaching mastermind, you'll not only be leading your own purpose-driven business but also package your expertise to create big results.

You can run your mastermind completely virtually or include in-person meetups and retreats. Either way, you'll love the depth of the relationships you'll have with your clients and they have with each other.


This LIVE hands-on intensive is especially for coaches, experts and consultants who want the essential steps to create, lead and grow their own mastermind.


Over the past four years, I've taken over a hundred women through my own coaching mastermind that has given me the freedom and profits to grow my impact and influence - and I want to share the exact template of how I've done that with you.

At this intensive, I’ll give you everything you need to avoid the mistakes most people make when launching their masterminds that cost them a ton of time, energy and money.

You'll get my personal tools, templates and lead generation strategies that will help you grow your mastermind and add thousands to your revenue.


This Intensive Is Perfect For You If:

  • You're a coach, expert or consultant who already has some clients or even your own mastermind, but you're not yet at the income level you need or desire.
  • You're not really sure exactly what you want to stand for and how to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • You're looking for a step-by-step system to launch and fill your own successful mastermind.
  • You’re looking to grow your audience so that you can have more influence and more profits without burning yourself out.
  • You need a path to higher income, but you're just not confident and clear in your current offer, or you're maxed out and not sure how you can drive sales when you are already booked out.
  • You want a platform to lead and create real change in the lives of your clients and know that your current offers aren't doing that.

Lead Your Own Coaching Mastermind Intensive


MELBOURNE 9am - 5pm 

Friday January 19, 2018

At the end of this intensive, you'll walk out with a step by step guide to launch, sell and fill your mastermind in 30 days or less, so that you can escape the time for money trap and quickly increase your impact, your influence and your income.

You'll have your message locked down, marketing plan created and the actual tools to harvest clients IMMEDIATELY!

Click the button above for the location that suits you best and register and join this special small-group experience where you get hands-on attention and actual strategies you need to create and grow your mastermind.




What they are saying...


Untitled design (40)

"I can hardly believe it. Just out of curiosity, I added up everything I've earned (like, literally money paid to me) this month so far. I've never made that much money in 22 days of my life!  I'm astonished, and have been on the verge of tears all day! This is a HUGE success for me and a HUGE step in my life and career. I can't thank you enough for EVERYTHING. You've delivered on your promises and then some!! So much love and gratitude!"



" Victoria, I’m so overcome with emotion today and GRATITUDE! I have surpassed my goal in sales, officially, and my calendar is PACKED with Discovery sessions. I feel like selling is EASY. (and before I dreaded and loathed it) I just did a Spreadsheet model and I can make money simply by selling a few packages each month, and that is working 40-60 hours... a MONTH. So easy! I have worked two years to get here and I feel like it is happening!!!! Thank you for all you do!"


Kari Samuels

“Victoria Gibson helped me rocket to success! I've connected with the best people in my industry, and I have programs that I love that help others too.
The best part is that I could leave behind one on one sessions for good. Thank you, Victoria! You're a dream maker."


KateMcKibbin copy

"...not only did Victoria help me to hone in on a clear direction for both my businesses, and set out the very achievable plan to make that vision come true, but I also managed to add an extra $100K in revenue and reconfigure both businesses so that I was working on them, and not in them (well, most of the time.. no one is perfect of course)."


ClareStephens copy

"I have written, sold and created not one but three hugely successful online courses as well as created my own mastermind for photography business women working with Vic.

I can attribute $10k alone to one email that Victoria helped me write and then execute, and another $7k in 24 hours from one webinar using Victoria's guidance and marketing mind."



Before working with Victoria I had been struggling with my price structure and the direction I wanted to take with my business model.

Victoria's strategies helped me redefine my business model.

She also helped me identify an amazing value add for my clients, bring a program idea to life and gain even more confidence in my ability to consistently generate a 5-figure monthly income.


Meet Your Mentor


Victoria Gibson, Online Success Mentor at www.breakoutsuccess.com, has worked with the finest in the industry as clients and partners.

Best known as a Facebook Ads expert, her obsession with lead generation has allowed her to merge her passions for coaching and online marketing together.

She has the ability to truly see your value and transform it into a high-value package or program that you can happily stand behind as a representation of who you are and what you offer the world.

Her style is best experienced live where she'll really see inside your business to understand what you stand for, as well as who and where your clients are and exactly how to motivate them to buy.

MELBOURNE 9am - 5pm 

Friday January 19, 2018


Amy Porterfield

If you want to cut through the fluff and get down to business right away, Victoria is your girl!

With her wicked smart marketing strategies, a keen eye on what's truly working right now and her ability to tap into your unique marketing advantage, Victoria's mentoring and coaching style is hands down the best of the best.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Victoria is one of the most genius marketing brains I've worked with. Her passion for female entrepreneurs and her wealth of knowledge combines in a powerhouse of value for her community. Hands down - an outstanding business mentor.

Nathalie Lussier

Victoria is a master at tapping into marketing trends before they go mainstream, and she's able to pass this strength onto her clients and customers... so they get an unfair advantage! She's whip-smart, insightful, and will give it to you straight. Every you should look for in a business mentor or teacher.

Chantelle Duffield

Joining Victoria's Mastermind has absolutely changed my life. The women I've met - the friendships I've made - and not to mention my business growing tenfold in a matter of months has all made this one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. This group of trailblazing women is amazing and I am in awe of what they are achieving, and how supportive everyone is of each other.

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