Investing in a mastermind is a turning point – for you and your business.

It’s the difference between dabbling and committing. Between squandering your earnings on half-measures and investing solidly in your future.

It’s the shift from toiling in isolation to taking your place at a table of women, determined to raise the bar, themselves and each other to new heights of online – and personal success.



Start living your dream – not deferring it. Come join me and a tribe of likeminded souls, and enjoy an atmosphere of inspiration, growth, and celebration, where entrepreneurial women claim their success and achieve their full potential.


  • Feel the support and momentum from a group of fun, smart and driven women who are all on the same path to success.

  • Choose 2 retreats that suit you from a selection of amazing destinations. Here is the list of upcoming destinations:

    Bali, Indonesia

    Byron Bay, Australia


  • You’ll get direct access to Victoria and her offer creation wizardry, show-stopping Facebook marketing skills, copywriting brilliance and advice on endless business models that actually work including exactly how to start charging MORE right now.

  • Hands-on marketing campaign guidance with launch and evergreen program strategies that will catapult your income faster than you could imagine. 

  • You get weekly coaching and group interaction along with live retreats and workshops so you get a comprehensive business-growth program.




Locations When you love what you do, business is pleasure – but a little champagne in a chic setting never went astray. Experience total immersion in strategy and style with Victoria and your tribe at your choice of two retreats at beautiful venues around the globe (venture far from home to escape, or stay relatively nearby, the choice is yours as there are several retreats throughout the year).



 Learn and be inspired by the best in the business. Previous special guests at the live retreats have included Denise Duffield-Thomas, Jody Jelas and Kevin Nations. Go beyond the surface. Benefit from penetrating insights and use-it-today advice from Victoria’s handpicked team. 



Inspire, connect and learn from other smart, sophisticated entrepreneurs. Rejuvenate your spirit and your business, while gaining business clarity, concrete solutions, and uplifting connections and new friendships with bold, like-minded women.  Connections like these are bound to last beyond the mastermind.


Joining Breakout Success Mastermind has absolutely changed my life. The women I've met, the friendships I've made - and not to mention my business growing tenfold in a matter of months has all made this one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. This group of trailblazing women is astounding - I am in awe of what they are achieving and how supportive everyone is of each other. Thank you Victoria!

- Chantellle Duffield


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Victoria Sees The Potential In You That You're Probably Missing

By getting to the heart of the unique impact that women entrepreneurs are called to make in the world, she helps you translate it with ease to reach more clients.

Victoria’s tough-love, coupled with her sense of fun and determination creates space for her hand-picked circle of women to rise up and own big results.

After escaping a “regular”career in property and marketing, Victoria stepped out into the brave new world of online consulting, and was soon in demand as a coach and mentor specializing in creating big results in online marketing for coaches, consultants, and experts.

Originally feted for her Facebook Advertising super-powers, she has evolved to offer in-person and online coaching programs that help women transition to the freedom and success of a hit online coaching business - on their own terms.

Her ability to transform the confidence, profits and potential of women entrepreneurs across many different industries and stages of growth inside a curated community is widely celebrated.


Working with Victoria is a game changer. After struggling (and suffering) for years with my business, living paycheck to paycheck and accruing a mountain of debt, I needed to re-write my script and re-think my tactics. It took a leap of faith to place my business in Victoria’s capable hands, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made. She took me from struggling artist to thriving business woman in a matter of months, helped me quadruple my monthly income, and escape burnout with a burgeoning business model that is ready to scale.

Victoria’s gift is her ability to see through every aspect of the business to weave a story that gets results. She helped me hone in on my niche, define my target audience, craft my message, and walked me every step of the way to creating sales funnels that convert. With her positive attitude and intuitive sense of what works for our audience, she ushered me past some of the scariest phases of my rapid growth, and showed me that it is possible… to be a passionate woman who turns her dreams into tremendous success. 

She overdelivered on every promise she made, and held me accountable to my end of the bargain, too…ensuring that all the changes were made correctly, and that the systems for a profitable business were in place. She was quick to think outside of the box and solve any snags that arose, reassuring me all the while that this is part of the process. Never once did she waver in her confident ability to create a message to market that captured my craft and carved out my place in the successful world of online business.

If you’re thinking of working with Victoria…do it. It will be the smartest business decision you ever make. She’ll show you how to trade your burnout for success in no time.

– Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D., Founder: The Kaivalya Yoga Method + The Modern Mystery School; Author: Myths of the Asanas and Yoga Beyond the Mat,

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